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Carrie Duwelius

Poor sweet Annie! What a sensitive little girl you have there. I have to admit though, there is something kind of strange and wonderful in that moment of being overcome by emotional music, and letting yourself bawl shamelessly. (Even when husbands either roll their eyes in disgust or laugh AT you not with you......I'm just sayin') What a sweet, sweet girl:)

Denise~Paper Ponderings

Oh my goodness...that is so sweet. I have a son that cries to a certain tune (he's 12 now and it still brings tears to his eyes!) It's a child's song..."I love you so much, I love you so much, I'm lucky to have you as part of my life...."


What a sweet, sensitive girl. I don't think all girls are like that . . . I wasn't! But I know what you mean about raising girls. All my friends have girls and I have 2 boys and boys are so undramatic. It's nice in a way, but sometimes I'm jealous of my friends who have their girls to bond with.


OMG, the musicality she must have to be feeling so strong for music! if ever she wants to learn to play an instrument, I hope you'll let her. I'm a singing teacher and kids like these (boys and girls alike - I've never seen that girls should be more sensitive than boys when it comes to music) are so amazing and fascinating to work with.


Oh poor little Annie! It is a very sad song. Even if you didn't hear the words, the notes sound so sad. But to sob at opera at her age! Wow. She must feel it deep in her soul.


that girl is one sensitive little sweet pea....I agree with the comment above about letting her play an instrument...she can feel something deep inside her already...put that piano to good use mama--i bet she will AMAZE you!!!! :) (more than she already does i mean)


I totally agree with Carrie's comment...totally getting lost in an emotional song is a beautiful thing, but maybe not in the middle of a restaurant dinner. :) There are quite a few Rascal Flatts songs that make me feel that way. My mom called me Sarah Bernhardt ( because I was so dramatic at Annie's age. Looks like you may have some drama in your future too.


she's must have a sensitive soul. raising girls would baffle me too. i don't have a daughter but my nieces and best friend's daughter baffle me all the time.

Rachel C.

Karen, The most beautiful part of a child is the raw emotion. It's a beautiful thing (and sometimes sad) to see a child emote; embrace it.


Such a sweet story. She is so sensitive!


I say the same thing about my girls all the time... and I'm a girl too {grin}.

tara pollard pakosta

that's awesome that she is so sensitive.
my youngest(almost 8) is like that, but my older daughter (age 9) laughs
at us LOL!

Stephanie Ackerman

I do not think I have ever commented on your blog before...ughh...I am one of those who I tell other people not to be..a lurker..but...I read your blog everyday....I LOVE your blog and I tell others to look at at...and your life through photos....and those dang babies....and the songs...and your cute family...amazing...thank you for always sharing...we know so many of the same people through our industry and you & I have not crossed paths yet, but I know someday we will meet and I think we might be friends...for a looonnggg time....


Awww...Annie, poor little thing. I have to agree some songs just make you cry. When I hear this song
I cry reminds me of my husband and I, we were 17 and 18 when we started dating. It's crazy when I think we've been together for 26 years and married for 23!! When I see older couples now I imagine them when they first started dating and what all they've been through in this life. And I pray for young couples that they have or find that kind of love.


I have a son who's now 9 who cries on the spot or will turn off the radio when music makes him feel like that. He also cries at anything to do with babies, especially himself when he was a baby. When he was born I had no idea what to do with a boy and I had been hoping for a girl, but I'm so glad things worked out the way they did.


Oh my...poor sweet little girl.


Silly girl! She's gonna be a heart breaker someday herself! I know how to raise the girls, it's my boys I can't figure out, unfortunately I had no brothers and I grew up in a neighborhood of girls!


aw! how sweet (yet probably difficult as well!) to see such a sensitive soul in Annie. I'm just amazed at how she picked up on the essence of the song at such a young age! WOW!


What a cutie!

laura j

What a darling little girl. It's amazing that a child so young can interpret the lyrics and music to feel such emotion. I've followed your blog since she was a toddler...thanks so much for sharing these cherished moments as she grows up!


That is too sweet. I'm about to be raising THREE girls come July when the twins get here. I must admit, Annie reminds me of Adia all the time. Maybe it's the naked baby dolls. Adia won't keep anything dressed, including herself!


I hate to tell you this, but it will probably always be that way! :) My mom loves to tell the story of when my dad took me to my first movie (The Muppet Movie). He walked in the house with me after the movie and my mom asked, "How was it?" He said..."Well, she cried so hard at the song in the movie that she threw up!" I pretty much ruined it, but at least we have a good story!


Ahhhhhhhh that is sweet.....but, hang onto your bloomers...wait until she hits puberty! OY VEY!


I think that's hilarious! Only because I used to get emotional when I was her age about George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord" song. Nevermind it was about Hari Krishna....I thought he was singing about Jesus!!! Let her be Drama Queen!!! So funny!!!


Ah - too cute! I know exactly what you are going through. When my oldest son was a baby he would wail at the song Wild Horses by The Sundays. Some kids just hear music with their hearts. It's a gift! Now as far as the raising a girl thing - I too have 2 boys and now a girl. Constant drama, demands & determination to get what she wants but...would we have it any other way! NOPE! We are raising princesses! Thanks for sharing - LOVE YOUR BLOG! LOVE YOUR STORIES! LOVE YOUR PICS!

sherry d

Wow! For such a young child to let the words and melody of a song touch her so is amazing! Such a tender hearted child.


now that is the sweetest thing! ... and I absolutely love that song!

leslie M.

