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Rachelle Sims-Keranen

Oh my gosh~ this is actually hilarious Karen! LOL. Where does she come UP with these lines!!! : ) But I can sit here and laugh because mine is at the babysitters and I'm not listening to her whine : ) I'll check back at 6 pm and see if it's still hilarious to me~ LOL. Good luck with the patience!

Sarah Carbajal

Oh boy, can I relate. Hang in there!

Patty Hetrick

Patience is a virtue, right? But oh how difficult it can be! All we can do is keep working on it and paying attention to our babies:) Looking forward to the new class and hoping I make it!!


I just love Annie:) She is so cute but I know how you feel about the patience thing. I don't have a whole lot of that either. Don't beat yourself up over it. Somehow the kids come out okay in spite of ourselves.

Colleen Barron

I used to pray for patience and broke my leg and was out of commission for 6 weeks. (had surgery, rods, pins, etc) Tell me the Lord doesn't have a sense of humor. LOL


Karen- Jesus had a Jewish Mother. Trust me on this, no good Jewish son would dream of talking back to his Mom, at the risk of receiving vinegar on his three year old tongue.

Heather T.

Oh, Karen, we are so alike! I've found, though, that when you pray for patience, God just gives you more "opportunities" to practice patience. I've stopped asking for that!


i'm another momma in need of patience....i quit asking the Lord to help me with that because he would give me trials to learn such things....look at it this way; we are probably much more patient than we were before kids!? don't beat yourself up.. you are a good momma karen

Nicky from Canada

They are all so unique - I think she is a lot like you!! Hee Hee
Some moments are definitely harder than others!!
Your doing a great job.


I'm not a Mom...I'm 26 still live at home (yea i know)...but I don't look at it as a bad are not letting her whine and carrying on and get her are putting your foot down...which means she isn't going to become a spoiled brat!!! I think you are a great mom, and your children seem so happy and loved and well behaved and at the end of the day that's really what matters!!

I think the concern is where in the world does she get these lines!!! She is absolutely the cutest thing I have even seen!


I was once told to never pray for patience, because all you'll get is a bunch of scenarios to test your patience. So, I started praying for joy instead. I find myself focusing on the joy now, and much much happier :) She's adorable, though, and I'm not sure how you keep a straight face with comments like hers!


She is just so cute! Love the picture of her!

Denise~Paper Ponderings

What a smart little baby!


That is a hilarious story and I often feel I need 10x more patience than what I've been given as well. I never felt that way until I had kids! :)

Kathy C.

Oh boy...she's just TOO smart/cute for YOUR own good! I need a bucket of patience too...It's not the terrible twos, it's the horrible threes...Just stay the course and keep bloggin' all these great lines she comes up with...someday you really will look back and smile (even when you want to give her a giant timeout)!


Where do they come up with this stuff? She is too funny! And smart! You're doing a great job with them kids!


LOL!!! Perky one that gal :D


I feel your pain. My three year old (boy) spanked the grocery store cashier on the bum a couple of days ago. I really don't know what to do with that.


I absolutely love your honesty.


I was reading this post and nodding my head -- my 9 year old does (almost) the same thing. I guess that could be discouraging, but it does come off as a little comical sometimes. When I asked him to clean his room and pick up his dirty laundry, he came back at me with, "But Mom, don't you want me to enjoy my childhood instead of having to work hard?" He's getting better at running away after making comments like that too.


Great post. It so true... there is always one in the house that requires more patience than the rest. It's not the baby in our house though.


LOL...good thing I wasn't drinking anything when I started reading! She's a pip that one!

Tonia Borrosch

"Jesus isn't very happy with you right now."- LOLOLOLOL. Oh my....that must have killed you!! What a doll. Too funny.

Julie Pilch

I found this post absolutely hilarious! My littlest one is the same age as Annie and has been going through a really choice stage of crying ALL THE TIME if something doesn't go her way so I can totally relate. Keep on smiling, I know that one day very soon they will be off to big school and us mums will really miss their little voices (albeit whining or crying!!).


She is just the cutest! I love reading what she is up to and seeing her adorable pictures! In fact, I love all of the pictures you post along with your stories - thanks!


so sassy. just like Emma.


... she so precious tho!

(and smart too!)

you'll be thankful for this later, i'm sure!

Mindy M.

Oh, how our kids have a way of gently reminding us of what we need to work on the most in ourselves. :)
I love the little stories you tell about your children, especially Annie. I have never met any of you, but I can hear her little voice in the stories you tell.


She sounds JUST like my daughter. We have the SAME conversations. And you are not alone in the needing patience department. :)

Michelle Bertuzzi

Your blog sure makes me a smile!


Wow! I can really relate to this Karen, Ryan is the same way. I think his best heart wrenching line has been "You're not my best friend any more!".


Please tell me you bust out laughing!!! What a stitch she is!!! She would make Madigan Claire a great friend...very much alike...hehehe!!


and ummm just thought i should point out...I AM NOT GETTING ANYTHING DONE KAREN!! I am loving hubby is going to have to cook for a few weeks, I have photos to look at and more to take.

