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LOL..that last one made me laugh too.
Looks like a fun place to eat. Happy unpacking. :)


The glasses totally crack me up!


Love the pictures as always. Love the glasses and the Beavers hat on Annie! Goodluck with the unpacking.

Mary Ann

I had to check back tonight to see how Annie's first day at the new school was :)
I love the pic of her and Josh Downs walking together. So sweet!

Cheryl Ann

Hey, Annie's baby is wearing clothes! WOW.
She is adorable and they are both beautiful


The girls are just too cute. Glad Annie enjoyed her first day.


lol, supercute. Your little Annie looks like my little Lucy, so funny!!!


Just love those glasses! They both are just beautiful. Question: are those glasses needed or just for fun? either way they are just adorable!!

Jennifer M.

That hat and those glasses are a riot. What a great series of pictures!


The glasses are just awesome. Laugh every time I see Annie wearing them.


Thanks for today's smile!


So glad that Annie's first day kept her becited all day!


Thanks for Annie's becited story.
Your family stories are treasures which you so kindly share bringing smiles to your readers. I love stopping by for a visit. Thank you.
....the glasses and my new favorite adorable.


When I was younger my dad rebuilt the Medford Hotel. Right as they were finishing it someone burned the whole building down. That year for Christmas my dad gave me a giant M from the top of the old hotel. It was fantastic! He even had it restored so that it lit up neon pink. I wish I still had it. I just threw it out when I moved a few years ago. I always feel connected to Medford because of that M and my dad working there.


Here's to more great days!


They are so stinkin cute. Are Annie's glasses just for fun or does she need them? Because they are totally cute and she is rockin in them!

Nicky from Canada

Isn't life grand - even when crazy busy

Corie in Indy

Your girls are just too stinkin' cute.


Glad Annie's first day went well! I love those glasses!


Okay, everybody knows your girls are amazingly cute, but I just have to comment on Josh's calves. Was he ever a soccer player? They look just like my youngest son's who played soccer from the age of 6 to the present (he's 24). Love soccer calves!


lol great shots, and yes Josh Downs DOES have hot calves!

tara pollard pakosta

those glasses LOL>


I love those glasses that the girls wear! I too have a little girl who needs to bring her baby anywhere we go ( and the baby's stroller, and her lion...etc). Where is Annie's dress from? I'm guessing gymboree, it is so cute and summery!! Good luck with unpacking!


Those glasses are cute - but on Annie they're adorable ! She's such a character !


LOVING those glasses!


I really love that last shot of Annie too, but that one of her and Courtney Lee sitting at the counter just cracks me up. Annie looks like she's 3 going on 83. I don't think that kid could be any cuter. Thanks for sharing...oh and his calves are hot!

Paula Heutsche

Karen, your girls are SO PRECIOUS! You are such an inspriration.

Melanie C.

Those glasses are adorable! Are they prescription?

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Oh my goodness!! I have to agree with an earlier post...Annie makes me want a little girl to add to my 2 boys, and I want one that dresses in tu-tus and cat eye glasses too! She's so dang adorable!! I LOVE your Annie pics!

Karina Chiodo

She's so cute, Dear! Her glasses made her a lot cuter. My daughter used to wear glasses too, but she got really uncomfortable with it. She tends to forget it when she goes to school, but she can't see clearly without them. Good thing my ophthalmologist said that Lasik is safe for kids her age.


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