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Kia Gregory

Oooh. I feel your pain, Karen! I am like that too!
I have taken your scrap classes and never in a million would I imagine you as socially awkward.
And were you talking to Mike Colon by chance? I am just curious.


people can always talk a good game; capturing raw emotion on film, that's a gift.


thanks for printing this. I know exactly how you feel. Great shot by the way.


At times I feel like that as well. You are an amazing person. You inspire me with the shots of your family and remind me of my life when I was little and my dad was in the army. Its good to know service life hasnt changed. You help people with your photography courses look how popular they are you have to get on a long list to take them.

Fantastic shot by the way. Oh and I love Jasmines work as well she is amazing and I will look at the other blogs as well hopefully for inspiration as I get from you.

Carmen Torbus

Are you me? This is me to a T! I'm not shy... just socially awkward. If I know you, I have no problem talking your ear off. Put me in a room of random people and forget it.

Excellent work capturing your emotion with your camera! It's perfect.


WOW! Boy did you hit a nerve! Actually I think that there are more of us "awkward" people out here than you would think. I guess misery loves company because that is somewhat of a comforting thought. I usually handle it by not putting myself in those situations if I can help it. I so love your photo, you should be very proud of it and proud that you don't let your feelings of awkwardness interfere in your life and what you love to do. You are fantastic!

Julie Pilch

Thanks again Karen for putting yourself out there! I took your class in the UK and thought you were excellent not once did I think "rock in a blender"!!! I have to admit that I always text people as for some reason when people call me up on the phone I just don't know what to say and end up blurting out something stupid. Text, fine. Email, fine. Phone, no. I think everyone has something that makes them uncomfortable.
Love the picture, it really captures the emotion.



So glad I found your blog! My hubby is just like you. Shy at times. I love that shot. :)

THANK you for sharing!!


what you just did, and just shared was very , very brave.


For the record I would have avoided the socially awkward socializing situation too... but I too am ok in situations which are familiar and knowledgeable lie you.... the table dancing frightens me!!!!LOL.


Love that you blogged about it too. United we stand...frightened? :p


oh my, Karen, I can totally relate to the social awkward stuff. I'm like that too! it's really frustrating and embarrassing sometimes, especially since my husband is not at all socially awkward and can't really understand it. I feel frightened too when I have to socialize with people that I don't know and have very little in common with. I just can never seem to think of anything brilliant to say.
You are so amazing with your photography. Such an inspiration to me and so many others. Don't let anyone make you feel like the work you do is of any less importance than the "professional" stuff.


Cool capture. And I am with you on socially awkwardness. Isn't that why we are photographers so we have something to hide behind?


You've just fully explained everything that I feel. I'm incredibly inept in social situations that don't involve my family or a subject that I'm fluent on. The worst part is always blurting out the wrong sentence because it sounded oh so right in my head, until it came out of my mouth. Or rambling on trying to make small talk, only to forget what my point was in the end. In which I end up looking even more awkward.

What flusters me even more is that most people don't understand social awkwardness I find. They think that I'm snotty because I can't talk or socialize or on the other hand, if I do try - a very silly rambler.

that picture is so perfect - its so amazing that you were able to capture it exactly.


I think you are far from alone. It is frightening to be alone in a crowd and try to "fit in" with a group of strangers. Give yourself major kudo's for making the trip and being there. Too many times I hold back...fear of the unknown...fear of not being accepted...etc. I love the photo! You are a photographer...perhaps not on the scale of others but much much better than the likes of me. I can't focus on anything but shoot away in hopes of capturing a memory that isn't a blur! Go girl.

Susan Dingess


I hope you told Mr. Self-Accomplished that you had a huge crew of real people who are loving admirers. I would like to know how many members he has in his private army who would show up to form a circle around you!

Lots of Hugs.

You should have begun talking about dental hygiene as if you were at a dental convention.



