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so glad you had a nice time! weekends away are the very best!! appears you had excellent weather as well!!

Jo Baer

Wow.. you outdid yourself with the pictures! THey are fabulous!
Happy Anniversary...

Jill P.

I waited all weekend for that post! So happy you got to have a nice time with your hubby! Happy Anniversary!


Happy anniversary! Looks like a lovely trip...though I think your photography skills could make a trip to the dump look like a great trip. Oh, and one note...if you are "going for a hike" with someone who is carrying a fishing pole, I think most people would say that you are "going fishing, but just walking to get there."

Rob Ahern

I love the one of josh fishing and your feet in the bottom corner.
Happy Anniversary!


Wonderful pictures, as usual! And McCloud looks delightful.
Congratulations to both yourself and Josh (:

teresa b

Fantastic Karen!! Thanks for sharing..Great shots and looks like you two had a great time!! Happy 1st Anniversary!!!

Paola Norman

Looks like the perfect weekend. What a beautiful way to celebrate your 1st Anniversary. Thanks for sharing a bit of it with us.


wonderful pictures once again! thanks for sharing. :) good life.. gotta love it. :)


Awsome photos as usual! Love the one with your feet, Josh fishing and rainbow!

nancy in ks

Love the rainbow in water pics, the mist, and the gorgeous low light wine pouring bedroom pretty window shot. And since Amy (above) is right about your being able to take fabulous pics even at the dump, I think you should go to the dump and just show us what you can come up with.

I'll do it if you will. (But I won't show mine.)


Happy Anniversary! All your pictures are beautiful! Looks like a great trip!


happy anniversary! what a beautiful anniversary trip!

p.s. i believe that's a dogwood tree flower tucked behind your ear...they come in pink + white varieties. gorgeous, aren't they?

Suezi gurzi

Darling and so romantic!


My husand (of 14 years, yipee for me!) has HOT calves too, and hotter forearms, something that goes sorely overlooked! Have a great life together!


Happy Anniversary!!

Tina G.

I love that you went hiking in flip flops!!! Sounds like a great anniversary weekend!!

Mary Ann

Love the pic of Josh Downs fishing with your feet waiting so patiently nearby.
Happy Anniversary!!


oh so romantic.

you guys are adorable.

congrats on your anniversary!

Charmayne Bowling

Sounds like it was time perfectly spent with each other. Happy Anniversary!


What a gorgeous place. And it drives me crazy that even when my husband is way overweight, he has hot legs.


Looks like it was a relaxing getaway. Gorgeous photos, as always. And I think the flower is a dogwood.

Cheryl McCain

Karen, what a wonderful journal of your 1st anniversary! I'm so glad you had a great, and from the looks of it, a truly romantic weekend, together. Everyone should be so lucky! Embrace the life you have and enjoy every single minute!
You'll have lots of memories captured in photos to look back on and smile once again someday!!


What great pictures! Looks like a perfect weekend. The one of you taking a bathroom break totally cracked me up!!


awesome photos!! glad you had a fun trip!


1) You two are so CUTE!
2) Happy Anniversary!!
3) I LOVE LOVE that last picture of the fishing break. Gorgeous!!!


Happy Anniversary! So glad you guys had a special weekend.


Looks wonderful! Yes, Josh Downs does have great legs. I think I said that before when he was wearing the robe. And BTW, that pic of him in the robe is much less embarrassing that you piddling in the bushes. I can't believe you posted it. You are so brave. lol


Awesome pictures!! LOVE the rainbow infront of the waterfall! How did you catch that??
Happy Anniversary!

Laura Carter

Happy Anniversary - so glad you had a nice weekend. I can't tell you how grateful I am that you take the time to share your photos on your blog. You provide me with inspiration all the time!!!!!!


Happy Anniversary!
Glad you had a nice time- my grandparents lived in Dunsmuir for all of my childhood, I have such fond and loving memories of that little town. I need to take a drive down there I haven't been for 12 years. I am sure it hasn't changed much!- but I must say a Thai restaurant is pretty surprising!


I don't think it matters which camera you use...all your shots have "the look" and that's what we love!!!

The Pacific Northwest has some of the most beautiful scenery!!! Gorgeous views!!!


Nice legs, turn off the phone! ;D


Congratulations on your first anniversary! Awesome them all!!


Cool we share the same anniversary!! 5 yrs here!
You got awesome shots...
Josh Downs does have hot calves...but you have an equally great (it would probably be wrong to say HOT)smile!
Perfect together you and your Josh Downs!

Tammee Donaldson

Love all the pics but especially love the bathroom break and the one where it is a picture of Josh but your toes are peaking in. Great perspective on your view. I also enjoyed the site seeing pics....

michelle evans

is it weird that i love to stalk your family? i love love all of the new photos. esp your flip flops and josh downs fishing. and the place u stay at looks so quaint!! thanks for sharing your life with us!

Nancy Wyatt

Such beautiful photos! Thanks so very much for sharing! Hugs from Conroe, TX!


1. I love the picture of you getting caught taking a pee break:)

2. A man should always open the car door for you!

3. Looks like you wear the same shoes as I do while hiking:)

Happy Anniversary!

Mary L

Happy, happy anniversary!! Lots of fun- your pictures. Thanks you for sharing.

Dana N (MissD)

Looks like you had a wonderful first anniversary. Josh is such a gentleman. I'm lucky if I can open the car door myself and get in before my husband drives away :)

Louise Murr

Beautiful trip....I'm not sure that is a dogwood. Dogwoods in east TN (which our whole spring is based on the Dogwood Arts Fesitival because we have them everywhere and they are georgous) have only 4 petals. It represents the cross, the center has light red veins that represent the blood Christ shed and the edges have a "clip" of sort that represent the nails and have a little rusty color to around it. This might be a dogwood, but just a different variety. Anyway, sorry for the long agriculture post...LOL

Kay W


It looks like you had an amazing weekend (and amazing pictures too!) I love the one of your shadows before you went hiking and the fishing one with your toes peeking out!



Happy Anniversary! Looks like you had a great time. LOVE the photos as always!


happy belated anniversary. my husband and i celebrated our 16th on the 22nd. u have a very beautiful family. i love looking at your pics. your lil daugther is thee cutest thing ever.... enjoy

lynda in calif


I think my favorite photo is the self-portrait one of you and Josh Downs. You guys make such a beautiful couple and I love to see you in the photos. Even if you claim to have sausage legs and Fred Flinstone feet.
So glad you had a great time...


Karen, you don't know me but I just have to say that your blog posts make my day!! You & Josh are the most adorable couple ever...clear from the adorable story of how you met, your cute kiddos, you new old house & your great photos - I just can't get enough. Your blog puts a smile on my face & just wanted to say thanks for being you! :)


awesome pics!

Alicia Sharp

On the flower pic you love it looks like a dogwood to me. We have them here and they are our state tree. (NC) Love your photography and so want to tkae your class! Happy late Anniversary!!!


great shots!! Just curious what lens you used to get these???


great shots!! Just curious what lens you used to get these!?


Happy Anniversary!!! Wow, that year sure flew by. Looks like you two had a wonderful time. Love the pictures as usual!! In the shot you took of you and Josh what lens did you use?


Happy belated Anniversary. You are an artist with a camera and a story. You have no idea how many dark days your blog has lifted me through. You are so beautiful. I love the b&w with you and Josh, your smile is radiant. Thanks for sharing a bit of your trip. I have been ill and recovering from surgery so I must go back to where I left off on here and catch up.

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