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Sue E

She is SOOOOOOOOOO cute Karen! Love her expression!


awww... I'll miss you. I love spying your photos.


Very cute pictures! Annie has so much character--and a great wardrobe! Does the cute fence-hopping kid own the bus? Love it in the background of (most)of your pics. Have a great week away!! Don't forget to take your Nikon!


Look's like she's already a heart breaker!! So super cute! Have a great week away, look forward to reading your blog when you get back!


oh my are those cute pictures! Her expression is priceless! And seriously... Andy the fence-hopping neighbor kid is so adorable... he fits right in with your clan.

tara pollard pakosta

how FUNNY!
you can tell she has older siblings ha ha!!!
can't wait to see what pics you get from being GONE>!
I know how that is with the waist bands, we HAVE to have those too.
and what is with sweatpants that have ties that dont' even work?!
my girls are about 25th% in weight, but 95th% in height, so super skinny & tall (one of them) the other is 15% weight and 25% height or something like that. it's frustrating!


So cute! Have a wonderful trip/break.


:o( Miss you!


Have a great trip!!
My little one ALWAYS has the adjustable waist band thingies hangin' out, too!
Poor little dude has NO meat on his little bones!
LOVE that she "psyyyyyched" him...HA!!


Super cute!
I will miss you! Take lots of pictures of whatever you are doing in the week you are gone!
I need a life!


I think THESE TWO photos are my all-time favorites ever I've seen from ya! Mainly because the expressions are priceless and the store is told perfectly with those two shots! How many did you fire off in a row to get those perfect?


Awww, Karen these photos are sooo adorable! You continue to amaze me with your photography!


Little fence-hopper is such a cutie! And Annie is always adorable. Thanks so much for sharing your kiddos with us! Have fun on your trip!

teresa b

That made me laugh too cute.. Yannie .. that stinker!!
Miss you while your gone...Need to find something else to
keep me occupied..


Oh, I am so glad that we are going to be gone the same I won't worry about missing your posts when I am out of internet connections. Have a wonderful time!

Love how you caught the action of Miss Annie!

Ann Grounds

Have a great week....Love the new pics and the introductions to the neighbors and Cali's family on the post before. How lucky to have a playmate for Annie right next door. Has she learned to jump the fence yet?


It's funny how those yellow school buses might just define your new, old house....they're more of a natural backdrop than a distraction now! ha.


You are gonna have to quit posting such adorable photos! I'm gonna ruin my keyboard drooling over these cute kids! Seriously, I LOVE it! She is such a little firecracker! She reminds me of my 2 year old, only he's a boy, but he's just as spunky! Somehow, I didn't even notice the school bus until I read the comment above mine, then I went back and checked. Yep, sure enough, there's a bus in the background. Love your pics! I think I need to get on your class waiting list.

Debi Boring

ROTFLOL! LOVE your journaling sooooooooo much! Even if you had NO pics of that adorable little Annie.... I would STILL visit your blog every day! You make me happy. *Ü*



Love your photos; yellow school bus is growing on me!


Too cute! She sure got him! Have a safe trip.

Kathie DeLuca

is it wrong i'm in love with annie and i only know her through photographs! she looks like such a funny girl!
thanks for sharing!

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