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Wow... love the photos! They officially have the coolest prom photos around! Very cool that they were up for anything!

And isn't kind of funny that you can see "no trespassing" in the background of one of the pictures? lol

jen compton

i thought i couldn't love you more. but THIS takes my *crush* on you to a whole 'notha level. :0

(and the picture of annie asleep on the table is golden)

Aimee Westcott

these are breathtaking. I wish I'd had such pictures from prom. You rocked it.


Holy smokes Karen-these pictures ROCK (as usual)! Those are the LUCKIEST kids evah! Cali and Ross are adorable! Are they graduating this year?

Account Deleted

amazing photos! kelby looks like Belle from Beauty and the Beast!


holy smokes is right, can you please thank Ross for asking you to take these--you continue to inspire and amaze!!!


Um... My daughter and her fella's facebook pic is on the railroad tracks and his brother said, "Um..don't you know that it's dangerous to sit in the railroad tracks?" It's a really cool picture though, they were hiking took it with a Coolpix, not the very cool camera you have Miss Karen!! Looked like they had fun with the photo shoot - Hope the rest of the evening was just as fun!!!


Unreal are my hero!!! Now I want Jimmy and Nikki to dress up again so I can shot more interesting pictures. But I must say I did get some great shots of Jimmy and his cousin Nikki ( I know it really gets confusing ) before he picked up his Nikki. The whole fam was here ours and hers and I was a bit nervous and they were in a! They weren't all bad just boring. A cute one by the Jetta ;0).

Kelly Boettcher

WOW! Amazing pictures! I bet they loved them! I wish I had prom pics like that.


Holy Toledo! BEST. Prom photos. EVER. They are SOOOO not going to buy what's for sale at the high school.
You have done these kids a huge favor. How fun would it have been to have had these when we were in school.

Nicole Kberg

OMGosh I LOVE that bridge too! I see it everytime I go to Rogue River to visit my grandma & have always thought it would make the coolest pics! And, of course, you made them WAY cool!


You nailed it!!! And man, Ross sure is a looker....but I'm certainly too old (oh, and too married) for him.

Lisa V.

The best prom pics I've ever seen. I bet the kids (and their mommies) love them!
Ross and Cali are absolutely adorable!

Jennifer S

STUNNING! TOTALLY STUNNING! Love the light!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love EVERYTHING! It must be so weird seeing your son, your firstborn in these romantic shots, but WOW they are amazing! Karen, you are amazing! What lucky kids!


wow - you did a fantastic job.

beth s.

Love the last one too! Looks like an album cover for a band!


These are absolutely fabulous! (And I'm so glad your son likes his hair short.)


karen, i almost had a heart attack when I saw Cali's best friends' name!!!! Seriously!! Kelby is my dad and brother's names!! I have heard it only one other time many years ago in college and it was a girl as well. It is a really popular name in Ireland, but they are far and few between here in the US. Beautiful and fun photos!!


These shots are lovely, truly lovely! Ross and Cali are such a nice looking couple, lovely. And his tux, so handsome. Really great prom pictures.

quick question, I've been searching the Q&A board for the answer, but can't find it . . . what website was it you mentioned that you use to do a complete backup of your hard drive? I need to subscribe and would like a recommendation. I recall you saying you did that.


Love, love, love the pix of the kids. The girls are so beautiful in their dresses and the guys just look so cool!


I love those pictures- and Ross's suit is just the coolest thing I have ever seen!


Wow!!!! Love the natural shots and the lighting - you are such an inspiration! And that Ross is a heart throb! He looks so grownup and is a real natural in front of the camera - as well as seeing the potential for good sites. Thanks for sharing this moment in your son's life.

Cindy Welch

OMG Love Love Love them all Great Job Mom!!

Nancy Wyatt



you did an excellent job.
gorgeous group of kids!
Cali's so lovely!

Theresa Smith

I like the 3 guys on the tracks and the picture of Ross and Cali kissing on the bridge the best. The black and white shots are great too. They are all awesome! I would kill to have prom pictures like these.


just gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous. and the skirt on that yellow dress, divine.


Hi Karen! I have been a reader since I started blogging back in '07. I don't comment often, but you still are one of my favorites. I love the ones on the swings. What a cool Mom you are. They will love having these pics.


Amazing shots. And what gorgeous weather you had. The ones on the swings are my favorites.

Rachel C.