I love you Karen!!! Love how real you are and how you share things. I feel so much the same in situation just like that and no wonder I instantly felt drawn to you when we first met! :)

Mary Austin Cox

Karen - Great post and love the emotion of the picture. It's crazy when our internal voices tell us to feel less than confident in ourselves when there is absolutely no reason not to be fully confident in ourselves, our thoughts and our desires to learn. You are quite an inspiration!

Becky (beckywedd)

Karen -- God, I love your honesty! Such an incredible post (and a beautiful photo). I sent you an email that I hope you'll enjoy but I also forgot to say that you don't seem the least bit socially awkward -- especially in class. You are so much fun and so charismatic and so engaging that I couldn't even fathom that you might be the least bit awkward -- so major congrats on hiding it!

Becky (aka: beckywedd)

Cara Lieggi

Karen, you really hit a nerve with me!! I am the same way and I know it started in high school too!!! LOVE the way you captured "frightened"!!!!! You rock as always! So glad you shared with us.
I never would have guessed a rock in a blender though!!


OH MY GOSH?! I would never have thought you a socially awkward person!!! Thank you so much for letting us see a part of yourself like that! I really do know how you feel, I'm such a lacker for words when it comes to talking to people I don't know..I'm more of a listener then and I, too, get intimidated easily, thinking I'm far worse than others... But it doesn't pay out, you know. Actually I once got a worse examination result just because I didn't had the confidence in myself to say I deserved better. So people like us need to stand up for ourselfs and lean to be more confident! Others won't blame us, you know..most people are really nice and helpful ;)
Thanks again for letting us know, I wouldn't have thought we got that personal trait in common..


I love this post and I love (and can totally identify with) your "frightened" photo. I feel just like you and it's comforting to know that I'm not alone. I hate that I babble when I'm nervous and uncomfortable. I dread going to into rooms of people I don't know. But I keep hoping that will time it will get easier or I'll learn how to make intelligent small can hope!


Wow, I think that is a very powerful picture. I have stared at it for 15 minutes and I can feel the emotion. It is a gift, being able to capture the emotion, YOUR pictures almost always speak something, let someone viewing feel an emotion.
And as to the socially akwardness, I think most of us can relate to that, at least I know I can. I always feel like a fish out of water in situations where I feel not as accomplished as others might be, I have this very annoying nervous giggle that seams to come out at the most inopportune time.
At least you have the courage to put yourself out there, even thought you might feel uncomfortable. You go girl


What I love about your photo is that it is totally authentic. Not to knock on the professionals, but your photos always appear to be completely genuine. I love the professional photogs out there, but I do get a little tired of the obligatory poses and expressions that they capture on their photo shoots.

Confidence is overrated. Authenticity is where it's at!

Jennifer M.

What a great picture and post. You really put yourself out there which is so admirable. I don't know that I could do that. If I did I'd probably end up in a corner eating my own hair. :)

Brooke - in Oregon

I think you would be amazed at how many of us feel like that. I think sometimes holding my camera is like holding a shield.

Plus working in a retail business like ours, I have to push myself out there and it is often stiff and robotic until I get past that hump. Even still when I have to go to a meeting or dinner, give me a glass of wine 1st so I don't babble something stupid! lol

You totally intimidated me when I came to your first class. At least you did until I visited with you, I gotta tell ya, You are so much fun!! I would love hanging out with you and we wouldn't even have to talk about scrapbooking! lol

Joan Fowler

I used to think the term for "socially awkward" was shy but that just didn't seem to fit. Boy can I relate to everything that you talked about. Consider this, however - it took strength and amazing courage to even go to that workshop.

Another thing to think about - the world needs us introverts. Imagine life without us. There would be no one to listen to the extroverts, no one to take a moment to ponder before acting, no one to avoid the limelight, leaving the stage to those "others" and no one to order from room service.

