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kathy b

Ony when you are three can you wear a two piece suit and rubber boots and look cute!

Cindy McAllister you can make homemade plum jam...the BEST. The girls look ao adorable!!!

Dawn Regan

Annie cracks me up! LOL at Kathy B's comment... so true!


The girls are ADORABLE in their polka dot suits and the boots are a HOOT! HA! You're "wittle baby" Yannie - is going to be her own little fashionista for sure! :o)

Congrats on the Plums - I hope ours come in soon but our tree isn't nearly as old or big as your nice one! Enjoy! :o)


I love plums! And plum jam!


That's fabulous! Time to bake!

Jennifer M.

I love Annie's little belly. So dang cute.


The pictures of the girls are adorable. Only Annie can pull off those boots with the bathing suit.


the boots.
the swimsuits.
your girls = ♥

tara pollard pakosta

cute pics!!!
we had a plum, pear, cherry tree and tons of apple trees in our yard growing up! i thought that was normal for everyone. same with picking blackberries, rasberries and strawberries from a nearby field! I wish my kids could experience some of that fun with nature that I had growing up! (in upper Michigan)....

~ Kim

Because I've had similar experiences with my own little ones I can say - don't you just hate it when they're right?! lol It works with Moms too ... I can remember complaining to my Mom once that the kids were doing this and doing that and not listening and driving me crazy in general and my Mom said "You mean they're being kids?!" ummmmm YES! Now how do I make them stop Miss know-it-all?! lol


glad to see that my 4 year old isn't the only one that thinks rain boots go with her swim suit! so adorable!

Ann Grounds

OMG! Lovin' the rain boots and the bikini!

Heather B

Love Annie's sense of style. Oh to be a kid again.


my 4.5 year old daughter wears her rain boots with everything + daily!


beautiful light missy...i'm jealous :)


Oh how I wish I could pull off outfits like Annie can and pigtails like Courtney can. lOl The lighting is so soft and beautiful.

Bonnie Garcia

Glad to see we are not the only ones getting two years worth of wear out of the swim suit. Bonnie


Plum trees are great. The boots just crack me up!!!


LOVE, LOVE the bikini & rainboots! Too cute!


I can't tell you how much I want to get a red polka dot bikini and black galoshes and wear it all day long. Why is my body not nearly so cute as Annie's?


okay so I have to say this every time, but I love your lil annie. I mean, check out that swim suit and those rubber boots, too adorable!


So, so cute - she has to be one of the cutest little girls on the internet in polka dots and gum boots!

Judy Webb

I will be so sad when Annie out grows her rubber boots. She must love them, for we have seen them before. You are so blessed. Enjoy your new old house. When Ross is through with your weeds, please send him to my Texas. He can finish off a entire year of insurance payments. Love and Miss you.

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