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awesome photos, karen!! can't wait to see future pics at your new, old house!


I always enjoy your photos, Karen!


I love the last pic. Their expressions are so intense and then when I read the description of their discussion I just had to laugh!

Wendy Goodman

Sounds like your new, old house has a warm comfortable feeling to it. I'm sure it is a "happy place" for the kids too and they sense the joy the next chapter of their lives will bring.


Excellent idea, love the "let's start over" idea. My DH and I get crabby with each other over things like my wanting to put a gate/fence across our driveway to keep our kids and dog from wandering into the street . . . hello?? he doesn't want to because when we get 3 feet of snow in the winter, he won't be able to perfectly snowblow the driveway! (or someday 10 years from now, when he might (so not) have his own boat, he wont' be able to park it in the driveway)
kids and dog getting run over by a car vs. Mr. Perfect snowblowing the driveway??
I'm going to suggest the starting over thing. I still don't think it's going to get me a fence . . . and I'll end up having a trailered boat in the background of all my pictures. sigh, it never ends.
I LOVE the look on Courtney's face, it's like "duh, I'm the girl and I'm so right!


Wait wait WAIT! Where is the pic of Mr Darcy Josh Downs in his wet underwear? You are so mean!


And it looks like Annie doesn't care that the other two are in a heated debate, she looks more concerned about which raspberry she should eat first!


These are just GORGEOUS! I love how Annie is totally more interested in which raspberry to eat than the fact that her siblings are arguing. Soooo CUTE and so her age! LOVE the colors in all of your photos! You definitely got the Nikon and hit the ground running. You seemed to get the workflow down perfectly right off the bat. Still happy about switching? I am a Nikon girl and LOVE it... glad to have you aboard! ;)


I love all the photos and the bus in the background was very cool. Do you think your neighbor will move it back?


Funny you should mention the bus...i was just thinking as I looked at these photos how I am getting used to the bus and actually kind of like it there!
Love the "let's start over" - have to remember that one. :) You've got a keeper there!

teresa b

Hahahahaha I totally agree with what Kimberly said !!

Great shots..


i love the color in those photos!! they look just like summer ! and remind me of some of your new paper.


Wonderful photos as usual, Karen.

In the past three days, I've read all 80-something pages of your blog, and in the more recent posts, I was just starting to like that school bus too.


Nancy Wyatt

Awesome photos and so laughing about the underwear comment! I was digging the bus in the pictures too. Oh well, your pictures are always awesome no matter what the subject is! hugs from Conroe, TX!


Thanks for making me smile. That last photo just cracked me up...the mad faces on Courtney and Coley and Annie in the middle with raspberries on all of her fingers and not a care in the world. Funny, I was just thinking, "I wonder if she'll always have a bus in the background? It's really kind of cool."

Tonia Borrosch

Karen...I was really digging the bus too! LOL. Well, at least you got some good shots with it there before it got moved. Lovely photos. Must go practice. :)


Love Annie's finger food! Yum! I'm going to miss that bus...

Jennifer M.

That's too bad about the school bus. I think it looked so great in the background of those shots!


the last pic with annie and those raspberries cracks me up.
and i love courtney's swimsuit--my daughter has the same one.
looks like such good happy times!
thanks for sharing.


These photos and this post made me smile (& relate)!
Hope it is a great summer!


LOVE the photos (can you share the settings?) Love the school bus in the background. I wish we were having summer weather like that up here in Northern New England!


I was going to comment that I have gotten to love the bus, and hopes that it is always there! that is too funny that he moved it. Wonderful photos, and such fun...summer is a great time of the year! Enjoy!


:) yannie is such a peanut.

you and your mr. are quite the pair

yay for ♥


Was Josh hurting the next day? ha. Have known some grown-ups who broke an arm or leg playing on the slip-n-slide!

Love the kids discussion pic--Annie is in her own little "Annieland" world! I'll miss the buses in your pics too. They're so cheerful!!!

Alicia Sharp

Love that pic and Annie's raspberry fingers CRACK me up!!!


Ahhh, summer! Bring it on! Awesome shots here.

Mary Ann

As I was looking at the pics of the kids on the slip n slide, I was thinking how cool the bus looked in the background...kinda matched with the colors.
Too funny that you miss it :)

I can't wait to see more pics of the new old house.


Love all the photos, but the last one is a real treat... annie seemingly oblivious to the war waging on either side of her. too cute.

Lan Amphone

HOw fun, the bus in the background cracks me up but it does add a touch of color. Now I'm wanting to get a slip n slide for my kids. :)

Susan Bowers

At the beginning of your post I was just deciding that
I love the school bus in your shots! what a bummer it's gone.


I just love the look on Courtney and Coley's faces...too funny and Annie in the middle in her own little world with raspberries on her fingers. I love it!


I love the bus in the background!


Karen, you have so many gifts! I am blessed in getting to witness them. Your images show your children for the miracles that they are and remind me every day that sweet is even sweeter with a little sour thrown in the mix. Have a wonderful anniversary weekend.

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