Great photo by the way. It really speaks to me and all my insecurities.


great pic - how appropriate - you captured the true feeling - no words are needed to explain that picture!! i'm right there with you! i'm with my kids all the time - no adult contact other than my hubby, who is also my best friend....then put me in a situation like the kids baseball tryouts and i look like the social outcast!! thank god i can hide with my toddler and not look like too much of a snob!! people just assume you are a snob and not shy or as you say "socially awkward"!!


you're amazing.


Beautiful photo - perfectly showing that emotion - and you know... This is probably something you've heard TOO many times to count - but I think most people are frightened. You're just brave enough to show it.
I admire you so much, for being able to blog about this!
You're awesome, you know.


What an awesome post, Karen. Thanks - - -I can so totally relate. Whenever I go to a conference, this is EXACTLY how I feel. I enjoy what I do, but lack confidence. I can enjoy a group of 20 people or so and feel outgoing and bubbly, but put me in a room with 100 or more and I feel like a wall flower with no where to fit in. Gives me the jitters just thinking about it. And, how many times have I wanted to have room service rather than face a crowd of people at dinner.....

Thanks for keeping it real.


We might be the same person! Nothing should intimidate us -- we both have 4 kids and I have 4 year old triplets but somehow it always happens and I just don't like being in new social situations. I loved your photo.


Karen, I have only met you in "scrapbook" related events...CHA, your classes at Scrapbook Oasis and your confidence in what you are speaking about shows in your presentation. So even though I don't see the day to day Karen or the Karen that is totally feeling out of her element I can see other things about you; your passion for what you love; photography, scrapbooking and most of all your family. If I were lucky enough to meet you in a social setting I would find myself gravitating towards you because you are so genuine. You give off "I'm a good person" vibes. I know that I admire you...


Karen..I have just experienced an "aha" moment. I never really knew what my issue was, and did not understand it. My husband is the king of small talk, and now I know that my issue is Social Awkwardness. He (even after 30 years of marriage) doesn't understand that I am a educator (I am an RN and teach a room full of new couples every 6 weeks) and feel completely comfortable talking for hours without notes to strangers without any shyness whatsoever, but freeze up in any unscripted social situation.
I, too, can talk about scrapbooking or pregnancy and birth to anyone. But the moment the "info session" ends, I am a bundle of nerves. I feel sick to my stomach weeks in advance of my husband's company Christmas party; terrified of the neighborhood block party. Sigh. I feel SO much better knowing that I am not alone. Do you think there will be a workshop about this? lol (I am thinking we are doomed to be this way, however)


Such a powerful and emotional post-the picture is nothing short of AMAZING, Karen.

Lan Amphone

I think you nailed that photo. That is sooo me but would never imagine you in that spot.

Cindy Elwood

I have felt exactly like this photo so many times. The worst part is trying to break into one of those circles. I bet there was at least one other person there who felt the same way you did. There are a lot of us socially awkward people out there. Great picture!


Love this story, I can relate! I think blogging doesn't feel S.A. because you can't see anyone's facial expressions as they are reading..
The photo is amazing and really tells the story perfectly!

Stacey B

You may be social awkward (or at least think you are which then thinking you makes you so...and it's a vicious cycle) but let's focus on what's important here...your hair looks smoking in that picture!


I love the photo! very touching. I have just recently become socially awkward... I think after college it happened. I stopped being forced to be around people all the time. Now I find myself avoiding leaving my safe haven of a couch :)


I sooo feel with you! Love the picture. It's all in there. Caring greetings from Germany :-)


Right there with you sister! Oh the agony of attending my kids sporting events, sitting on the sidelines, making awkward conversation. Love the rock in a blender thing. You nailed the word...and were very brave to do so :)


Well, of course it doesn't feel as awkward when you're blogging about it. You already know we love and you think your work is awesome! And that is one rockin' shot of "frightened." I would've known what your word was just from seeing the image. And I hate meet-and-greets. What a nightmare. I would've been a totally excellent hermit.


