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sasha farina

a whole new journey! :) I'm a Nikon girl.. LOL :D


You're one of us now!!! I'm so excited.

Erica Hettwer



The pictures of Annie are really cute!


hi karen :) oh so cutie-yannie, heehee
am so thrilled to know you will now be using nikon. heehee. am a nikon girl too ;)

know what, i really love seeing you in yannie {she's really a mini-karen}


sigh, such beautiful shots of annie. I am expecting a girl and hope that I will have one as cute as Annie. So I will keep looking out for her photos, LOL!


Am I ever so happy, lol. I have probably the "worst" Nikon (D40) which I will be upgrading when I have the money and when YOU, MY GURU, will tell it's the right time, but I feel that now you're one of us, hihii.
"when you tell me to" got me thinking: if you tell me/us that you recommend a lense or a filter or this or that, I will be buying it in a heartbeat. I'd probably jump out of the window if you told me to °_°. Doesn't that make you feel awfully responsible???
Karen, I'm just kiddin'!!!!

Your Annie is just something else!! And she looks so much like you in some photos. Beautiful photos as always. My favorite is the one with Annie lying on the suitcase.


Val from Down Under

Hi Karen. As always, fantastic photos. But what made you change to a Nikon?


You know, ever since i bought my Canon - I have had this nagging feeling that i should have bought a Nikon. So I'm really NOT looking forward to your post on Monday - because it will probably make me feel even worse. However, most of the time i still shoot on auto (the horror) so until I actually learn to USE my camera properly - i'm not getting another one!

Cute pictures - as always.


I didn't want to influence you but YEAH!! you are converted!! Welcome to the Nikon world


can't wait to hear what you have to say about why you switched. I for one am a Nikon girl, and am thrilled you finally found your way to the other side of the road!


Wonderful captures!


I can't wait for Monday's post. You know that I have a Nikon (although it is the oldest version) and I have been wondering how you liked shooting with it. I have been checking for the last week or so for a post about it. Can't wait until Monday:) Have a good weekend.

Melissa Mann

Beautiful pictures! Your photography is so very inspiring. I love the little red suitcase as a prop - worked out wonderfully!

Jennifer S

WOW, Karen! I can't believe it! I am totally thrilled you will be shooting Nikon now! Can't wait to hear why you switched. And these are beautiful shots of Annie!


annie is such a cutie girl- seeing her photos always makes me smile! i'm a nikon girl too so i'm thrilled that your switching! you can start making fun of all your canon friends now :O)


these are some really adorable photos of your daughter. I love the one of her laying on the box. Very sweet. Good luck with Nikon. I have only had my Canon for a couple of years but recently was 'introduced' to a Nikon and I have to say that it is a really nice camera. Change is always hard but you'll be just as great :)


Those are the cutest pictures EVER!!! Thanks so much for sharing them!


These are gorgeous pictures! Annie is definitely her own little person!

And, ok. Um, I am a die-hard Canon girl. I even took one of your classes recently in Orlando. I have to admit, I was sitting next to a Nixon girl, and was pretty impressed with some of the functions. But, honestly, what sold you on that? I'll be looking for the post.... LOL!


great pictures as always, karen. and, i'll go ahead and say it ... i'm a diehard canon girl ... always have been ... and i always loved the fact that you were too. but okay, you changed over to the dark side. that's okay. i'll still love your blog and your photography :) who knows, maybe someday i may even try out a nikon ... i doubt it, but you just never know!!! enjoy your new camera!!

Cindy (Junque Art)

wonderful photos!!!...would love to know why you switched...i'm a canon gal

Beth P.

Love the photos... as usual. Still wondering when I'll start taking photos as good as you do. Can't wait to read about why you decided to switch to Nikon. That's a big decision... and can't be a cheap one since I guess you have to pretty much start over on all of your equipment.


HA HA I knew it!!! You-A-NIKON-Girl now girlfriend!!!! I am so excited to hear what made you change. Which Nikon did you exciting!!

Helen Walsh

:( that you are moving to the dark side. Maybe you can make fun out of us Canon girls!

Jennifer P

A Nikon?!?!?!? I am in shock. And you are going to make us wait until Monday for that explaination..... That's just wrong.


WHA?!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Traitor! Ha.just kidding. Can't wait to read all about how you made your decision on Monday. Gorgeous usual. Thanks for sharing.

Becky (beckywedd)

Wow Karen -- you got some great shots. I can't believe you changed to Nikon -- you trader! :) Us Canon girls will miss your Canon shots but look forward to your Nikon shots -- I think the great photographs are definitely YOU and not your camers.

