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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Pick me!!!!!!!!!


I wonder how many response you'll get today? I mean, free stuff? I bet it's a lot. I hope I'm a lucky girl. Thank you for the chance.

Brenda Casady

I would love to win a place in your class. I look forward to your photos everyday!!


Thank you for sharing all that you do! Your blog is one of my top faves and love seeing your pics.


hmmm... can I take it again??

You continue to inspire me with your photos, your honest & real posts about LIFE, and your way of just welcoming others by what you write!

Thanks for being YOU!


Ooooooooooh!!! Puh-leesz pick ME! : ) You rock!


pick me! pick me!

thanks for being you!

Laura Glover

I'd LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to take your class again. I was in last fall...however, my camera broke after the first week and it was awhile before I was able to get a new camera. I only was able to upload one picture for critique. I still gained a ton, but feel I need to get the critiques done on my now practice shots since I have a camera in my hands. Love your style. Thank you!


yes, i would LOVE a spot. i've been on the wait list for a while, but i guess i just can't type fast enough! :)


*crosses fingers*
*crosses toes*

Looking forward to taking your class, whether I win the free spot or not!

Liz Miller

Yeah for giveaways...Yeah for karen!!!!!



How fun!

I super truly puffy heart hope I win. Seriously.

Christa P.

I would love a spot in your class!! Thank you, thank you!!


I would love a class that is in the spring or summer cause I have taken a photography class in the winter and in MN you get all the same pictures through the whole class! lol

Thanks for sharing on your blog! I enjoy following it and seeing the great photos of your family.


Thanks for the opportunity! Your blog is one of my daily favorites, and quite frequently as I read your honest, authentic posts I am in tears. I very much appreciate your willingness to open up yourself and your faimly, foibles and all, to each of us as a way of inspiring and creating a sense of global togetherness. You rock!


I just signed up for your waitlist, so there are 584 of us as of the time I signed up. I love your blog and your photography and hope to get into this class!


I would love to learn some of your tricks of the trade. Thanks for the chance to win.

Debbie Brenner

Can't wait to take the class!!! But I will wait as long as it takes :)


I fit into the 'courageous' category, given the fact that I've never commented until now, and yet I've been following your blog for months... oh, pick me, pick me! (My fingers are crossed and my eyes are squinched closed in anticipation!)


I am thrilled to learn how to shoot and anxiously await a spot in your class. I love your style and authentic, genuine photos. They truly speak to me. I truly can't wait to be your student. Also, I really applaud the courage you've shown to follow your dreams -- you inspire me!

Brianna T.

Oh I would love to win a spot!! Your photography has been so inspiring and I would love to learn more!!


hope all is well and that there are no more nasty comments EVER!! and that you have a great day!and if i do get the spot all the better... thank you for all that you share we love ya

Nicole Reid

I find myself incredibly inspired by your work and can't wait to take your class. Even if I have to wait a year! Thanks for the opportunity to win a free class.


Hey Karen - I am one of the nice people who adore you and your blog!! :o) What a fun idea to give away a spot. I'd gladly receive that kind of awesome goodness. Thanks for the opportunity! And here's hoping for the mean folks to switch it over!

Cyndi Speelman

Thanks for all the inspiration. Crossing my fingers and hoping the random number generator picks me.


I would love a spot in your class! I love your photos and I think you have so much to teach.

Robin Woods

I would LOVE to win a spot in your class!!! Thank you for the opportunity!


Ooohhh its so great of you to offer a free spot! I want it!!!

Betsey Cline

This giveaway is so generous of you.. as is your nature. I can remember the first time we met at Allison's store in Lodi and I have never been the same. Thank you for being you!!

ps.. I would love to win a spot!


Ooooh!! I am such a fan of your work....I would LOVE to win. I'm crossing my fingers and toes :-)




After the class here in Orlando I am ESPECIALLY interested in digging in even more! THANK YOU for a great workshop-you were terrific!


Oh my gosh, I'd love to win a spot in your class!! I'm currently one of the 580+ people on the waitlist. Your photography is amazing! Thanks for doing this!


i can't believe i'm on here so early!
i love, love, love! your blog- it's the first thing i check every morning! i love the perspective you take in your photos. i love the quirky little stories that accompany the photos. i love the stroke of genius inspiration that i get each time i visit! seriously! :)
and of course, who doesn't love FREE!?!

Monda DeWeese

I marked the pre registration info in red on my calendar that you sent out yesterday - I would so love to grow in my photography. Our only daughter just turned 16 and I'd love to capture this time in her life in a magical way. Thanks for the opportunity! ~Monda


Karen, you are so generous! I love your photographs and the stories you share with us. I just wish you would scrapbook a little more because your layouts are always fabulous and inspirational!