Being able to translate emotion into a photograph is an amazing gift and talent that very few people have. And honesty. That's hard to come by, too. I have itty bitty tears prickling from behind my eyelids after seeing your picture because I was wondering if you were going to share it (I remember you mentioning your word in our Snapshot class).

Dawn Regan

Karen, I think you are amazing, and I never would have guessed this about you. If it makes you feel any better, I feel the exact same way about myself all the time. And that photo you took, absolutely amazing! Thank you for your honesty and for sharing this. You have nothing to worry about though.


You did a great job with the word and the picture!
I would prefer to stay home, if given the choice, but then once I get over the fear of small talk, I usually enjoy myself.
Thanks for sharing.

Carrie H.

Thank you for sharing you journey and your amazing photo. The photo tells the story just as well as you did.


You aren't alone. Add this to the equation: when I don't talk (Because I know I'll sound like an idiot.) people think I'm being stuck up!

If only this social awkwardness didn't keep me from taking pictures of people....

Oh my God, I am so the exact same way. I'm sure if I saw you on a plane or some pubic place, I would be way to imitated to start talk (I also might be trying to respect your privacy). You would be gracious I'm sure, but I would be a blithering idiot (think of how you felt when you saw Heidi Swapp in the airport). I HATE cocktail parties. I ALWAYS leave feeling like a ditz and wondering what dufus thing I said, and wishing I was much more witty and entertaining that I ever am. When I was younger I used to drink a bunch when I got to parties--you can just guess how great that plan worked. Now, I just sort of muddle through them and as soon as it is acceptable to go, I do. Guess what, I am a professional. I'm a prosecutor. I get up all the time in front of complete strangers and argue cases. Put me in a small social gathering--I'm a mess. Oh I so totally relate. Last month I went to a conference. Even though food was provided as part of the program, I ordered room service and watched TCM--pathic I know (but honestly, I REALLY enjoyed it). Thank you for having the courage to write about it. Know that you are not alone.

Kim H.

Funny thing about the first commenter Kia is I was also wondering if you talking to Mike Colon? I love your photo depicting the emotion. I get it! I so get it!


I feel your pain. Nice shot!


you captured the word so well... i love it. did they show everyone's work in the slideshow or just a few? because that is a great compliment if it was just a few.


What a great post! Thanks for sharing. I so see myself in this post. I quite often skip events because I hate to mingle. I LOVE! that photo. You are a wonderful photographer, and I wish I could take pictures that well. I'll keep trying. :)


karen russell, you are amazing.


Love the post (I so completely relate!!) And I love the picture!! Congrats for putting yourself out there.

Elizabeth Lombardi

Karen, Thank you for being vulnerable with us. You do amazing things and inspire so many of us. You rock it!!

Wendy Tienken

I can so relate! That will be me this coming weekend, as I'm attending a photography workshop with Me Ra Koh, Rick Chapman (hello!) and Garrett Burdick. We have to do a self-portrait that shows who we are right now, in this moment, to share with everyone on our first day. Can you say FRIGHTENED!!! Hopefully thinking about you and how you succeeded this past weekend will give me some courage.

And I have to know, was it Dane Sanders????



I think the shot is great. From the picture, I exactly know what you mean. I hate trying to make small talk.

Wendy Tienken

Or were you at Kevin Kubota's Workshop?!? Lucky ducky...


I appreciate your heartfelt words. And GREAT photo art! Perfect, even.

I have heard you say before that you are not a professional photography, BUT you are a professional photographer! You make money via photography, which makes you a pro no doubt, right? You teach and inspire and people pay you because you are darn good at it. Perhaps next time asked, you can say you are a Life Photographer. (We scrapbookers understand this!) And I don't have to tell you that being a Life Photographer is soooo much better than being just a plain ol' boring Wedding Photographer . . . or a plain ol' boring Landscape Photographer or a plain ol' boring Portrait Photographer . . . you get my drift, eh? =)

You go girl.