Nicole Kberg

So funny! When our 2 1/2 year old isn't being a good listener and driving me nuts I tell him that I'm going to call Jesus and tell him. It works. Of course threatening to call Santa during Christmas time worked too ;0)


She is quite something. I still think she is too cute :)


oh, Karen, I can relate to the need for more patience for sure!!! Every day my little girl (4 years old) tries mine several times over!
Hang in there! You are a great mom and your kids know it! :) That Annie girl is such a cute funny one! I just love her lines!


That Annie is just too cute!! But I'll bet your mother is getting quite a chuckle and secretly has a self satisfied grin on her face because I suspect the apple didn't fall that far from the tree. LOL

Gena - MI

Karen, this cracked me up! Welcome to the elite group of "Bad Moms"! ;) Kids won't always like you or what you make them do...then you know you are on the right track!

Ditto to Asia's post - and I don't pray for patience any more either!

Just wait until she get hormonal! YIKES!


I HEAR ya and can completely relate! My youngest is 4 and I need way more patience with him than I ever did the others. Something about being the 'baby' of the family, me thinks :)


I agree! This cracks me up! Sounds like my 4 year old!!I think Jonah and Annie would make a good pair! I LOVE this pic and I LOVE that ... pray for joy instead of patience!!


So is so sweet! My fourth one is a patience pusher too!


{{{{SMILE}}}} Love what comes out of the kiddos mouths! Thanks for the grin and laugh today! I can't imagine what my kids will be saying back to me! LOL


I also stopped praying for patience long ago, but one of the above posters really hit it on the head, I will begin praying for JOY what an insightful group you have around.

On a side note I was outed in less then 5 minutes last night by my three yr old daughter. After arriving at the ball game she exclaimed, "Mommy you painted your piggies!" My DH was like um where were you at? LOL Just smile, laugh and enjoy the moment, they will gone soon enough.



She is PRECIOUS, I just love that lil annie =)
How hilarious, I don't have patience either, many times, many, many times I find myself just needing to unwind and rejuvinate, so I'm there with ya!


The quick witted, gifted children require "special attention", and parents who stand firm! I know I have 5 of them! Good luck, don't pray for patience, the other ladies are right, God just sends opportunities to practice. You can remind Annie, that Jesus says in the Bible, that children are to obey their parents. Ephesians 6:1! Just know that if she is telling you what Jesus thinks, then you are doing a great job of parenting!

Elizabeth B

Oh Karen...Annie is so adorable sometimes.
I'm sure at the moment she's not though.
Just wait, I'm sure it's going to get worse..LOL
and you'll be wishing you could go back to these posts and relive the cute moments.

hang in there! we all need to learn patience :)

Laura Glover

Oh Karen....I can so relate. Especially lately with school out and three kids underfoot, house projects, etc. I work on it every day. Thanks for making me feel I'm not the only one feeling this way lately.

I want to take your class again (last fall, I had camera issues) but now I've had more time to go through my materials and practice with my new camera and I so badly want to be able to upload them and have you critique, etc. I couldn't find the post where you said, the second timers could register. ??? I'll look again when I get time. Love your work....Love your blog...Hang in there...I bet your kid's won't look back and say, "gee, I wish Mom would of had more patience," they'll look back and recall all the love and awesome memories!!! Sending hugs.

Laura G.


Patience is what you receive when you have grandchildren. Sounds like Annie is pretty good at playing Mom's heartstrings. LOL -

Kim P

She is way too cute. Maybe not at those exact moments though when we are trying so hard to practice our patience, huh? Sometimes those comments remind us to take it easy and remember they are still so little and innocent and learning so much about the world. I have to remind myself of that daily over and over again and I still need more practice too. I wake up every morning and think, it's a new day! Let's try harder today! Good luck to you and thanks for being so real! As we all struggle with things we need to improve upon, it does help to know we are not alone and so many of these behaviors are universal!


Karen I am in stitches over her responses she sounds a lot like my middle daughter who drove me crazy and then wound up making me laugh (although I would turn away or go in the other room so she didn't see this odd behavior of mine LOL). She is took cute and because you put this all down you will be able to remember when and what she said and that will be a blessing. I wish when my girls were younger I would have had a blog or at least kept a journal of all their quirky behaviors. Thanks for sharing Annie with all of us.

Deb Wisker

I'm finding it very hard not to laugh at her! What a smart girl your Annie is!!!


OMG, that is hysterical, how do you keep a straight face?

Melanie L.

Karen, she sounds just like my 3 year old daughter. Last night (after Keira got out of bed for the nth time) I "firmly" said "Go to bed NOW and don't come out again!" She told me she didn't like the way I was talking to her and said that I needed to ask her in a nice voice. Yes, I wish for more patience too ...


That's hilarious! My daughter's new catch-phrase is "my mom is freakin' naughty". Can't imagine where she would have learned that one! These kids are so impressionable, I'm almost afraid to talk around them!

Your daughter is simply adorable and I just love the picture of her from below wearing those glasses! Perfect shot!