Becky :) (aka: beckywedd)

tara pollard pakosta

I was a 100% NIkon film person, but when digital came along, they
just could NOT keep up with Canon. I am thinking maybe they caught up now
although I haven't seen anyone's Nikon shots that look any better than Canon.
So convince me!!! LOL!!! I still am a Nikon girl at heart though.
can't wait to hear what you have to saY!

Becky (beckywedd)

OOps --mine was supposed to say "traitor" not "trader" but I guess both are accurate. :)

Becky (aka: beckywedd)


We have that same "naked" baby at our house! What is it with little girls taking all the clothes off their dolls? Great shots!


>> I'm STUNNED!! You are one of the 6 or 7 reasons I've considered switching to Canon for the past 2 years! WOW! Can't wait to hear the full scoop next week. Love learning from you and this will be a good one! I was a diehard Canon girl until I went SLR about 4 years ago... chose the Nikon without doing much research (but should have!); it was a panic purchase and one that has nagged me ever since. I will say though, that the advice you gave about lenses in your class I took 2 years ago DEFINITELY changed my thoughts (and my bank account!). But I was still seriously considering switching back to Canon.

Okay... so the pictures!!! AWESOME.... LOVE the one of her laying on the suitcase with her head in her hands. And the next one with her laying sideways.... she is 100% YOU in that one. No denying she's yours!

Liz Miller

Wow these are just Beautiful shots..All i can so is WOW..

Melanie C.

WHOHOOOOO!!! Welcome to the darkside. I feel like I am no longer an outsider, lol.


Beautiful photos, and yes, I got a tear in my eye thinking about how you must have felt going out to shoot Canon for the "last time". In my dh's office...running battle between 2 groups..Canon vs Nikon. Will be anxious to hear all your reasons for the switch. Enjoy your new workhorse, and I will be anxious to continue seeing your beautiful photos.


Ummm....Canon girls? LOL (juuustttt kidding). Glad you've seen the light (corny pun). Details....need details! Did you go with D700 full frame?? Wish you the very best of luck, whatever you decided. I'm excited to see your gorgeous work using Nikon.


Oh, Karen, WOW! Which Nikon did you get and which lenses?


nancy in ks

WHAAA? my leader switched! I feel like a little kid whose teacher disappeared...and she went to another school, and I'm looking for her...but it's dark...where is she? I am a sheep...must follow...

I'm going to change the subject. Dang it, you get better every single week. You've got the most adorable subjects, just happen to have the perfect red trunk in the car, there's no snow on the ground, & there's green stuff growing out of your ground. After I go eat some chocolate Easter eggs, I'm going to look at a Nikon site.


I will look forward to hear what you have to say Monday! I have ALWAYS been a Nikon girl, but the Canon glass has always been very tempting to me and have been thinking a lot about making the jump this year. I will be anxious to hear why you moved from Canon to Nikon... maybe I need to stick with what I have. :) Now if Nikon could just come out with some of the same glass that Canon has... that 24mm/1.4 is calling me...

Kathi (Irish Catholic Good Lass from the Midwest who loves Donna Downey too!)

I feel your pain. I have never owned or shot a Nikon in my life till last spring. I have had all varieties of Canon's and then I found the D60 and it was all over...I hate it but love it...:-)


is this a late april fools post?


Welcome to the dark side!!




Did Tanya buy all of your lenses? Email me!


Oh no- a weekend cliffhanger. That's just mean!
Great pics of Annie and her naked babies...Can't wait til Monday!


Beautiful pics.... I'm kinda sad. You are the reason I bought a Canon a few weeks ago. I debated between a Nikon and Canon for a year. I finally decided on a Canon because I love your shots and am hoping to take a course through you yet.
Hoping you will be willing to answer this one about the first shot. How do you get the whole person in focus when shooting at f1.8?
I only bought the 50mm f1.8 so far and so when I shoot at f1.8 only a small portion of my picture is in focus.
The first one is my favorite... I also love the ones with sun glare.


You have many of us in your last class wondering why the switch. Now we have another reason to look forward to more of your opinions!!!


you really left us hanging . . .


"what?!?, she's going with a Nikon?" is my initial reaction. i'm so bummed. i value your opinion on cameras so much...i guess i'm fearful that i'll wish i hadn't chose my canon.


Ouch! I've always felt kind of superior being a Canon girl. After all, Karen Russell is a Canon girl and she knows her stuff. I am even shooting with your old 5D and feeling really lucky to have snagged it. I will be very interested to see what made you switch. Terri


SAY IT AINT SO! i feel sad :(


Gasp!! I think my heart skipped a beat! Looking forward to your review! Love the sweet photos of Annie and the red suitcase!!


Those are great pictures. I can't wait to hear about the Nikon. I'm saving pennies so I can finally get my first Nikon. I think they're great cameras.