Denise~Paper Ponderings

Curious...did they talk about what an AWESOME photo it was and depicted "frightened" perfectly?????


I love that photo. I used to walk down the side of any hallway I had to go down in high school because I was so socially awkward. I used to go red and blotchy from the neck down when I had to speak in front of an audience. I have no idea how I found the courage to become a high school teacher and get up in front of audiences every day and speak in a different language, but I wore turtlenecks for the first three years of my teaching career until I was able to get up and talk without going red. As long as I wore the turtlenecks I could pretend I had the confidence to do what I was doing, and nobody knew I was scared but me. I think having a camera to look through helps with things like that too. My son was terrified of parades and clowns etc. because of the costumes and loud noises, until I bought his a camera and he was able to look at them completely differently.

Thanks so much for writing about this today -- I love the honesty in your blogging, and it also makes me feel a lot less socially awkward about "meeting" you online in your upcoming class.

jen compton

i love you.


great picture!! i think it's awesome! you're awesome! glad to know that someone as cool as you still gets scared at times. thanks for being honest.


"SOCIALLY AWKWARD" that's me in a nut shell.

Thanks for this post.
Your documentation of the word is PERFECT


Your post and photo are impeccable. They're so "true to life". You are so inspiring and fabulous ( i dont know that you even fathom how fab you are ) :)

We all have awkward moments, I, too, find myself blurting out things that usually stop conversations, blush my cheeks, and cause me to want to crawl under the table... lol wha?

:) thanks for sharing YOU with us!

Michelle J

I'm probably parroting alot of posts. A: I don't believe it (yes, good thing it's easier to blog than speak {laugh}) B: I SO understand where you are coming from. Plus I skipped my HS reunion. Those people terrify me. C: Keep trying - if I can fake it with the PTA chicks and at annual national gatherings, you certainly can. I mean, you have TALENT. D: That photo - wow. You rock.



I think that one photo speaks volumes about what most of us truly feel like. It is edgy and real. You've already written a book (our class info) and it is an awesome read. I've referenced it I don't know how many times since our class was over. In fact PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have an advanced class. I'm taking a class from another photographer and it stinks. Yours ROCKS!

tara pollard pakosta

I don't know WHY you would feel that way!!
but that's a cool picture!


before I even read today's post I thought....I have to tell her I actually READ her blog. There are so many on my reader that I skim through and look only at the cute pictures for ideas. But I ALWAYS read yours! And I have to say that I would never think you are socially awkward by your writing! I think my writing must be socially awkward though :)

and you picture is amazing!!!

Kris Van Allen



well done.

Tonia Borrosch

LOVE that photo. Really, really cool! You aced it!

teresa b

I totally get where your coming from, it's touch stepping out of your safe zone.. But Karen don't sell yourself short! You are an amazing photographer.. and I've got pictures to prove it!! You have a huge fan base, and yes we happen to be scrapbookers.. but hey that's just an extension of your creativity. You rock in my book girly!!

Linda G.

I remember when you told me you were considering this class because you wanted to take your photography to another level. This photo looks to me like you moved outside of your comfort zone (kids) and I think its a fabulous "artsy" photo. So you accomplished what you set out to do. Good for you. I find taking myself to the next level is always a bit painful because I need to surround myself with people who are alot better than I am (and unlike you I AM shy) in order to accomplish that. And in photography that frequently means rubbing elbows with the pros. But you get over it quick especially when you start to see results. I'm considering Italy in May, can you imagine how imtimidating that will be??????Yikes. It will probably be alot of room service and Italian TV (Rosetta Stone?). But I think I'm up for the challenge. Hope you came away with alot of info, that makes it alot less painful. Would love to see somemore of what you did.