Karen, you did an AMAZING job! You always amaze me. I (of course) have questions though...
1. Did you travel to multiple locations or were these all pretty close together?
2. How long did the shoot take?


wow. makes me want to go back to high school and do prom all over again :)

Nice work. Yet again :)


Stunning. Again love it all. You just can do no wrong in my eyes.***sigh***
When I grow up I wanna be like you :)

Shaun Paddock

I just cannot find the words to describe these photos. They take my breath away. Now I want to go back and re-shoot my sons prom photos. I thought mine turned out well until I saw yours. Amazing! Thanks for sharing.


Wow! These are all gorgeous! And yes Cali is absolutely gorgeous!




hey- that shot with the flare..and ross, it's like seeing him going out towards his future....vague, but there, and (breaking the mommy heart) right around the corner. No wonder you love it! The future looks BRIGHT!! ;) Umm....oh yeah, which one's Dillon?

kris arnold

oh my goodness. absolutely fabulous pictures. I love them. Great job. Those six kids will forever have the best representation of one of the most special teenage days of their lives. Wow.


Oh my gosh! Love those pictures!!! Ross and Cali are such a beautiful couple!! Love the yellow dress, too! :) Have to save some of those pics as an inspiration boost!

Kimberly Minyard

I am so impressed with those photos. I am also glad to see they really did not dress so traditionally. They are a great looking bunch of people. I am shoot some prom photos for my neighbor (her daughter and 3 other girls). I really wish we had some cool place like that to go.... GREAT pictures


Fabulous! Just wonderful shots! What a beautiful group!

Jennifer M.

So sweet! What a great bunch of pictures.


Their 'thing' was pretty awesome. Those shots are great and the kids will love them for years to come... I wish I had those kind of pictures for my prom.

Kathleen Kraft

For someone who does not feel comfortable with this sort of shoot, as usual, you rocked the house....


Absolutely beautiful pics!

Kerri Bradford

Once again, you just knock my socks off with your talent! LOVE these photos! Makes me want to go to Oregon again too. ;)


Those are just so beautiful and very romantic! I am just in awe...I wish I had you around when I went to prom (almost 17 years ago...ugh!).
They are BEAUTIFUL. Ross and Cali are just gorgeous together.


Luv the pictures..
That is why I love your blog--it is Real life...
Thanks for the inspiration.


These are gorgeous! I have to admit even I felt like I should look away when the kissing shot came up, and I've never even met you, let alone Ross! Seriously, you got amazing light for these photos and you did a great job capturing this group in their formal wear. I loved the shots in the playground -- I teach high school and I see that not-quite-a-grownup-but-not-really-a-kid-anymore stage every day. It's one of the most charming things about teenagers.


These are great! My favorite shot is definitely the one of Ross & Cali on the tracks (right before the shot of Cali alone--which is also great!). And the bridge is amazing--again, a beautiful photo of Ross & Cali. PS: LOVE his hair! :]

Lucky high-schoolers. I'm not going to grumble about how I didn't have any amazing professional photographer for my prom pictures, disposable cameras for the most part, and prom wasn't all that great a memory anyway for that matter but with pictures like these it might have been....etc, etc.

ady abreu

I love, love, love...


these are wonderful!! can't wait for the next photography class :)!!


how many aaaaa's can i put in aaaaamazing? such fun shots!
ross and cali are so adorable. :)


GORGEOUS !!! love love love every shot!

Krista Lund

beautiful! thanks for the email- you rock!!

 Bobbi in KY

AWESOME!! I'd love to know the actions you used in processing these.

Carrie H.

AMAZING!!! Nothing else can explain it ;o)


beautiful photos! love the candid quality and the sort of "anti-prom" feel of them. just gorgeous! i found your post from meg at 'whatever' - so glad i did. love your photos!


I bet their friends were only slightly jealous of these pics ;)


Man, those are some cool pictures. Great JOB!

Cheryl R.

I read your blog all the time (though don't comment as much as I should) I had to tell you thought that those prom pictures are amazing!! They will love looking back on them today, tomorrow and 20 years from now!


holy crap.

I keep thinking of what to write but that's all I could come up with. I'm speechless.



Holy cow girlie, these photos are AWESOME!!! These are the best Prom photos I've ever seen!! Love the bridge & playground shots....well love them all really!! Beautiful, beautiful work my friend!!


so beautiful Karen...i love them all....and i LOVE that i can see your shadow in the pic of the three guys towards the end...LOVE that :) those kids are soooo lucky to have such awesome shots to have forever and ever to remember that special night :)


Beautiful pictures!


these are awesome karen! you have to share your perfect recipe for that sun peeking through! i can never get mine to look like that!


