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Kathy C.

It's a good thing Mr. Downs remembers YOUR anniversary! What a guy! Happy 1st anniversary on Friday...enjoy McCloud!

~ Kathy ;-)


Happy 1st Anniversary Josh & Karen!


Happy Anniversary!! Hope you have a fun, busy weekend!!


Can I just tell you, you're the luckiest girl in the world.


awww. you have such a sweet hubby. Happy Anniversary.


Happy anniversary, Karen and Josh!


he's such a little peanut.

have a blast!



happy anniversary ... enjoy it! looks like a lovely place to spend time together.


It's a good thing I'm alone right now because I just snorted when I read the part about forgetting your anniversary! That is SO something I would do! Congrats on your first year and have a wonderful time (kudos to Josh for remembering to make such thoughtful plans!).

Mindy M.

Happy Anniversary, you guys!


Happy Anniversary!!

Heather Dietz

Happy Anniversary!!! Enjoy McCloud, looks like fun!


Hahahahahahaha! Totally laughing at Josh remembering the date. Have fun!

Louise Murr

What a cool story. I just love reading your blog and your stories and about your family and life. You just tell it like it is and it is so fun to read about someone else with all the joys, blessings and difficult times that comes along in life. You share it all and it just somehow brings comfort to my own life to be reminded how "real" it all is. I have laughed and cried and shared your stories and pictures with others and I hope they continue.
Happy Anniversary and have a fun safe trip.


Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your together time!


Hey, my dad was born there. Cool!


Have a great time! Happy Anniversary!

Andrea Devisser

I hear ya Karen, Lightroom is SO kicking' my butt too.. arghh.
Have a fantastic getaway!

Nancy Wyatt

How sweet! Have fun! Happy Anniversary!


Oh how cool! My (17th) anniversary is on the 23rd. My Dh usually remembers but we had essentially the same conversation yesterday where he was certain nothing was going on.


Yours is such a great love story! Thanks for sharing.


Happy 1st Anniversary. May God bless you with at least 50 more!
Thanks for sharing you life ... we celebrate your joy with you!


My aunt (and Godmother) lives near there... I think I have to go check it out whenver i get to that part of the world! Have a great weekend.


I have never seen pictures of your wedding, how beautiful. You make a gorgeous bride! I had tears in my eyes reading your captions. What a wonderful idea to go back for your anniversary!
Congrats Karen have a wonderful weekend!

Sherry Williams

this may sound silly, but i need to say it. i always feel like i'm reading a really good book when i read your stories here. something about the way you write, the words you choose, the heart and soul behind your voice. the realness in your stories about your family. the quirks and dramas...the joys and daily happenings. i always--ALWAYS leave your blog touched in some way. sharing your stories and pictures and thoughts on your life...sometimes i can relate to something, others i feel i learn a new perspective, and sometimes you inspire me to look at my life a little remember to be thankful for my family adventures, to laugh more with my kids, enjoy the extra moments with my husband (hes active duty in the army so is gone or deployed a lot)to take extra photos of our puppies...I dont think i am expressing what it is exactly i feel, but i just know i love that you take the time to share bits of your life on this blog and i am grateful for that. :)
sherry in md


A man who remembers his anniversary, priceless. Happy Anniversary, have fun!


I love that he's the one who remembered.


Love the room you stayed in! Hope you have a wonderful time! Happy Anniversary!
Just over 1 month until class starts, I'm so excited.


I guess in May it's not too hot, because otherwise my advice would be to bring your own cooling system. Having spent many a summer there as a kid visiting the Grandfolks I can tell you practically no one as A/C even though it is over 100 degree almost everyday (it seemed to me at the time) in the summertime. And even nowadays the stores don't stock up on fans. It must be a dry heat. Have a wonderful time. Happy Anniversary.


well i must say that i think that josh downs is pretty awesome for making such romantic plans...HOWEVER....i sure wish your anniversary just happened to be the weekend before or after because I cant believe I am going without you....i dont like doing these things without you karen know that!! hope you have an AMAZING weekend sweetie!! Happy happy happy anniversary....:)


May this be the first of many Happy Anniversaries to you and Josh Downs!

Erica Hettwer

Don't feel too bad. It took me almost three and a half years to learn when my anniversary was. My husband has never forgotten! LOL!

Happy Anniversary! :D


Happy Anniversary!!
(and if you cant make it to another Scott Kelby class, I highly recommend his book - Photoshop for Digital Photographers. If you dont already have it... It's great!! And he is ALMOST as good a teacher as you!)


LOL! Happy Anniversary! Love the peeks at McCloud...beautiful!


Have a wonderful weekend.But....hurry and learn Lightroom2...I am waiting for YOU to teach a class! :) :) :)
Happy Anniversary!


What a great story! Thanks for sharing!


i always enjoy your stories :) ... and what alovely one it was! enjoy your weekend!


Happy Anniversary, Karen. I hope you guys have a great weekend. Hey, you won't be too far from me-I live in Redding. My husband and I have been wanting to go on the Dinner train, we will have to check it out.

Jessica K.

Have a great weekend! It's our anniversary on the 22nd too! (10 years) Don't have anything as exciting as you planned though :-)


How romantic! Have a wonderful anniversary. :)


teresa b

That's FANTASTIC!! Josh Downs.. you are amazing!! Congrats.. Have a wonderful time!!


Happy Anniversary! Have lot's of fun!


Happy Happy Anniversary!! I love the B&W shot of you guys at the diner!! Have a lovely weekend!! We will be celebrating our 35th anniversary on May 24th!! We're going to Orcas Island!!


Enjoy your weekend! Please look at the first picture in your last post--the one of Annie and Courtney-- and tell me that you have EVER seen anything cuter =)

Becky Donohue

Oh for crying out loud! You two are just as sweet as you are adorable! I love that about you! TFS this story. :)


Josh gets the bonus points for remembering your anniversary!!! Happy Anniversary, love birds!!!

p.s. started reading your blog at this time last year....feel as though I've been reading it for years!!! :) Love it!!!

Monica G

Sweet and tell the best stories of your life! Makes me wish I was you sometimes!!!


Awwwe so cute!!! Happy Anniversary and have a fabulous time!

Paola Norman

Have a great weekend getaway! Happy Anniversary!

Kristal Jones

These shots are great! Hope ya'll have a great weekend!! Happy Anniversary to you and Josh! :)


your husband sounds amazing !! he's a keeper..
happy anniversary!

mary t


I can't believe it's been a year already! It seems like you just got married.
Happy anniversary!

Danny Vincent

I lived in that town when I was a child,I would go to the old theatre every other week to see B rated movies, it was great! moved away in 1964, came back in 1971 and worked in the woods, but everything must come to a end and I left the town in 1974, I return every year and rent a cabin,I love taken photos of this place........

Happy Anniverary! Karen and Josh

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