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just beautiful.
i could look at your work for hours:)


yes,... I agree... post all those picts.. they are all super cute. way way to hard to choose just a few. man you take awesome picts


Love the photos. I love Annie's bathing suit, it's adorable. Makes me wish I'd had a daughter, four sons, they're cute but not polka dot swim suit cute,lol,she's gorgeous.


As usual really enjoyed looking at your photos (and enjoyed hearing about your weekend)- you have a great talent, talent because your photos highlight emotions too not just techniques. Thank you Karen.


gorgeous photos Karen, your little one is soo cute!


I want to come back as you in my next life:) I want to learn to take photos like you. They just make me happy and capture beautiful moments.


Love your photos - they are wonderful! Cannot wait to see pictures in the new/old house - what I have seen it is absolutely awesome! Thanks for sharing your family with all of us!


Beautiful pictures as always!


I always love your photos, but some of these are my new favorites. I love the one with the footprints and Cole, and the one of Cole laying in the sand on his tummy.

Melissa J

Beautiful pictures! I love looking at makes me want to hang out with you and your family!
I laughed out loud at the Fred Flintstone feet. My friends have called my feet that since high school :)
It is a cruel twist of mom had grandma too. Now my daughter does. And our hands look the same.
Do you go to the shoestore and stare longingly at all of the beautiful sandals too?


Love the beach and McCloud pictures! They are just so beautiful!


LOVE LOVE these!! They look like they were having a GREAT time! Your photographs always tell such a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it with us!


great pics! I always worry about taking my camera down on the beach because it's so windy, always, and I worry about sand getting in my camera.


Love these pictures! Your family is so stinkin' cute! Way to go Karen!


I'm so hoping you tell us in the class how to take great beach shots like that.


Great photos! Annie and Cole are so cute! Looks like a great time! And dont' worry, I am part of the flinstone feet crowd too! :-)

Nancy Wyatt

Oh how I love your photos and your sweet family! You know we all consider you one of our BFF! You are so awesome! Thanks again for sharing your life with us! Hugs from Conroe, TX!


I would have stayed the day too! It is so gorgeous down that way, I haven't stayed down that way since I was a kiddo! Ode to work at home, long weekends are good for that too!

Rob Ahern

The camera performed so well in the bright sunlight! look at the colour rendition on the the last two, great pics karen.

from Rob in Australia.


i lOVE the photo of annie chasing the seagulls!


Beautiful pictures!
I have a question about cameras and the beach. How do you handle it when you are not holding your camera? It always wigs me out to take mine, so I usually just grab my point and shoot, for fear of a sand and water disaster.
Thanks ever so!


Karen my absolute fav is Coley on his belly...I will have to remember that shot when we go to the beach this summer. I realize WHY but I sure wish you would post which lens you are shooting with mostly nowadays. I just may have to sign up on the long waiting list just to take the class over again to find out the info I am so wanting to know:) Bonnie Garcia


Perfect in every way.
And, Miss A. looks just like her mommy in photo #5.
Thanks for sharing your loves.


The picture of Annie showing her muscles reminds me of the old Coppertone picture of the baby on the beach with the dog tugging on the bathing suit bottoms! And the one of her running going back to the campground with her shoes on the wrong feet! Love it!!
p.s. I am very sad you won't be our neighbors!

Krista Lund

i just love these and am excited about the images i will capture at or week long beach vacation!! thanks for the ongoing inspiration!!


Oh Karen!
Darn You! Darn You! Darn You! for making all us Canon Gals just a little less sure of our choice!!
Your photos are dreamy!!!! (& I like exclamation points ;)


Hey Karen we must be related because I have Fred Flintstone feet too...and no ankles...just legs that go to my trunks!
Thank goodness she has such a cute face and belly totally makes up for the feet thing!
hugs from oHIo, Brandi

Lisa N

Awesome pictures like always. Looks like such a wonderful family day. You took some really cute pictures of Annie.


I always love looking at your pics, but being that you went to Dunsmuir, I had to comment. We also went to Dunsmuir one early early morning on our way back from DisneyLand. We stopped at the diner in town. The guy outside smoking was our host/waiter/cook/cashier. I don't think that he was really any of those things judging by his service and his food. I think that we actually got there way before the cook did (maybe they weren't even open but he didn't want to turn us away-- he should have though) It was proabbly the most memorable part of our whole vacation. By the time we left we were laughing so hard we almost forgot my husband as we tried to make our quick getaway!

Cate O'Malley

Just stumbled onto your site and loved the references to the old new house. Our current house is on the market and I'm actually buying back our old house, which we refer to now as the old new house. ;) Love the orange pictures!

Sarah Skinner

Those pretty white flowers are Dogwoods' that you took a picture of. They are my personal favorite. Sometimes they are pink too.

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