Steph Bailiff

Dear Random-Number-Generator-God,

Please pick me!! PLEASE!! I'm on the waitlist at number 560 something. I would have signed up as #1 if I had learned of the class earlier!! I want this SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. Karen's talent is awesome!!

I've been good. I'm patient. I never win anything. Please!!!



It's a long shot to win a spot in your class! But what I wouldn't give ... To win this random pick would be right up there with winning the lottery!! I love your photos and the stories behind them.

Annette Pixley

I absolutely want into this class. Your photos are so wonderful and inspiring and I know I could learn a lot from you. And I'm a fellow Oregonian, so do I get two spots for the drawing? LOL


Oh!!! I would LOOOOOOOOOOVE to be a student of yours!! You are such a sweetheart to give a spot away. I am going to cross my fingers, toes and various assorted other body parts and pray that you pick me!! Thanks for the opportunity.

I can't believe you have mean people bugging you. WTH?! What is wrong with some people!?

Little Fishy Face is just adorable! She looks amazing in green!


I would love love love to win a spot in your class. I admire your photography skills and aspire to be as good as you. Thank you for taking the time to teach us!

Liz Simon

I'm on that list, even if I don't win this spot I will wait! Love your work & the blog.


I have a feeling that you'll get at least 581 comments trying to win this spot. Thanks for the offer and I'll be on the edge of my seat to see who wins!

Kristin Powell

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win a spot in your class! Your work is so gorgeous, and inspiring :) Thanks for the chance at winning such an awesome price!


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a spot in your class! When I met you on the ultimate cruise, I had no idea how turned on to photography I could become! You have a unique and very cool way of looking at the process and I love it.
Thank you!
Loree Mezzanatto

susanne p.

i want one! esp now that you switched to nikon! lol you tried to help me with mine once and we couldn't figure it out because you had canon.

Hollie Torbit

OMG a dream would come true to take your class. I just received my frist D-SLR a Nikon D70 and quickly looked on your website for your next class date and realized it was quite a while away so i was going to patiently await those dates and just "try" to learn my new camera, but oh to win a spot would be awesome.


looks like you'll be doing classes for a while. I'd love to have a spot in your class! Wish me luck!!!


That would be super cool, to win a spot in your class! I love fishfaces!


I would love to take your class!


I would love to take your class just like the 581 people on your wait list plus probably alot more!

Even thought I don't "really" know you, you seem like a very generous person and I would love the opportunity to learn from you!

P.S. Mean people suck!

stephanie ngo

oh wow...
i would love to take your class! i want to learn so much...


What I love about your work is that you make everyday events absolutely beautiful but still feel everyday!!! I look forward to the my opportunity to learn from you and having it be free would be the icing on the best cake ever!! Thank you for the chance and no nasty and mean comments here EVER!!! I am so glad to see you furthering your education in what you love!!!!

Carol Miller

HI Karen! - I am on the waiting list -would love to win a place in your class! You have taught me alot already - thank you for responding to email questions and loved taking you workshops in Portland and Salem 2 yrs ago!


OHHHH, whouldn't that be awesome to learn from the best for FREE!!! I have been looking at your class for a while but never thought I would get in since I was # 400 something on the wait list. LOL


I'm already signed up, but if I won, I have a friend that really wanted to take the class. I would give it to her.
Other than the fact that you switch from Canon to Nikon, I think your pretty swell, so no need for a change of heart here. I can't believe people would leave nasty comments, didn't their moms ever tell them "if you can't say anything nice, shut up!"


Pick me, pick me!!

OK...seriously I took a one day seminar you gave at Pictures In Time & I learned so much in that one day that I cannot wait to take your online class!


OMG- This is the first time I saw such a strong resemblance between Courtney and Annie----maybe it's just an obvious that I missed or more likely because of her braids. Anywayyyyyyy, they are both beautiful and I don't say that just because I want that spot in class, but they truly are and YES YES, I would love to WIN that spot in your phenomenal class Karen Russell! You and your photos are amazing


Pick me pick me!!

Robbie Andersen

I first found your blog around Halloween 2008, a few months after purchasing my first SLR (which I LOVE). Your pictures are just the look I want to achieve some day- beautiful, real life, candid, gorgeous pictures. I can't believe you're giving away a spot in a class! Thanks for the chance!

Tammy Mellish

Well. I would love a spot in your class. You know I was first in line when you very first ever mentioned the idea of putting a class together (well maybe not first, but darn close ;). But the truth is that I sold my camera last fall when we were pinching pennies. We sold our camper, and against my husbands wishes, I sold my camera. Two things that I loved the most. Had a few things we wanted to freshen up here at home, and we worried about heating our poorly insulated 109 year old home. I was scared to death when oil prices soared to nearly $5 a gallon (we locked in at $4.70 gallon). That is just how life rolls sometimes. I am over it, and I know that I will someday have my camera, and sit here at my desk, in your class :).


