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Aww! They are SO precious! Bless them!

And Annie's boots are adorable (:
Sophie x


Too dang cute! Thanks for the smile. :)

Jennifer M.

That. Is. Awesome.



i love those kids.


Mary Ann

so darn cute!
I love Annie's wardrobe for the day. Girls got style!!


Love the pictures and love the girls' outfits! Especially the boots on Miss Annie!

teresa b

Awhh... so stinkin' cute!


Karen as always another amazing photograph! I just love logging on daily to your blog - your family are lovely and the weather always looks great too! Here in England, it's raining and windy so your blog has cheered me again!


Those funny girls and such cuties! :)


I just love the color in your pictures!! That's a little sister for ya!


A-dorable!!! The hat in the warm weather, the boots, the faces, it all works! =) I am smiling . . .
The kiddos seem a quite a bit apart yet still a good bokeh and not a blurry kid ...can I ask the aperture and focal length on this? It's a great depth of field balance that I struggle to get!!! Please please please, what is it? (I know, I know, too many tech questions come your way, but what if I beg? hahaha) =)


I LOVE that before photo! Those would be so funny framed together!

Kim P



I love Annie's fashion statement that she has going on there!


you have a beautiful family...
not sure what i love more, the looks on their faces or annie's rainboots in may. that is my 2nd dd all the way!

Cindy McAllister

So, did Annie dress herself today? So adorable!!!


Love Annie's face in the first one! Your kids are so freakin' adorable!


Stinker!!! cute pics!!!

Heather Dietz

Love the pictures (and attitudes) of the girls! I so wish I had the gaul to dress like Annie every day! What a happy person I would be!! Love it!!!

Cindy Welch

Annie was made for the camera!!!!!

gina harpur

Precious!!! These pics could be on the cover of a greeting card!!! Hmmmm, another little venture for you!

Nancy Wyatt

Your kids make me so happy! I am so glad you share them with us! hugs from Conroe TX!


Thanks for sharing! Annie's expressions always make me smile! It is so awesome that you take such wonderful photos and capture all of these adorable things happening around you. Courtney is beautiful too!

I don't know if I've typed it here before or not, but Annie's personality just reminds me so much of my 2 yr old little stinker. I need to work on having the camera out to catch some of his silly antics. Of course, his brother would probably never ask him for a kiss like sweet Courtney was doing. But I have caught him hugging his little brother.

Ann in GA

That's so cute, and Annie outfit is too. I bet she picked it out all on her own.

nancy in ks

What Cindy Welch said: Annie was made for the camera.

The camera was made for you.

The match was made in heaven.

Thank you, Lord, for sharing the matches with us. They make us smile every day.


Thanks! Your darling daughters made me smile.

Annie L.

so cute..... just love it...

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HAHA. That's funny.

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