Ooh, she really has your number, doesn't she? :)


Oh Karen....Annie is simply adorable!! I just love your girl and hearing what she comes out with! Ha ha


The drink of water request in the car happened to me all the time...then I finally got in the habit of taking some water along whenever we went out. Just made it easier all round, mostly for me!


your stories crack me up!

and, i have to say, i always have a huge smile on my face when you post a picture of Annie...she is SO adorable...even on her bad days (at least in pictures!)


I can't count the times that I have prayed for more patience with my son.


Oh boy - how she is challenging you ! Stay the course - doesn't seem like the other three are turning out so bad - you're doing something right. But believe me, I know that nothing except parenting can make you second guess yourself as much.


I love reading your posts....this one made me laugh out loud. Your Annie justs makes life so real with her observations. I miss these sweet parenting years now that mine are adults but not parents yet.

Jennifer Crosby

When I was about Annie's age... My momma spanked me. And, I said, "You're not supposed to hurt Jenni, you're supposed to love her." Sound familiar? This has always been a running joke with me and my mom.


Oh I am laughing so hard right now because I have a 3 year old that is just a month younger than Annie and we are going through the same things. She has this little attitude now to go along with her demand for independence, makes for some very tense moments. :)


She is one tough cookie. I am needing lots of patience! I've got 2 girls who constantly cry and whine. It's wearing me down! Good Luck! I'm with you!


Awesome photo! It is difficult to be patient when the little devils are just grating on your nerves. Hang in there...


Karen - I can see how little Miss "Yannie" has everyone wrapped around her finger - she's TOO CUTE to get mad at or stay mad at for long! LOL I love your blog and love the pictures of you and your family and your adventures! Thanks for sharing with all of us! :o)


Karen, I "got to know you" through your wonderful photography class and I continue to read your blog because your photography inspires me. But most of all, I love to read your blog because you are REAL! All of us moms struggle with patience; especially when blessed with a "challenging" child. Hang in there; you are not alone. Thanks for brightening up my day with your reality ;-)

lovely cee.

hahahah! she's very amusing and....... smart. how old is she? she talks really good. i mean that's probably not the lines you would want to hear from her- but she's got logic.

Anna Sigga

Ohh my - your Annie sure is a little cutie with a spunk all of her own!!
My girl is only 20 months and she just found her inner spunk! LOL! ;o)

Don't you just love little girls?!

Suzanne the not-so-patient Momma

God will never grant you patience. He will give you opportunities to BE MORE PATIENT. I say pray for wisdom, so you're smart enough to recognize when those chances pop up :)

Your post was a riot :)


my son tells me things like this all the time. my boys are 17 years apart (in age)...thats why my patience is running a bit thin with the little guy. annie is just so adorable...she wears the cutest outfits. and seriously, i so want to visit all the local places you visit...someday, someday.

Christa K.

This is hilarious!!!! Thanks for sharing! I do hope that patience comes easily, and not from more opportunities to choose to be patient. Good luck!


Ha! What a corker! What a blessing to have such a brilliant little comedienne. Seriously - you've earned every smile, chuckle and giggle this little doll has given you (and the rest of us!) You know she's getting all of her wisdom from having such a fun-loving family. It goes without saying, you're doing a terrific job.

Annie L.

I hear you... I hear my daughter sometimes bossing her babies and not talking very nice..Wondering where she heard it... Well looking in the mirror I found it. WOW. Patients has NEVER been my strong suit EVER. I just hope trying will count for something. Good luck. :-)


They still come up some winners no matter how old. My niece when she was 8 told her Dad (as he was patching up the scrapes from a fall)-"Dad this is what kids do-get hurt and this is what dad's do- fix us up"


elsie and her would get along famously.


Your daughter is such a character!! And really, really bright. I think the bright ones are the hardest to raise because your mind can't conceive of what they'll come up with next!! My daughter is all grown up now, and oh I do miss her as a child. A really bright and engaging child, who among other things played house with the dog by putting her in and out of the freezer. Took me a while to figure it out--couldn't understand where all the dog hair was coming from.


I am soooo right there with ya! My four year old when told it was time for bed said, "Life's NOT FAIR!!!" I had to laugh at that one..since I'd just told him that the day before. :)
Melissa OKC, OK


I'm just going to copy and paste your post onto my blog, but insert "Anna". My 4 y.o. and your daughter must be twins separated at birth! I almost snarfed my coffee on the computer!

Nikki Smith

I am so with you here...My oldest son said to me one day when I asked him why he was being so difficult..he replied back with it's a difficult world Mama....I thought I was gonna roll on the floor laughing at him!!!


This post is hilarious!

So... with the repeated question over and over thing that all kids seem to do... on the second time they ask the question I'll reply with, "Have you asked me that already?" And they reply, "yes, but..." then I say, "and what was my answer." And they roll their eyes and repeat my answer. Then I say, "This conversation is over" And then I literally bite my tongue to keep myself from giving any sort of attention to them if they continue to try to discuss it. Now my kids are trained to know that they are't going to get anywhere with it. The training part was a wee bit painful because I'm not good a biting my tongue with pesky little people but it's paid off now. With my first I started around age 4. With the other two, I started as soon as they could talk. LOL. Good luck!

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