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going thru the same thing with my almost drives me bananas...except my statement of "i'm off-duty" most usually falls on deaf ears!!


We all have to have one of those in the house. Mine is 10... and a girl. Love her to pieces but ... well you know. Yesterday I went on 'vacation' for two hours... in the office. I told them they had to leave me completely alone for those two hours... it was great... so restful.

Mary Ann

At least Cole has nice printing. Especially for a boy!!


Priceless...just awesome. I like his plan, I hope he gets his work done! Good Luck Coley!!!

Nicole Ellison

well I'm glad to see the same stuff goes on somewhere else! I have to say that I love his "plan" and that I think the he has GREAT penmanship! and love that he used the backside of the paper! :)

Aimee Westcott

I am giggling wildly at this. I'm sorry you're frazzled, but that's just dang cute.


Do you think Grandma and Grandpa Russell would mind if my seven year old daughter comes along too?


OK - So we homeschool and this is a typical day beginning around 8:30AM... I sit at one end of the kitchen table... my twin 13 yr old boys sit across from one another at the opposite end and the two daughters sit nearest to me, being younger they typically need more help, but do their work... Oops! I need to use the privy, which is quite close to the kitchen... (Imagine weird boy noises, chairs moving across the floor etc) I open the door, noises stop - peer over shoulders at work acomplished, oh, that would be zero somedays...Fast forward, it's 5PM, little girls are long finished and off to dance class or playing nicely... There sits one boy...stillllllll on math... the other is silent reading(that's the last subject of their day).. Dad's home! I'm way done at that point and quite glad to see my Hubby; who isn't happy to see that son still sitting at the table! Yes, he's missed activities and it only makes a difference on that day! Next morning, the whole thing starts again! There is a light at the end of the tunnel - we only school 4 days a week, and as we get closer to June, the children begin to finish up subjects, GREATLY reduding the time I'm parked at the table! I love Fridays!


PS- Coley has excellent handwriting!

mandy friend

sounds like Aiden, no wonder they get along. He asked if when Cash comes over next "IF Cole Ross's bro from the computer could come too: )" I said only if his mama comes as well to teach me her photoshoppin skills...

jamie v

My little 'Colie-bear' sounds so much like yours- I can SO totally relate!! I'm surprised I have any hair left on my head because i am positive that I have pulled most of it out by now...

However, yours has waaaaaaayyyyyy better penmanship than mine!


I love that plan -- I hope he carries it out! I have one exactly like Cole. My oldest son is 9 and a half and it sounds like his homework habits are identical. He'd rather daydream or read or draw or invent things in his imagination or... pretty much anything than get the work done. When he does get around to focussing on it he can have it done in a matter of minutes -- makes me crazy!


So, I have a daughter that is the same age and often hears (more than any of my other kids) that I am off duty because she drives me batty. Maybe Cole and Kennedy should get together someday and they can drive their kids batty. I always think that it was a good thing that I have 3 other children that are easy for me...otherwise I might think it was my parenting!


Oh. my. gosh. I could have written this exactly, Karen! How old is Cole? My Ethan is 9 and has been driving me inSANE lately. On HIS progress report he was missing FOUR assignments - FOUR! You at least are making me feel better that it's the "age" perhaps. But at least Coley came up with a "plan" - that has to count for something, right?! ha!


Hang in there Karen! We went through this with my step-daughter who is 25 now. There were so many assignments we made sure she completed, but somehow, they never quite made it back to the teacher! Frustrating! I miss the good times when she was younger, but not the homework!!!!

Good for Cole writing out his plan. Now if he can just find the motivation to actually get it done! Hope all goes well and he gets to go see Grandma & Grandpa!

That boy is a cutie!


Looks like Coley has a great plan! Hope he gets it all done so that you can have a much deserved "break"!

Hope your weekend is great!

tara pollard pakosta

Sounds like my oldest one...she will do her math sheet they get or any homework from school without an issue, but if I ask her to do a spelling test or anything extra that doesnt have to be handed in, she throws a fit>! drives ME BATTY> and if she gets any wrong she just flips. and she takes way longer to get things done too because she is constantly up from her chair....UGH! and she's in 3rd grade and we still don't have the best plan figured out for her. now my 2nd grader does anything I ask with no issues, so at least I have one easy one!!
good luck cole! hope you get it ALL DONE!!!!!!


THAT SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE MY SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ok I could have sworn I was reading my day from yesterday. LOL I have an 8 year old that this year has decided that he can not remember anything except the yo-yo he just MUST bring to school to show his best friend! It is making me insane that for the last 3 days he has forgotten to bring home vocab words. So as of this AM, if the words do not come home the above mentioned yo-yo is GONE for the entire weekend, which will be total torture to the 8 year old! Good Luck and when you find the answer please share it! LOL


I wish my 15 year old son had a plan.


Aaaaah, homework!

