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Looks like a fun day. Happy birthday Ross!

Kendra in St. Joseph, MO

Looks like a great party!!!

Is that a promise ring on Cali's finger?


Happy BIrthday Ross!!! Great pics!


Happy birthday, Ross! Love the pictures. Can't wait to take the photo class from you in June!


Happy birthday, Ross! (And wow, I have been reading your blog a long time because I think Ross was 13 back then.) Great photos, as always. I was scrolling through them, wondering whether you'd managed to avoid a single bus LOL.

libbi m.

happy birthday ross! if i was a neighbor, i would have jumped the fence to come and play.

yesterday's post was just to precious. love how annie gets so emotionally attached to the sad songs.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSS!!! I hope you had a GREAT one!! :) WONDERFUL pics Karen!

Jennifer M.

That looks like the best party ever. Happy Birthday to your boy!


that neighbour kid you've acquired? i once had a cat that showed up like that. ;)
happy birthday to ross. :)
& hope you are well!


I love the grape hyacinths growing amongst the grass.... beautiful.


Great pictures! Hope you are enjoying your Nikon!


oh my heavens! how do you get ALL those great photos? are you like all hopped up on coffee or something, to be able to be everywhere? don't get me wrong- you're my HERO! :D


I smiled and laughed all the way thru this post! It was just lovely! Great pictures, great stories! So funny about the neighbor kid!


Ah, Annie has a boy! My big daughter of course right way says, Ragedy Ann & Andy, Oh! Happy Birthday to Ross - my twin boys are 13 today, here I thought we were the ONLY family in the world that had b-day cake for Easter!


gorgeous always! ;) love the pic of annie with your sister. Hope somebody snapped a pic of you with the birthday boy.


you have an amazing family, karen! love seeing these parties :)


And that is real life in a real neighborhood... My son turned 17 on Sunday, too. Gasp. How did this happen???


That's a pretty tall fence to hope. Andy must be part mountain goat like my Andy. ;)


Sounds like he had a fun-filled birthday!
We had a neighbour kid like that, only she was a bit annoying and considering we have a pool, we had to build a larger fence. Figures she moved that weekend.

Carrie T

I love those pictures! The one of your gma Bev drinking a Mike's is perfect. She looks like my gma but my gma drinks jack and coke!


love it! looks like lots of fun!


Hi Karen--Fun pictures! Where is Ross' best friend?

teresa b

Wow 17.. already!! Happy birthday Ross... Looks like a great party!!

Sherri Rodgers

Oh Karen, You CRACK me up!
I share my scrapbook room with my husband. The room is all mine, but he has a long table with his computer and a little cosmetic mirror so he can watch TV (which is behind him) while he is on the computer playing games. My project table is also long and I sometimes set up my laptop there (in between projects)so I can also be on the Internet. When I check your blog, I am often chuckling or telling my husband to turn around and check out your latest pics while I read your storylines outloud. Tonight was no exception (haha)-- I had to explain about "the new, old house" and why the schoolbus is in the background, (yadda yadda yadda)-- but I was cracking up.
Thanks for sharing bits of Ross' birthday party!


If I were your neighbor I would hop the fence too! LOL

Happy Birthday Ross!

Erin R.

Your posts never cease to crack me up. Your fam has great parties.

Ashley Ann

Just came across your blog tonight and had to comment to say how much I enjoyed reading through some of your previous posts. It can be quite the challenge to juggle a family, business and such a great make it look easy!


the picture of your sister is gorgeous...i dont think its is fair that Ross is 17 AT ALL...and I would hop the fence and hang out at your house every day if I was your neighbor...(and we would never get anything done with our Canon-Nikon battle) LOL!! :)

Becky (beckywedd)

Ross -- Happy, Happy 17th Birthday!

Karen -- your posts always make me smile!

Becky (aka: beckywedd)


You guys have such a wonderful family. Happy Birthday Ross!!


Happy Birthday Ross! Karen you have taught me through your photos that this is what life is all about.


Okay I saw another comment with the question so I don't feel so bad, what is the gold ring that I see on Ross' girlfriend's finger? ;)

Phyllis R.

Oh haha! Love the small-town fence-hopping neighbor thing! Happy Birthday, Ross!


happy birthday rosss!!!!

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