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Love the pictures! Goodluck with the move! I can't wait to see what you do with the house.


Oh Man, the picture of the girls playing school is to die for. What a great shot! Love Annie's glasses too! Cute, Cute, Cute!


lol, love the shot of Annie raising her hand! You've got one cute family! love your blog by the way.


love the shots! what's the new post process recipe? ;)


Oh my gosh, the shots of Annie & Courtney playing school are wonderful...I love children's imaginations (those are some precious moments captured!).


Love your blog! I check it every day to see what's new!


I love Courtney's "teacher face!" I have to wear reading glasses, and my students laugh at me when I pull them down to the tip of my nose to look over the top of them!

Ann Grounds

I hope that Annie loves school as much as loves playing school! That picture is to die for! Hey someone's missing from your post where's Coley? Did he sleep in? JK Please take this as a compliment but I can't tell anymore who is "hers" "his" or "yours" anymore-you are such a wonderful blended family! Oh, ps, LOVE the carpet in the "new old house".

Nicky from Canada

How exciting - love the new old house!!!


Love Annie's little muffin top hanging over her swimsuit. Why is it so cute on her but not on me?


great pictures. Your past few postings have had such light but bright photos (reminds me of tara whitney). is this your new camera, lighting, camera settings, or post processing? love them whatever it is!

april foster

we've been working on our farmhouse now for a couple months and I can empathize with the work/stress/everything you are going through. glad it's only a couple more weeks for ya! can't wait to see the end result


Amazing pics.

Your family is so dynamic and sparkly... each and every one of you!


happy move-in!


they don't disappoint.


Love the "school" shots...they're great!! I bet you're excited!! Please post pictures :0)


OMWord!! Courtney's "teacher face" is killing me!! I love it! LOL many blessings on getting the house ready in time. Looks like all the hard work is going to be so very worth it.

Any sightings of the 17 year old with a "new to him" car and a steady gal? ;) It's so hard when they start to go their own way.


i cant wait for you to move will be less stress to actually be living there....even if there is still lots to do the back and forth stuff has to be killin' ya girlie....

teresa b

That's awesome Karen!!


ok, gotta finally write here because I just love your stinkin random family/kids/whatever shots so much!! how do you make them so delicious? honestly-how much do you tweek at just random shots that you post?? The teacher/school ones-oh my so fabulous.....but is it all just a matter of terrific camera/super-talent or are they super camera (& taker) + photo shop tweeking? Color-ific if I must say....I totally expect these when on duty, not that they are any less amazing but kinda expected....the randoms get to be that way too? not fair. but love em!


They are sooooo cute!!!.....and your husband is a hunk. ha. Don't worry, I don't want him, I have my own hunk. :D

Bonnie Garcia

Are all the school buses really gone? Your uard shots are amazing of the kids playing in the water. Love the playing school ones as well. As usual you did not disappoint. Bonnie G


Oh. My. Gosh. LOVE that teacher face!! I used to love to play school.... such adorable pictures you captured (not surprising, of course!).

Carolyn Hall

The school shots are too stinkin cute!!!! OMG and I hate when people write OMG but OMG they are so cute!!!! Good luck with the move.

Hena Tayeb

aww..such lovely pictures

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