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I just asked this in my last comment but I will ask it here too. What lens were you using in the shot of you and Josh on your Anniversary trip? With my 50mm my arm just isn't long enough...LOL. And I must say, I just love batman!!


how are you liking your nikon?

Libbi M.

wanting to know the location of where you shot the prom pictures? they were stunning. also, what kind of zipper bag do you use when taking pictures on the beach? thanks and have a great weekend.

tara pollard pakosta

my girls are OBSESSED with mad libs lately! they are good for them too!
Love that they can have fun and have to think at the same time LOL!
HAppy weeknd! take LOTs of pics! course i don't have to tell you that. i just
said that so i would remember to take some! i haven't taken any in like 2 weeks!



I love the random pics!


I SO feel your pain on the 17-yr-old son thing! I was just last night complaining mightily about him never being home! It stinks! I mean, c'mon, he's going off to college in August; can't he just spend a LITTLE more time at home between now and then?? When I was complaining to him, he smiled, put his hand on my shoulder, and said, "Mom. Think of it as conditioning!" To which I, of course, replied (being the grown-up that I am), "But I don't WANT to be conditioned!!"

april foster

love the photos and I was a pill-bug lover as a child myself. My mom said, they would come on our back porch all the time and that one time, when I was 2, I ran out of pill-bugs to pick up so she threw some pinto-beans on the porch and I didn't know the difference. I suppose Courtney's a bit old for that. :)


must be the season for roly polies; my kids are on the hunt everyday, too, although they haven't thought to use butter knives. the one -eyed Batman cracked me up, too. have a fun weekend!


that's an *adorable* picture of Batman! Love the cockeyed mask : )
I'm a big fan of your beach shots as well, very inspirational (as in there's hope for decent beach pics). Happy weekend!

allison Gottlieb

Those pics made me smile - thanks!

deAnne Wakefield

Is it too late to warn you of what else is to come with a teenage son? The hardest part of being a mom to a boy is when they get their first car and first girlfriend. It seems like they are only home to sleep, eat breakfast and do his chores. The rest of the time is spent with the girlfriend at her house (where her family can enjoy him and why can't they spend time together at our house was always my question) or with his friends. I can't believe Josh didn't warn you of this!!!

Then the next hardest thing is when they get married and the new wife tells you that "I can take care him now. Mom doesn't need to worry about it". I didn't hear anything in the wedding vows that mom could no longer do special little things for her son or worry and still get on him about taking care of himself.

Then a good friend of mine who has a grown son tells me that goes on until they are about 25 and the new wife settles into her role and the newness of marriage wears off. She decides that its ok that he spends time with HIS family since all their past time has been spent with HER family.

Enjoy Ross and Cole while you can!! Your girls are absolutely adorable!

teresa b

Thanks for the warning!! My son isn't too far behind.. but you've given me a glimpse of what's to come.. SO not looking forward to that!! I'll keep you updated on the daughters side.. I'm way ahead of you in that department!! fun I tell you!! Enjoy them while they are still little!

I love Batman!! hahaha too cute!!


I could box up our pill bugs and send them to Courtney! Love Batman's crooked mask.

Laura Carter

Hi Karen - cute cute photos :)
I asked a few posts ago if you could tell us if you are doing anything different post processing after your BootCamp. Still using the same actions or do you have new favorites? Your colors have a bit of a different feel. Is that the new camera or post processing?

Also what do you like for a bw conversion? Do you do your own or do you like a particular action?

Thank you!! Have a good weekend.


Hi Karen,
On another site I go to, no as great as yours LOL, she takes photos of her paint can tops w/ the code for her paint fans. Thought maybe it would make it easier for you, we all know you don't have time for writting down paint info. SNAP IT!
Can't get enough of your photos and fun, can you post 20 times a day for us? j/k
HUGS to you,

Cindy Welch

So everyday, so FABULOUS


Hi Karen-
I'm holding off buying my first SLR camera and lens until I read your input on lenses! Do you have plans to post your opinion and expertise about lenses anytime soon?
Cheers from a future student!


As always, love the pictures. At one time did you mention that you have a treadmill built into your desk? If that was you, did you blog about it? I have searched your archives but can not locate a blog about it. Maybe it was not you! THANKS!


Cute pictures for sure today!!!
I do have a Q . . . I know tech stats on every picture are way too much to ever ask, but I would just love & beg to ask the aperture, shutter speed, and focal length on this one of the girls together:
It's one my favorites and when I do shots like this w/such nice bokeh, one kid is usually blurry! =)


hey honey,
reply to the last commenter "michelle"
if you click a picture and copy/paste the URL into this website called
You can read the full exif data on any image on the web. Here's a brief overview of the picture in mention:

Camera: Nikon D700
Lens: 70-200mm f/2.8
Focal length: 75mm
Settings: Aperture-priority, 1/250 sec, f/2.8, ISO 200

However, the website goes into a greater amount of detail.


omg. you guys just had way too much fun!!! I love your photos!!!

<3 B


I understand the "not seeing" of one's child when they reach a certain age. We just graduated our 3rd son from High School and does not get any easier. Life is at their feet and they are ready for everything and anything. Hang on tight, because when they get into the real world and college...those special times are precious when you are all together.


love all your photos. I come to your site daily for inspiration and information on photography. I would also like to know your lens recomendations. I have a 50mm 1.8, and love it but would like to buy one more. I'm afraid all the ones I would want are gonna cost a lot of money.

Christine Adolph

Good, I need a name of a good turquoise/blue..!!I enjoy seeing your life!!xoxo


What are pill bugs????? How about a photo of one.

Shannon Cummins

Someone should have warned you about teens, if you buy them a car you will not see them anymore... For some this is a good thing, for others it sad....

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