That stuff just drives me batty! Two down, a freshman to go. My three boys had the same attitude of - "we're in school 6-8 hours a day and then we get to come home and do more homework/bookwork." Fortunately, they are very creative, which I think makes them a more of a hand-full when it comes to academics. Unfortunately, creativity/arts/music/trades are the first things to go when the school budgets are cut.

I'm positive, at least with mine, if their homework were to build & paint a treasure chest, design & build a go cart, or cook a meal (all age appropriate, of course) they'd use the math, reading, measuring skills they learned throughout the day and they wouldn't even realize it!

How else do/did they ace welding, cooking, life skills/career classes and barely squeak by in the others???

Cole will certainly use all that creativity he shows for good! Trust me. He'll just drive you batty in the meantime - cause not all creative pegs fit in the academic hole!!!!

Laura Carter

:) I have one of those kind of kids too.... he's 10 and such a love but I just want to STRANGLE him when it comes to homework. He takes hours to do it or does it so quickly he has the easiest problems all wrong. We don't get caught up in the grades he get but rather are really focused on teaching him life skills, like discipline, accountability and responsibility. Slowly but surely :)

Hang in there!!!! Coley seems to have such a wonderful loving heart - the homework and discipline you can teach, his heart, you can't :)


kids are amazing. :)


I totally know that feeling, not being able to go to the grandparent's is more of a punishment for you! LOL.


gotta love a kid with a plan. SO cool that he actually writes down a plan! I could learn a thing or two from Cole on that topic! I sure hope he gets to go to the sleepover (for his sake and yours, LOL!).

Tina G.

I feel for you...I think I must have the "girl version" of Cole!!! I hope you get a break this weekend (I know I could use one!)


the "plan" is priceless!! - i've got a 5yo that "plans" out playdates this way; luv keeping them for later! (i have no clue where she gets it cuz i'm the queen of flying by the seat of your pants.) hoping for your sake he gets to go to grandparents.

i can relate to you here! i must say he has fine penmanship. =)


sorry the previous one saved under the wrong name. =)


Oh how I wish I could go "off duty" in the evenings. My husband is working nights until June remodeling a Bank. If only Cole would put 1/2 his energy into his homework, instead of writing out a "plan" for himself. Then his homework would be done. I so do feel your pain! I have a teenager who did the same exact thing Cole is doing, only it was worse. His brain literally would shut down after 5:00pm Don't ask me how, it just did. Good Luck!


i love the "plan"....doesnt someone else in your house have a plan a, b, c, and d???? *wink*

next time i think the punishment should be something other than losing the sleepover though mama...i think the sleepover might be exactly what YOU need right now :) hang in there girlie....:)

teresa b

Oooohhh love the plan!! He has his check list.. Hope he get's them all complete.. for Mom's sake! hahahaha
Good luck!!

Brenda W

Just wanted to pop over and say if you haven't checked out Donna Downey's blog today you should. She posted a project that someone sent her and it has some of your stuff on the front. Very cute! Just thought I would mention it.


He'll be the President one day--just watch!


your kids have your creative mind and outlook on life...


Hmmm, so glad to know my son is as normal as Cole. Same issues with homework.


LOL Okay that sounds like my least the ones going to school that have homework *snort*

It stinks that punishments are more on the parents than the kids LOL

Good luck with that plan Cole.

Kim P

I think my 6 year old is headed for the same place. It amazes me how long it takes him to do his homework and that he doesn't seem to care that it drives me crazy. Maybe we can blame it on the middle child syndrome.

Kim P

Oh and I love his picture too! If I didn't have three of my own little cutie pies, I wouldn't believe he could be so "twirpy". :-)

rochelle g

my seven year old does the same thing! complains, whines, takes him two hours to do a 5 minute task. the other day it was finally sunny so i sent him outside to do his homework on the trampoline...he did it without complaining and a smile on his face! one win for mommy!!!


Oh my dear Lord! I have a ten year old EX.ACTLY like this...drives me batty! I keep hoping he'll grow out of luck so far. But I'll keep you posted.


love it! It also makes me so happy my son is now 23 and on his own! Those struggles just weren't fun. The only thing I can say is what his 2nd grade teacher told me. "The traits that are making his such a difficult child, will make him a strong adult! all you have to do is make it thru til then!" Good luck with that. LOL

Alicia Elliosn

You're not alone.:) I have one just like that too. I never tried the off-duty. I think I"ll try that.:) The joys of mothering - at least we aren't alone:) All the best.


you are NOT alone. My son has been like this a lot. We finally got him tested and it turns out he's ADD INattentive..I had never heard of it..but it fits - he's super smart- all A's (when his work is turned in) no hyperactivity. The meds in our case worked wonders...we had to do an assessment..that his teacher also filled out. Here's hoping he gets back on track! It's so hard as parents when this happens. I go off duty all the time name at that point is Sue and they know to ask their father :)

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