Great prom photos! They are going to love them!!


These are gorgeous! Love their colorful dresses too!

Ann Grounds

Wow Karen!! How fun it was for the "kids" to go play before prom! They are going to love these photos forever! I hope that my son will be up for something like this in 5 years from now. That gives me lots of time to hone in on my skills!


I'm mean really...STUNNNNNNNING!!!!!!!!

Karen Darmanie

Wow !!!!! Amazing photos Karen!!!


You did great Karen! My favs were R&C on the bridge! They looked great!

Wendy Goodman



fun photos! you did a great job!!


OMIGOSH!! These are just amazing!! Such great work. I am sure the kids are thrilled with your gift and talent!


Amazing as always!! You are a pro. Very inspiring. And happy to have a glimpse in to your world. Having taken one of the previous sessions of your photgraphy class it is making a lot more sense as to how you do it. WIll take much practice and a lot of luck but I get lucky sometimes now. Thanks for everything!!!!

Kristen Butler

All I can say is "dang".

cindy b.

OMG! AWESOME pics! I LOVE them ALL!!

Now, a quick question...when you are shooting into the sun like that do you eliminate your flash altogether???

Thanks Karen!!


Amazing, Karen! Those have to be the coolest Prom pics I've ever seen. It's great they were up for the fun locations. Love the "No Trespassing" on the bridge in Kelby and her dates pic. You truly are a photography goddess!


I love the photo of the boys walking along the railroad. You did such an awesome job, those kids are VERY LUCKY to have you!


For my prom pictures, I think we stood by my front door. And maybe a pine tree in the yard. You rock.


I've been following your blog for some time now (which sounds sort of creepy? Sorry about that!) I am just so truly inspired by your shots of "everyday life." By studying what you do, I can't thank you enough for teaching me more about this thing I really do love (though I feel incredibly and woefully inadequate).

I can't wait to get into your next class.

Thanks again for all you do!
~An eager future student

Melissa Mann

These are absolutely fantastic!!!! Just love them!

libbi m.

absolutely gorgeous photos (as always). please, please, please tell me the location of this bridge.


You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

teresa b

Beautiful job Karen!! Hats off to you and Ross picked the greatest spots!! are such an inspiration!!

Jenn N

Absolutely gorgeous Karen. Wow, for someone who doesn't do the posing kid of thing, you rocked!


High Five, Karen!!!

Awesome photo shoot with a handsome bunch of willing subjects!!! Way to go!!!

(Now they don't have to buy the dorky shots at the prom!)


Karen, absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sending the info! I read it once but will need to re-read it. And, I think I may have to rent that lens and try it out! A bit pricy for me but looks like fun!

Erin H.

Those are gorgeous! You are so talented and Ross is absolutely handsome!!! (for that matter, the whole family is adorable!)

kim Bolyard

I wish I would have seen these before my daughters prom this past Friday needed some cool ideas for prom photos...the kids were everywhere and I had such a hard time getting the photos I wanted...these are so cool. of course they had 25 people with them which makes it even harder to capture something these



Wow...if only we could imitate you! Great shots Karen.
I love ALL the shots, love the ones of the girls you turned into B/W. Love the DOF you used when they weren't all together. Can't believe you used the same aperture through out all the pictures, they look amazing. I love the last one too!

Ross and Cali - congrats on Prom, you guys looked fantastic!

kim Bolyard

forgot to ask....what lens did you use and what setting for this time of day...thanks


Lisa B.

Fabulous usual! They can get the usual posed stuff at the dance...these rock!


Love the photos...just great!!!


These are just amazing! I would have no clue what to do in that lighting.


I am so glad I caught your post. The photos are fabulous and my son's prom is this coming up this weekend, so I have some inspiration! Love all your photos btw, especially that Annie.


Awesome shots...way better than the usual poses!!!


You should be SO happy with these shots! They were absolutely fantastic! And, yes, I can imagine it would be weird to see your son kissing ~ I don't even want to think of my girls at that age...Ugh!

Absolutely beautiful pictures!

Jamie K

You amaze me. That's it. :)


WOW! Beautiful pictures. I love them all but I really like the b/w of Cali - gorgeous. I love what you did with all the lighting..if only we could learn your style. Love how you used DOF on the first one.

Ross and Cali - you guys rock and make such a fantastic looking couple!

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