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Glad you're back. Hope you pass on all you learned. I want a lensbaby but I don't think that they are compatiable with Nikon D40:(


Welcome back!


Glad you are back!


Welcome home!! I've been wanting a lensbaby! It's one of the many items on my long wish list!! Cool about the discount!! :-)


I have noticed with my canon 50mm lens {that's the only lens I have so far} that everything in front and behind the oject in focus are out of focus. Is there a way I can have everything in front of the object in focus and everything behind the object out of focus?


Yea -- welcome home. And I'd love to know about the deal. . . I'm definitely interested to hear when you guys work things out!

Becky (aka: beckywedd) :)


Welcome back - you've been missed here too! And good luck on the discount! That would be AWESOME!

Elizabeth Lombardi

I've seen the lensbaby - I'm excited to hear more about you putting it into action. And love the local Portland connection to it - that's great!


I have a Lensbaby that my hubby bought for me sitting in my camera bag. Love the shot you posted, looking forward to seeing what a skilled photographer, aka you, can do with one : )
Welcome back!

teresa b

Welcome back!!


welcome home!

how cool is that?? will have to check into it!

home is where the ♥ is, eh? :)


I've heard of Lensbaby. What a neat effect!


Welcome back...can't wait to hear more about your trip! I've been looking at the Lensbaby and was thinking about getting one (but I'll hold off for now)!

Karen...I was just wondering if you've given any thought to using Twitter? I love it and I've found that it's a great resource for information on photography.


happy about your safe return home...


OOhhhh so cool...I have lensbabie on my Super-Wish-List!! Can't wait!!


I just checked out the lensbaby and said to Jeff...that could be a Christmas present and he said "what does it do give you a blurry shot?...that sounds really good!". LOL! Men! I love the shot you took...glad to hear you had a nice time. Welcome back.

Cindy Welch

Welcome home, I have been eyeing the lensbaby for awhile. A discount would be soooooooooooo cool. Just got back from your Oregon. So pretty!


Two words: Missed YOU!


AWESME!!!! I have wanted a lens baby forever! Can't wait to hear what you come up with,THANK YOU KAREN!


Wow, that lens seems really awesome! Thanks for sharing!


Aren't you sweet to think of your students, past and present? (You know we're always thinking about you!!) Very nice. (I wondered about a couple of the photos you had posted of Annie with the red suitcase, if you used a shift tilt or what- how you did the blur front and back. I did put a comment about it. Did you use it then?)


Oh my gosh I could have written that post LOL I am totally out of place when I am around people I don't know and get really intimidated. I talk too much when I get nervous and then later I realize I probably sounded like a total idiot LOL. Glad to know I am in good company!


Posted on the wrong post LOL see what I mean about getting nervous LOL

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