Sweet, sweet Annie.

Hey, can you tell me why to buy from B&H or Adorama as opposed to maybe Broadway Photo? I'm looking into the D700, and it's only $2,059 at Broadway, vs. $2,700 at the other two.


Well Karen...have you seen the video to that song???? OMGoodness! You will fall apart if you see it AND think of Annie crying! It is very powerful. Love those Rascal boys! And what do I see...dressed babies in the photo? Life changes all the time. It is so fun to watch you and your precious family. You make us laugh and cry and just want to watch and see what happens next! Thanks for sharing!

Julie McD

Hey, where's the marker prints on the babies? lol My daughter has those same kind of marks on the 20,000 babies we own, so I had to comment! What a great photo.

I'm with you on the girl thing. My daughter came after 2 boys and I continue to be confused, dazed, amused, but totally in love with her every minute of every day. Oh,and I love doing fun stuff with her hair!

Thanks for sharing!

Casey Moore

Oh, what a sweet, sweet soul. It just breaks my heart to see a little one around Annie's age cry over a song or movie. My little girl (who is now 4) cried when she watched Dumbo the first few times when "Baby Mine" came on. I have sang that song to her since she was a tiny baby, and she recognized it. Tears just ran down her face and she said, "But Mom! Dumbo's Mommy is all locked up!" I cried too and told her that she would be let out soon. She wanted Dumbo to know that she loved him. Oh....little girls.....and big girls too. That is too sweet. Of course I can understand why you wouldn't want her to be upset too. :)

Casey Moore

Oh yeah....forgot to mention... LOVE the pic with the baby dolls! Such a little Mama! :)

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

Awww, poor Annie! What a sweetheart! Isn't it amazing the things kids can pick up from music? I'm amazed at some of the lyrics my boys latch onto. I feel for you! I'm sure I'd be baffled as to how to raise girls (so I just thank God that I have two boys!)


Oh, Karen, I hear ya. And oh, how sweet. Record every moment, my dear.

Annie L.

I hear yah. My three year old is so very much drama. Crazy tantrums of "OMG" are you kidding me. You have to look at your husband and laugh and think "Is this normal?" I do have to look at it this way. Their hearts are huge they have so much to do and so much to learn and most of all so much love. Good luck and it is true we are raising princesses! Lord help us all. Hahaha.


such a tender soul...with naked babies. :-)

Dawn Regan

What a sweet little girl, and what a sweet little story. Thank you for sharing. Be sure not to let her hear "Alyssa Lies" then. Man, that song makes me cry every time!


I have way too many neices and no one has ever reacted like that! She is Stinkin Adorable eat her That actually made me cry (the song)...Aww Grace


Reminds me of when my daughter was little. She used to love to watch the movie Annie.....but would cry EVERYTIME Annie sang the song Maybe.

Carrie T

Rascal Flatts are an amazing band. They find so many ways to touch people's hearts. The Sara Beth song was released right around the time my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. On Sat a friend passed in a car accident and this song reminds me of him. I saw the video Monday afternoon and I just cried my eyes out.


My daughter did the same thing even at just less than a year old and I remember it continued well into her threes, but not past that. We never really had a good idea which songs triggered it, but even ones that weren't sad per se often brought her to tears.
I was just describing this the other day to a friend and they thought it was odd that a baby would feel such a complex emotion over a song even if it wasn't connected to an actual remembered event that caused them sadness. I wonder if there is a psychological term for it...

Melanie C.

Awwww....She is too cute. I still cry at EVERY hallmark commercial when they come on and Lassie come home. I know, I know. Miss having Class with you. I love reading your blog, its so easy to read and makes my day. Thankyou for sharing your life with us.

teresa b

Awh Karen that is soo sweet, makes me want to cry with her!!


Aw, so sweet. I LOVE this photo of her with all of her babies. Really makes me wish for a little girl to add to my 2 little boys. Thanks for sharing.


Woah, I almost cried reading the post and looking at the photo and I haven't even listened to the music yet. I raised two boys and loved it although I had a hard time understanding them at times. I wanted a baby sister for them, but got a puppy instead and was told that maybe someday I would have a granddaughter. My sister shares her girls and now her grandbabies, but we live about 2 hours apart and don't see each other as much as I'd like us to. I love your wonderful, beautiful family and Annie just stole my heart from the first photo and anecdote. Thanks for sharing your beautiful life. You are an amazing woman so it isn't surprising that you have amazing kids.


I have never commented on your site despite it being one of my favorites. I love your stories and photos and you have a great family.

This post... I had to comment. I just can't believe this tiny little human being was able to get so emotional over these songs. That is just amazing to me. And so funny. I wonder... about the grown-up Annie. She's gonna be fascinating. It tickles me. I hope I have kids like yours one day, Karen.

Tara Adams

Oh, look at her taking good care of her babies (at least I think that's what she's doing!). She's such a precious girl. :)

Sandra Hazen  ( Florida)

I lost my nephew when he was 16....4 years ago.
And yeah, tell Annie it makes me sad forever too!!
She is a precious little thing.

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