Tricia Gray

I was going to post something and it looks like everyone else who posted felt the exact same way. It is something that so many of us feel - social akwardness. Maybe if more people were honest about that feeling, we could all relax and realize that MOST people feel this way and then we wouldn't have to feel akward anymore! :) I love your photo! It made me want to give you a hug.

Nicky from Canada

I love the picture and I can so relate to you!! I am socially ackward at times like that also, going to a large business convention this year with 160 people that I deal with on the phone everyday but had to force myself to partake in some of the social stuff, it was exhausting and I still don't like it.


Karen, you AMAZE me. That photo is incredible. I know you dont know who I am but I read/follow your blog very often. You inspire me to no end. And I am so socially inept it's scary. I can go an entire sporting season (kids) to meet even my Team Mom and then at the end I am sad that I didnt meet them earlier. I just wanted to tell you tha tyou inspire me daily!


I totally identify with this post. You described..... well, ME!
Thank you for sharing this, I loved it.


I feel your pain! I too feel so inadequate in social situations. I usually say something totally stupid and wish I could just disappear. I do better one on one, but large groups totally intimidate me. I hate to be the center of attention.

Your photographs are always amazing and so full of emotion. This one just nails it Karen! Can't wait to take one of your classes!

kelly s.

always love how honest you are!

was reading some old posts and i love Annie's polka dot bedding, Could you tell me where you bought it?
(tried to find the post about whne you re did her room, no luck, maybe you can add a search button on your blog)

Michelle Last

I think most of us think that everyone else is so together and the reality is that we all have our inner demons talking us down all the time which is why we surround ourselves with people who know us and love us but it takes courage to step outside our comfort zone and we can only learn and grow as a result so well done to your Karen, I'm really proud of you! xx From someone who doesn't know you but knows that I would if I we had the chance x

~lisa w~

Awesome picture. Perfect.
I'm like you too. . .And don't you think that it's funny that now that you've mentioned being 'S-A' that MANY others (including myself) have shared that they are too! : ) You are not alone. I think that some of the others are just a little better at 'faking' their way through the situation than we are. : )
I'm freaking out because I'm going to the CKC in Pasadena by myself in June. . .that's two months away & I'm already worried. I don't think it would be such a big deal if I were just going for the day. . .but I've signed up for several classes each day of the event and am a little worried about what I'm gonna do in the 'down time'. : )

Tammy Mellish

And yet one more way I feel connected to you.. I am SO socially awkward (but most people never pick up on it), and I think mine stems from a disconnect with my family (the odd ball.. and believe me, that is NOT a bad thing.. just leaves you feeling a little displaced, personally and in society). I, like you, can teach a class without any issue because I am within my element. But if I were to take the kids to a baseball practice where all the other moms were already engaged in conversation.. than I find myself uncomfortable. So good to hear someone else say this publicly!

I can't wait to read more about your time away! Great picture, btw!

Yvonne Michelle

Dearest, that's why they offer wine at those mixers! :) I'm totally socially awkward myself. No one would believe it, but it's so true! You're not alone, and that's the beauty of being so down to earth. You don't put up fronts or act like you're something you're not. That's what makes be gravitate to your blog (and to your class starting in June, YAY!). If you were a snooty "I think I'm all that" type of person who pranced around waiving her accomplishments in the air, I wouldn't be interested in your class one tiny bit. Your style, personality, honesty, and just plain natural coolness is very inviting. You reach out to people like me who just want to take better pictures of their kids (and possibly more someday). You should never apologize for who you are, social awkwardness and all. There are a few of us who might think that's kinda cool. You're real, Karen. It's refreshing!

Val from Down Under

TOTALLY fabulous shot - you captured the word beautifully!


OMG! I can not believe how perfect that picture captures the fear of new places/new people/new situations. That is exactly how I feel when I have to meet new people when they all seem to know everyone else and are clearly in the know about everything and you feel totally inadequate. That picture is AMAZING! And how awesome are you that you went to this event even knowing how lame you would feel and you totally rocked it!


