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BEAUTIFUL yellow dress! Indeed, your captured her beauty. All of the pics are great, but the pics of the young girl in the yellow dress are spectacular!


Can you come to Ohio to take my son's prom pictures? LOL
Awesome, awesome photos. I love how they aren't all posed.
And your Ross and Cali are super cute together!


totally fabulous photos!! as always, amazing!


wow- what a wave of emotions this put me through! love the photos, they're fantastic yet it made me think- this could be my son next year { :O( }


I LOVE the red and black dress!! Don't girls get flowers anymore?? What an amaizing shoot!You ROCK!!


I feel so inspired. Awesome pics!

~lisa w~

Awesome! Looks like a magazine layout! : )

Paola Norman

Wow! I love how they turned out. The kids must be so pleased. What a day your first borns prom. He looks fabulous and very cool. He could be on the cover on GQ. The photo of them on the bridge kissing and the one of them kicking up their heels are stunning. They could right of of a photo shoot of the coolest magazines out there.
The cool guys shot is another winner.
How does Ross like them?
Cali looks like an awesome girl. I hope they had a great prom.
Take care,

Jennie Moreland

Wow, love the last shot kinda brought tears to see how he has grown over the years. Also loved the last one of the 3 guys, what treasure that one will be when they are older see their youth and joy of life. Congrats to you mom for documenting these moments.
Best regards,Jennie

Rebecca Vavic

Great Pics Karen...
Ross has a light orb in the shape of a love heart in the photo on the bridge kissing Cali.
Bek xo


HOLY COW those are amazing photos! I love two each girl's dress is so different and the back of that yellow dress! it now "the thing" to wear a garter the color of your dates dress? So long matching tie!


AMAZING! You SO need to do pictures professionally!!!

Mindy Harris


Imme Hansemann

I LOOOOOVE your photos!!!
Everyone tells me a story!

Greatings from Germany :)

Diane Stewart

Oh my goodness, those prom photos were awesome. I took photos of my nephews and girlfriends at their prom and wish now I was more creative, (although, all the kids I take photos of are not as adventurous as your son). I thought I did pretty well, thanks to your photography class in Jan-Mar I took.

Becky moon

Well I am taking Prom pics later on today...gosh I hope mine are half this good...Those are awesome!


Hi Karen....I wanted to let you know that you inspired me to try and take some fun shots of my son's prom last night. Here is a link of the photos I posted on my blog today. If you have a spare minute (ha!), please come take a look. If I could afford it, I'd sign up for your online class in a heartbeat because I so admire your work!!! Thank you for all you do to inspire all of us. You rock!


you totally rocked this!! I followed you from a stamping/card making blog and she is right- you rock!!!
These will make a great book!!! Have you seen the books you can make with your photography- these are something worth putting in a collection like that!
Off to see more of your blog and work :) and to add you to my favorites to check out :)
Have a super Monday!

Lyndsey hall

lovely images! Lisa Hall is my mom and I've just fallen in love with you, your family, and your wonderful talent! I am starting a photography business in Los Angeles and haven't been happier. If you don't mind, what ISO and aperture were you using?

Lyndsey Hall

Suzie Q.

These are absolutely FABULOUS!!! That's why you are my IDOL ;-D

Love the last pic. And ALL of the ones on the RR tracks are beautiful!

Katie Gonzalez

Oh, I wish these were MY prom photos. The lighting and compositions are breathtaking. I love how natural they look. How wonderful for them to have these images!!!


these are simple AWE-SOME! well worth a prom gig, and totally what most kids I know would prefer.. rock it, and don't under estimate yourself... AWE-SOME!


found you through WHATEVER.and HOLY MOLY! These are beyond OUTRAGEOUS! Going to send your link to my neiee who is going to the prom in a week! FANTASTIC! And your son is adorable. They are all adorable.


I wish my prom pictures looked like that! Very cool!


Hello! I stumbled across this blog post, and as a senior in high school preparing for my own prom in just a few weeks, I have to say these photos are remarkable! So creative, and everyone looked so beautiful/handsome! They're certainly memories that these friends would like to hold on to.


Okay, I'm balling like a baby. My boys are now grown. You did a beautiful job with thier prom photos. It looks like a spread from Vogue. Ross is a natural and the ones of he and Cali are heartbreakingly beautiful. Enjoy the little moments you get with him at this point in his life because it just flys by and then there is a gaping hole in your heart...okay, I know I'm a bit of a freak, but I wasn't ready for that at all. I thought when my baby graduated and I was 42, I was going to chase some dreams at breakneck speed. I sort of had a wee bit of a break down, crying all of the time and wishing they were little and I could have a do over. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful milestone in Ross' life.



Rochelle Gaukel

LOVE....THOSE....PICTURES!!! Congratulations on your son graduating!


Stunning!! Just BEAUTIFUL.....the kids and the photos!!

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