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Kim H.

So cute! How she had a great first day!

laura carter

she is simply adorable and I am over the moon crazy about the colors in your photos these days. :)

Nicky from Canada

How beciting for her!! And nerve raking for you.

Carrie Duwelius

Awww! She'll do great! I'm becited to read your next post about how great her first day was;) Chloe often "bemembers" things. "Bemeber you said we could go to McDonald's?" etc.... She's 5, and I just can't correct it because it's cute, and I want her to stay little forever.


Aww... I felt exactly the same way when I took my boys to school for the first time. My youngest is going to start kindergarten in just over a year and he's becited too because he gets to go to the big school with his older brother. I hope it lasts! I'm sure Annie will have a great day and you'll both be becited to see each other at the end of it!

On a completely unrelated note, when I got my binder for your class last week, my two boys looked at the photo of Cole on the card that was included and they argued over which one of them was on the card. When I post photos of them you'll see why -- they do look a lot like him!

Mary Ann

I'm becited to hear how her first day went!
oh, and that weed...looked like a pretty yellow flower in the picture. You shouldn't have told us. LOL

Melanie C.

She looks adorable (Ashlynn wore that dress yesterday!) I think it's always harder on the parents than the children in situations like these. I know I'm a stress case leading up to and during a new situation like this for my girls. I'm sure she's having a wonderful time.


im becited to hear how it all went too!! she's sure changing ALOT...she is getting that little girl look to her now...she is SO beautiful :)


Well, I am mentally right there with you today - my son is attending a summer session ore-school and rode the bus for the first time today - gulp!! Hope Annie had a great first day.


I hope she had a wonderful first day!

Jennifer M.

I remember my daughter's first day of preschool. I kept her home with me until she was 4 (talk about attachment issues) and she was like Annie, very social. My husband and I walked her into her school and she took off like a bat out hell. When we caught up to her we said "We're going to leave now but we'll see you in a couple of hours" she said "Okay! Bye!" and took off again.

I went home and cried for an hour.


Now that is cute.


What?! You didn't find a school with closed circuit tv? OK, I think those are just creepy.


she's perfect. :)


Just the beginning of so many firsts. Such a treasure that you have the photos to document them. These are the best of times! Enjoy!


I hope she had a great day and made many new friends!


Looking forward to the next edition to hear how she went, bery beciting.


She did good to not cry! That's major!!! LOve how she looks like she's always singing.

p.s. didn't notice the weeds...noticed how cool the photo was of the steps leading up to Annie! :)


ah, yes, weeds---all I can say is well done for not focusing on them! hahaha. What a sweet girl and a mighty good mom. =)

Melanie L.

I'm glad she was "becited" to go to her new school! Keira starts a new preschool in the Fall and I'm really sad to leave her old school. Lot's of memories at our old school since my son went there too. But I'm sure she'll have fun and make lots of new friends, just like Annie will!

Susan L (lily40au)

Kids huh? They drive you crazy when you're with them and when they're gone you worry! LOL

So how did Annie go? Did she settle in after you'd gone?


Pre-school memories make me cry. I think if you have a good school and a good teacher it is so hard to let go. Hannah went to preschool for a year and I cried the whole week before it ended. I cried with the teacher and she promised she would take Will in a few years. We just have to listen to Rainbow Connection and we are right back in school again. Such a great time in their little lives. Glad her new school went well!

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