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Grace Hester

What a contrasting post to the prom series of Ross right before this. Rock on.


Love it!


OMWord!! Awesome!! You sure know how to raise 'em right!


I knew it! I knew it! I recognized Ross's nose amongst all those curls!
This is soooo funny!


Ross the next Idol?? THAT would rock!


Well...oh my! Great song choice...not so sure about the hair color. :)


How FUN!!!


And you should be SO SO proud. I know you are though. What fun!

tara pollard pakosta

awwww how FUN!
that is one awesome son you have!


too funny!! i love the prom pics, van halen story and annie in the halloween glasses. i guess it's been a while since i visited. such fun at the russell/downs home :)


I LOVE people who can play the guitar, arrr. SO ccoooollll!

Stacey B

Why annie is a star!!...haha no I am guessing Ross...even though I envision Coley rocking out like that someday!


Of course it is Ross...we need hints LOL

That is hysterical..far cry from the Prom tux!


Finally, he's getting equal blog time!


Love the hair.
What settings did you use to take the picture?


aww . . .cute


Rock on Ross!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It has to be Ross! I remember one picture you took of him a couple of years back with his guitar.


Ummm. . . let me see. . .is it Ross? Great photo, and I loved the prom shots. You have a wonderful, beautiful family!

Cheryl Ann

Hilarious, but hints weren't really needed. he he


that's Cole, ain't it?? would Ross really be caught dead in this get up?? i mean after the play he was in a few months ago... why hide behind red curley hair?? you must tell us which son it is... i'm not sure which child you gave birth to and which children you haven't.... i'm pretty sure Courtney Lee is JOsh's from another relationship, but i don't remember if Cole is yours or Josh's... i may have missed a post or two over the years... wink!!


lol i.can't.handle!

you're family is so fun!



SWEEEET guitar!!!!


That is too funny. What a joy to have him and Annie sandwich your crew. God bless diversity. :) Rock and roll forever! :)

teresa b

Love the hair!!! Rock on ROSS!!!!

Jenn Crosbyf

Judging by the age of the drummer- I'm going with Ross! What a rockstar!



Jeanette B

Love it!!


I swear, he and my son Chase would be best friends... :) LOVE it!


hehehe...great hair!

Margaret H.

Hi Karen!! I love your blog. I am an Oregonian too.

I was wondering where did you buy your D700 from? Did you use Pro Photo Supply since they give a credit when you rent from them? I am curious since I am about to upgrade soon.

lisa ceaser

Coley? hahahaha, I knew it was Ross. Cool get up!

lovely cee.

dude, that's Ross dude! even before you ask- i knew it was Ross because Ross Rocks!!!!!!


Skid Row awesome...Zakk Wylde bullseye even better :)

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