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libbi m.

thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time for this very informative post. i found my question on the location of where you shot the prom pictures. i'm 100% going there.


Those two girlies are just so adorable!


I miss my snapshots class so much! So glad I have your blog to get my fix. :)


Nicky from Canada

Love all your comments, especially the one about the pill bugs. My girls used to love them - all growed up now.


Thanks Karen! I just got the Nikon 50mm f1.4 and am loving it! We call "pill bugs", "potato bugs" here. : )


Thanks for all the infos! Have a great weekend. :)


We call "pill bugs" Rolly Polly's down here in SE Texas...


Ah yes... roly poly's.... I loved to find them when I was little too.. Now my kids love to look for them too! Thanks for answering all the questions...
Love, love, love coming here everyday.
Congrats on the new house!!


Kimberly Minyard

here in FL we call pill bugs, roly polys.
a treadmill desk? I am so going to have to research that. sounds interesting and useful. please post a picture of it soon!

Nancy Wyatt

Thanks for all the info! Hugs from Roly Poly world (Texas)!


Oh, Karen, one question you didn't answer- hope to get the answer next time around!

When you took the photos of Annie and the red suitcase in the field- (maybe your last Canon shots? that sounds about right)- did you use a tilt-shift to get the blur all around the edges? Or did it have to do with the distance/d.o.f. stuff? Would really love to know that!!


A pill bug is often called a roly-poly!


Haha we call those roly polies :)

Jen Davis

This is so funny, we watched that movie last night too! A good one we thought! =) Though dd cried a bit...


I'm from NC and we called those roly poly's too! How did you find out about that movie? Did it run in the US? Is it from the UK? I'm anxious to find a copy now!


Thanks for all of your comments/inputs. The pix of the girls are adorable.

Dianne Nelson

What shoe store did you go to? I need to do the same thing. Thanks much!

Nichole in Southern Utah

Here in Utah we call Pill Bugs "Potato Bugs". I do like the term "Pill Bug" better!


We call them roly poly's too! Because I didn't know what a pill bug was in your original post, I googled it and realized we call them roly poly's, hahaha, too funny.

Love your blog and can't wait to see some pics of your house and lens recs!
And I LOVE the idea of a treadmill desk, definitely post pics soon!!

Christine Adolph

thanks Karen!

Carrie T

Here in NW KS pill bugs are Rollie Pollies.


Those bugs in South Florida are potato bugs...haha

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