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My hubby is the same way... and I am like you - AVOID it with all my might! ;) Sounds like you had a busy but fun weekend!! Can't wait to see Ross' prom pics!


awww how precious is this picture! I totally get what you mean about kids and grocery stores... or anywhere.. lol I have no option though! hhehe


Going to the grocery store is so hard with the kids. Of course, when my husband goes, and takes the kids, he's usually just getting a few things. With me, I have a list for 2 weeks worth of food. Easier, I'd say, for the men.


love this life!

laura vegas

love that photo of annie! and i'm with you ... i don't take my girls anywhere unless i HAVE too. lol!


hehe! This pic is adorable. And I'm right there with ya'. Jake happily takes the kids to the store when he goes like it's some wonderful adventure for them to share. I put it off as long as possible and would rather do without bread and milk if it means I can avoid dragging two whining kids to the store with me. I shop alone!!!

teresa b

hahaha.. great picture.. brings back memories of when mine were that little and did the same thing!! too funny!

Jennifer M.

I just try to avoid the grocery store like the plague. ;)

That is such a sweet picture. Poor Annie looks bushed!

Rachelle Sims-Keranen

OMG~ that is just the cutest picture ever! And I do too..... grocery store (or any store really ) plus kids = AAAHHH!!!


work hard,
play hard,
sleep hard!

:) adorable!


What a great husband you have! :) Maybe he should walk them to the store every evening {wink!}.

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!


right there with ya!! my 2 year old refuses to sit in the cart so i'm forced to carry him thru the store AND push the cart....sheesh!! anytime i get an offer to let him home for that chore, i take it!! :) hope you had a lovely mama's day!

Sandra Hazen  ( Florida)

just the sweetest thing......she obviously goes full speed til there is just no go left!!!


Karen, I really like the colorspace your photos are in. Mind sharing your workflow? Is it just that the nikon is a bluer (more fuji film like) space? Thanks in advance.


Nancy Wyatt

How precious is Annie! And how awesome that your DH is so great! hugs from Conroe, TX!


That's great that Josh Downs likes to hang out with the kids. I'm like you, less kids in the grocery store, the better.


Such a cute picture of Annie! She must have been really tired to pass up on pizza.


Can I send my kids with your husband?

STACY AUSTIN--St. Helens Oregon

Love that picture! I am with you though, grocery store is meant to venture to without children!!!

Jenn N

My husband also loves taking the kids anywhere with him. I don't get it! I think it's about giving me a break sometimes - got to love that!
Great picture of Annie.


That picture is precious! I love it! I wish my husband loved taking the kids everywhere. He is pretty great but doesn't want to take them everywhere! Grocery shopping sucks with kids. that's all I have to say:-).


that photo is so precious!


i avoid the grocery store like the plague when the kids are with me. Annie is too cute. My children have never just fallen asleep anywhere like that. I can't comprehend kids who fall asleep in shopping carts, high chairs, in exersaucers, she is adorable!


Brilliant picture of Annie. I relate wholeheartedly about avoiding taking children to the shops! I always enjoy reading your posts - thanks so much for taking the time to share not only your wonderful talent in photography but also your thoughts & feelings, on many occasions I read your words & breathe a sigh of relief in the knowledge that it's not just me...


I love, love, love the age Annie is at. They play hard, while you are working hard...the minute they sit down, they crash!
I think the Dad's inviting all of the kids to the Store, Home Depot, etc. is a Dad thing. My husband does the same thing. He even invites the cousins (our nieces and nephews)if they are around, and if he has room in his truck.


One of the cutest pics I have seen!


We've had countless moments where our oldest is passed out at the dinner table after having an active day. Annie is so cute! I move and get things done faster when I shop alone. Can't wait for the pics from Ross's prom!


precious, precious, precious picture


Can I hear AMEN? My husband is like Josh...he'll take our 2 boys anywhere--grocery store, zoo, swimming at the lake. Me? No way!!! ESPECIALLY the grocery store!!!

If they ever have to go with me, I'm mean. I'll say, "We're going in to get _____. Don't ask me for anything and stay with me or I'll pinch you!!!"

Mean Mom, I tell you! ha.
cute pic!


I'm with you on the grocery store at home is better. Less junk food makes its way into the cart and I'm home in half the time.


Good man, he can borrow mine too if he likes,lol.

Nicole Ellison it!!!!!!!! Annie is just too darn cute!


Adorable picture of Annie. Some of your photos of her remind me of my 2 year old son. They seem to have some of the same personality traits. She is just so dang cute.

I spent Saturday night taking pics of my niece and her prom date. This was my 3rd time to get to do prom pics. I love doing them.

Bobbi in KY

You have one great husband and beautiful children!!! Love watching your life on here but missing your class terribly!!


I secretly love that Josh Downs. But I'm with you. Avoid it.

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