You know, the first scrapbooking 'event/convention' that I went to, that first night i wanted to cry b/c i didn't know anyone! and i was scared (aka frightened). then the 2nd convention, it didn't get any i know exactly how you feel...


You are CRACKING me up!!! I loved your One Day class, Karen. I laughed the whole time--sometimes you made me laugh so hard I snorked! Maybe I'm a social dork, but it's funner that way.

I'd rather have friends like you who are genuine, humble and socially awkward who sometimes stick their foot in their mouths. More fun to be around!

Loved your photo--right on the money, girl! Your hair looked great too!!! Your talents humble me.

p.s. you tell Josh Downs you're a smoothie, not a rock.....(that was pretty funny, though!) :D

Angela K

Holy cow you could have been writing about me! Thanks for sharing this, it's nice to know I am in such good company!!


hmmm Mike Colon - I was thinking David Jay... but now can't think of where either are...

awesome shot!

and ya, socially awkward - me too - totally cannot do small talk with unknowns in social situations and really have to psyche myself up for it!

(at least if if was Mike Colon - he would know scrapbooking - Ali Edwards quoted his blog ages ago and i remembering he looked her up after getting so many hits)

you rock!


I just love you.

Rhonda P

Wow, that's a great shot and TOTALLY captures what you were talking about. But you shouldn't sell yourself short. How many others in the group truly told their story with a photo? Yours says it all. And by the way, I am so socially inept it's not even funny.

nancy in ks

Karen - I certainly hope by now, by reading these comments, you do realize that you have not only described how YOU feel in social situations, but also probably 90% of the population. Almost EVERYONE feels exactly the same way. Next time you go into any new social situation, look around and remember that almost everyone is thinking the exact same thing you are. It's actually humorous, I think.

And what I'm sure you do not realize is that hundreds and hundreds of people think of YOU as the celebrity who intimidates, but only because of your incredible talent. Your personality doesn't intimidate at all. You attract people to you because you are the real deal, as others here have said.

I hope you really enjoyed the workshop last week and that it was worth your time.

Kimberly L.C.

Every time I read your blog, I find myself laughing and/or nodding my head in agreement. This time is no different. Your photo is beautiful, artistic and totally hits the mark though -- so, socially awkward or not, you're still brilliant.

sherry d

Very touching! Thanks for sharing something that is difficult for you. It's inspiring.

Susan L (lily40au)

Everything you've said sucks ... I know, I'm so there with you. But you have so many things confident, blah, blah, blah people don't have. A loving family, passion, self awareness and a talent for seeing and understanding real things.

Who needs the ability to say polite nothings at the right time (including sell yourself and intimidate others LOL) when your genuineness is what they should be aiming for.

Love yourself girlie ... the 92 people on this post, your family and friends and so many others love you exactly the way you are.

Rhonda M

I love the picture you took and the emotion it conveyed! It is so easy to stand behind the camera and try to capture everyone else's emotions. That might be an idea for an 11th week of the Photographer's Workshop (putting yourself in front of the camera to capture an emotion!) Thanks for sharing!

Jamie K

You are amazing!! Not just because everything you wrote could just have easily come out of my mouth (although not as eloquently); but this picture is just beautiful. Your photography always has a professional quality but more than that it's the capturing of emotion, feeling and moment that you are so exceptional at!!


"A rock in a blender!" Finally, after 43 years, I have a diagnosis. Thank you. I feel so much better.


Oh Karen, I am so sorry that this is something you are dealing with and suffering through. I never would have known that from meeting you at the Oasis. I felt all tongue-tied around you because you are KAREN RUSSELL - photography and scrapbook queen. You are like royalty to so many of us "regular" girls! And you are such a fabulous story teller. I just have to tell you that it just makes my day when i click on your blog and there is a new post. Even better if it's a long one. And twice as good if there are pictures! I hope this is something you can work through. It makes me sad to think of you hurting inside like that...

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