*gasp* I agree - you're going to make us wait??!? LOL oh my!


Karen! I can't wait to hear about why you switched to Nikon! I was in your 2nd online photo workshop and I shoot Nikon and everyone else I know shoots Canon... this is intriguing for sure! :) Annie is gorgeous (as are your photos), as always!

Denise H.

I'm a NIKON girl! Good Job on finally switching over!


i feel like my dog ran away. :-) can't wait to read your post on monday.

Paola Norman

Wonderful photos of Annie. She is such a darling! A Nikon hmmm now I'm so confused. I've been saving up for a Canon 40D forever and now I don't know what to do??? I've always listened to your advice. Will you share with us why even if we are not in your class?
Have a great day.


my heart is broken. can't wait to hear the reasons


Ack! I'm a diehard Canon gal, and I loved that you were too... what made you switch??? I don't know if I can wait until Monday...
You have to know I'll still love your photography & your blog, and be anxiously waiting to get a spot in your online photography class, but I must say, I'm a little saddened...


I can't believe you abandoned us! LOL. Enjoy your new camera. The photos are beatiful as always.


When Annie grows up and you tell her that she stripped all her babies and only liked them naked - you'll have plenty of proof for her that she really did do that!

Welcome to Nikon world! We Nikon girls are lots of fun! I knew you would switch!


Annie is so beautiful!! Welcome to the world of Nikon maybe your move will help me pick mine up again. Can't wait to hear your change of heart.


Is this an April Fool's joke? :)

Michelle OKeefe

Yeah ! It's about time. I love my Nikon.


LOVE these...Touch my heart...make the little girl in me giggle!
miss you!
kiss kiss


Oh, man, I'm so sad. You were my Canon-go-to-girl. First the last ER and now this...this is the worst Friday ever!
But on the upside, that kid of yours is so darn cute! And the pictures are beautiful. That Nikon has huge shoes to fill.



Erica L

say it ain't so...say it ain't so... =)
Can't wait to hear the review!!

cindy b.

AWESOME shots!!

Seriously?! You SOLD your Canon?! It's a dark, dark day here in blog land. :-(

Shonia Pena

Hi Karen,

I have always been a Nikon girl and am curious as to your reasons for change. I bought my first Canon recently and love it. I have to say after seeing all your beautiful pictures it was one of the reasons I changed to Canon. I also like the variety of fixed lenses that Canon has to offer compared to Nikon. Good luck! Can't wait to read what your reasons for changing were.

Trisha M

Oh no!!! I specifically asked (or should I say begged) for a Canon for Christmas becuase that is what you suggested and you felt was the best camera through your years of teaching. Now I'm wondering if I should have gone the Nikon route... It will be several years before I am able to "beg" for another camera since my current begging will be for a new lense for the Canon.

Stacey B

HAHAH welcome to the Nikon Dark Side...we have cookies!!!


Wowzers!!! I am so thrilled. I have bought two new Nikons since we met last year in MA and since I gook your on-line class (best thing ever, btw!!!). I went from the d40 to the d80 and now I have the d700 and LOVE it. I can't wait to hear your thoughts. I am so excited to learn more from you.

Best of luck and as usual those are some great pictures of your little cutie!

Debe L

They are beautiful pictures no matter which camera you use. I think in your case, it IS the nut behind the wheel that makes the shots. The subject is beautiful too and one day, she is gonna make you really nuts!!

Rachel Dallaire

:-) Welcome to the dark side!!! ;-)

Kim P

Woooo hooooo! I'm so excited that you're one of us Nikon girls now. Hee hee. I'm looking forward to your post about why and excited that I'm going to learn even more from you now. Your pictures of Annie are fantastic as usual. I adore the one with her baby lying on her tummy, face planted into the cute red suitcase...hilarious. What a cute little shirt Annie is wearing too. Have a great weekend!


i feel a loss as a cannon girl but hey you are karen russel and you can shoot anything!.......congrats...looking forward to seeing what you create.....


Welcome to the Dark Side!!! :-) Looking forward to hearing what convinced you to switch...

Carrie H.

How sad that you went over to the dark side...How could you??? heeheehee


Wow...this is super intriguing! I was in your first online class (amazing...loved it), but I always felt a little inferior being a Nikon girl. Seemed like 95% of the class shot Canon and I wondered if I should switch...I was pretty sure if I picked up a Canon my photos would look as amazing as yours!

I'm so excited to hear your "switch story" and to see some Nikon shots...(I was just "forced" to upgrade to the D700 when my D80 was stolen so I'm pretty sure I'll be a Nikon girl for the long haul...I love my new camera)!