Karen, you so rock!


Hi Karen! I cannot wait to take your class and taking it for free would just be the icing on the cake!!! Here's hoping I'm lucky!!

Christi Snow

oh, pick me! pick me! pick me!!! I am dying to take this class!!! You are amazing, Karen and every day you are one of my first stops to see the gorgeousness that you have posted lately. THank you for inspiring me to work on improving my photography. smiles...

Andrea C

Oh my gosh that is SOOOOO generous of you. I have coveted your class since the beginning and would love to learn from you.


Jennifer Hisi

I almost never comment here, even though I've been reading the blog for over a year now. I just fell in love with your pictures. I do, however, like to comment now for a chance to take your online class, that would be awesome!

Lisa D

Heres to hoping the random number is me!
Love your blog...would love your class!
Thanks for offering the opportunity.


Thank you for opening up another spot I look forward to hearing if I got the chance or if I have to wait till 2011 since you seem to be miss popular :)


pick me! pick me! your stuff moves me!


Oh man a place on your class would be AWESOME! I really love your photography. I am very new to the photography game but if I took pictures like yours, I would be very happy indeed.

Lisa Ceaser

I'd love a spot in class... sending good vibes to the random number generator!!


Thanks for being so gracious. :) I am keeping my finger-crossed.

Nicole Kberg

me please!

Melissa G.

Love your work! Would love the chance to get into your class & learn more!


Pick me! How great of you to pick someone to be a part of your class!

Laura Gedeon

What a generous gift! I love all your work and would love a spot in one of your classes!


I always love reading your posts and seeing your inspiration for great everyday pictures. Thanks for being so generous w/ us blog readers and really putting yourself out there.

libbi m.

wow! i just want to say how very much i love your work. thanks for the giveaway opportunity. libbi m.


Would love to do this...
Would hate to do this with alot of people in person...
Maybe this will help me know what the heck to do.
Thanks for sharing "you"


Wow! What an opportunity. I love the ordinariness of your blog and photos but tha photos still amaze me. Would love some lessons

Thanks & good luck to all!
Chris x


LOVE all your photos and honest, true-to-real-life blogs. It would be a long-time dream come true to take your class!


Fingers and toes are totally crossed! Love your blog and I'm glad your classes are so successful. Thanks for doing this!


from one socially awkward gal to another...I would love to step out of my comfort zone for your class!


Oh please me me me! I don't have the money to sign up right now...and I really really want to take it! Oh pleasssseeee pick me. :)

Kim B

Looking forward to taking the class.


Oh my gosh...this is so great! I was just thinking about your class yesterday and how much I wanted September to be here! I am at the bottom of the waiting list and I'm just so excited to join in in all the fun and finally learn how to use my camera besides on! :) Love your photos!

Steph Connor

I would be over the moon if I won! Thanks for the opportunity:)


Oh Karen - I would feel so lucky and blessed to win a spot in your class. I'm keeping my fingers crossed xx



I would love to win a seat to take one of your classes. The pictures you take are amazing and capture the "real life" of the moment!


You are an amazing person!!! I would love to win the spot in one of your classes!!!! I love taking photos. There is just something so wonderful about capturing that one moment forever. But I have so much to learn and hope that I get the change to!!!


PIck me, pick me *****hand in the air wiggling in my seat*****
I need emergency photographic help.....I have a new digital camera....coming from film......and it's like I've never shot a photo in my life!!!
Thank you,
Asheville, NC

Danielle Murillo

Thank you for sharing your words and talents with us...AND, giving us an the opportunity to jump up on the list AND take your class for free.

Lori W.

PIck Me! Pick Me! I am one of those 581+ on your waiting list and hoping and praying I get in next time. But would LOVE to WIN it now! Thanks for the opportunity!

KarenK in CA

Oh gosh! I came by to leave a comment with hopes of winning and, since it's been a while since I've come by your blog, I immediately saw the post below about the bootcamp and connected with all you had to say about social awkwardness. I love the photo you took to represent 'frightened.' Also so enjoyed and was inspired by the Dane Cook video. So excited!! Thank you!


Me! Me! Me! :)


Thank you for the chance. I can't even begin to tell you how much I would love to win. I never win anything. Maybe this will be my lucky time!!



Please? :)


I absolutely LOVE your work! I have had such a hard time getting into one of your classes! I would love to be picked!!!!!!!!!!!


Please Randon Generator pick me! I love you and will try my hardest to get in the next class. Your loving Florida stalker, Melanie!


Oooooh - I love checking your blog. I would be so grateful if you picked me! Thank you for your generosity! (I am one of those 581 on the waitlist!)


Rachel Pourchier

A free spot would be the icing on the cake.....I just hope I can get in your upcoming or otherwise! The class I took with you at Scrappy Boutique in Orlando this spring was incredible.

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