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Nancy Wyatt

How adorable! We will miss ya! Hugs from Conroe, TX!


That's not your kid, Karen! :)


Silly Annie :)

Debbie J

Priceless! I LOVE it .... not that I would pick the peanut butter sandwich. Silly, silly, little girl!

Kathy (kathyb)

My youngest is the same...put anything on a plate with fresh stuff...salad veggies, fruit and he'll go for the "fresh" hands down each time. My eldest two wouldn't!!
Enjoy your trip.


You know Karen - I try to blog regularly, and I stay pretty up to date (somewhat) in my scrapbooks...but what you do here - blogging the daily moments with wonderful pictures to go along - that is pretty inspiring. Just think of all the stories you have captured here - and how your children can really 'see' what they were like growing up. You have inspired me to try to blog MORE and about all the little things (and big things too)...


Are you sure she's yours????

Kristal Jones

Love it!

We'll miss you while you're gone. Yours is always the first blog I go to in the morning while I drink my coffee. :)


too cute!
if you put a plate of donuts and a plate of fruit in front of my girlies, they'd go straight for the fruit.
i have no idea where they get it!!


The pix of the girls are so cute. I will agree with Annie on this one. I'll take the PB (no jelly please) over the cookie dough ice cream. ;)


If I met you on the street, you'd have no idea who I was ... However, at that point, I would make myself known to YOU because I adore your photos and believe that you do an excellent job at capturing 'today's moment'! That is something I am totally passionate about. You've done it again today ...
BTW, I always giggle when I see photos of Annie. I think it's the stories you've told to go with the photos. (The Rascal Flatts one was too much!) I feel like a fly on your wall and I hope that you don't have a fly swatter.


Annie is my favorite kid in blogland.


meg duerksen

that is such a good picture.
full of life. :)

i heard that rascal flats song yesterday on the radio and thought "that makes me sad foreeeeeeeever"

my annie always sees your blog and says "there'e me!"
i think they would be TROUBLE together.


Too funny, kids are so intriging! My kids will almost always eat the veggies off their plates first. In fact, with our oldest (who didn't eat hardly anything), we had to hide the veggies until after she ate some of her other food otherwise she would eat her brocolli and nothing else. Thanks for sharing with us:)


Love it!!!

Ugg Classic Short

Just exhibits that writing via encounter brings so a lot of depth and relevance to ones readers. Thank you for sharing.

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