Having just finished your class, I know you don't want to get too much into photo questions, but I HAVE to ask: What makes the blur in some of those? It looks like tilt-shift kinda stuff.

They are all beautiful, as always.


Praise the Lord! LOL. So I waited and waited for a post on Canon vs. Nikon. And I had money burning a hole in my pocket. And I knew more peoples with Nikon's than Canon's. And my husband said, "get a Nikon." So I did! Last week. ;o) I'm anxious to see your post on Monday. And hopefully in the near future, I'll be taking your on-line photo class. Because it has been a long time since I have been behind a good camera. And I'm a bit rusty. So I'm going to need all the help I can get. So far? I LOVE it. Will look forward to Monday. Have a fabulous Weekend! And I am praying that the weatherman is right and we'll see SUNSHINE for the weekend. ooxx`jodi


Yay!!! Welcome to the dark side :)


Yay! I'm a Nikon girl too!


And next time you're in the camera shop ask for Pec-12. It's about $12-$13, but it's what the lab uses to clean negatives... But in your case, it'll clean sharpie markers off babies. Good stuff!

Rhonda M

Love the pictures of Annie! I am so glad we got our Canon education before you switched! Can't wait to hear your reviews on the Nikon! Maybe in a couple of years we all be ready to take your Nikon class!! :)


How dare you Karen!! It's all your fault that I have no money left. You are the one who convinced me to buy my Canon and my Canon 50mm 1.4, and my Tamron lens. So don't you DARE try to convince me that now I need a Nikon. You taught me how to look down on all those Nikon girls, remember??!! Oh Karen, I'm so confused now... I think I better go lie down! :)

Cindy Welch

So funny reading the post, since I just finished your class and started it with a nikon and switched to canon after three weeks. My main reason was I wanted to 50 mm 1.4 lens that just wasn't available for the Nikon. Now I sit here and think, should I have, your words and praise for the canons were very influential. But there are pros and cons for everything in life. I will enjoy reading why you switched and will continue to be drawn to your photography style. At my level, (price and skill) I do not feel many differences between the two cameras. But I can see moving up the price level, quicker focusing would be a help. Have fun


Well, now I guess you'll just have to make fun of Canon girls. My first dSLR was a D70. I recently upgraded to the D90. So, what are you getting? I never had a good reason for choosing Nikon over Canon. I just tried them both and picked one.


beautiful shots! i am very anxious to hear why you switched things up. i'm a canon girl and will miss you being one of 'us'. hahaha!




LOL - this is sooooo funny! Welcome to the Nikon club! We're glad to have you. So what model didya get? :)


I really love the comment - "I feel as though my dog died" too funny

What really surprises me is that you aren't keeping both Cameras. Your business is "Digital Photography" (not one brand or another) and if you have to teach the majority of folks are using either leading brands, it is in your best interest to have one of each. Quite unaffordable to have 2 high end SLRs in the grand scheme of families & bills and such, but your classes are your focus now.

It isn't the brush, but the artist creating the masterpieces.

GL with your switch. That must be frightening.

Andrea Devisser

Wow Karen!! - first of all, Gorgeous photos.
And you switched to Nikon - I was wondering if you would! I can't wait to hear all the details,
My D300 should be arriving next week, and I am SO excited to be upgrading from my D80,
SO Excited, and I can't wait to hear what you have to say, and if you took the plunge for the D700 D3, or D3x.


I can't believe you're no longer a Canon girl. I am not matter what!


These pictures are so gorgeous. If I had equipment and talent to take these shots, I wouldn't change a thing.
Im anxious for Monday to hear why. :)


We have to wait till Monday!!! Such suspence!! Your shots are wonderful of Miss Annie and naked baby. Love the red trunk! Gosh, I can't wait till our grass is that green.


Can't wait to hear what you have to say. I've been shooting with my D200 for two years now and want to upgrade to the D700 so badly!


I got a D90 last month - still trying to figure it out, but love it so far! Go Nikon girls!


Would love to hear your recommendations on an beginning DSLR as well as a mid-range camera. The D700 is at the high end and I am sure it has great features but I can't go so high-end. I am interested in your Nikon lense recommendations. I bought my first SLR last March (Nikon D40) and have two kit lenses but want to get a good one (reasonably priced, no more than $200) for low light situations.

I like the feel of a Nikon but I go back and forth about my selection. I took your Photo class in Massachusetts last June and I remember you talking about the Nikon lenses not working for a D40 and I still don't understand why. Would love to know before I go invest in any more lenses or sell my Nikon and but Canon.

Looking forward to your post Monday!

BTW: for me, your links are not working or showing up on your blog and I cannot see all of the comments. there is no link to continue viweing other comments.

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