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This is how I learned to edit my photos

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kim Bolyard

I think these are all the photos....I only have a couple of photos...we were on vacation in a cabin with really bad lighting...not happy with the shots...but happy I have them.



I wish my photos were that 'lousy'. I love them all. On the waiting list for your online class. I took the one day & loved it. Hoping I get in sometime this year:)


The pictures capture how the day went! And I'm glad that you take some less than stellar pictures too!

Kathi (Irish Catholic Good Lass from the Midwest who loves Donna Downey too!)

I totally love Annie in those footie pjs with her rain boots on! Awesome! This is real life...! (and Karen RUssell says that capturing the story is what is most important...)


These look great to me.


Just to let you know so we can all whine together LOL. I took your class and loved it but my Easter shots were not good either.(Yours were better than mine) I didn't reset my camera from on the porch to the brighter area so a lot of overexposure and blur. Oh well like you said at least we got the pictures. I think I need to learn to just leave it on P for fast moving events with a 2 year old. I get too caught up in the moment and forget everything I should do. LOL Thanks for sharing so now I don't have to whine alone.


Have you always been a perfectionist? OY VEY! If only my shots could be so lousy!

Jennifer M.

That last shot is so sweet.

Don't feel bad about not getting perfect Easter shots. When I tried to take a picture of my 13 year old daughter, she hid behind a couch pillow. So that's what I got. The top of her head and her legs sticking out behind a pillow.

Libbi M.

karen, you are to hard on yourself, they are beautiful and they document your day. i've always been a perfectionist and very critical of my photos but in the end i'm so very happy for the imperfect ones too.

thank you so much for sharing your beautiful layout and story yesterday. love it and love you too.


I think they're fantastic! If you want to see bad ones, just ask and I'll send you mine! OY! Why is it some days I'm spot on and others (more frequently) I just can't get it! :oP


Oh please! Your "lousy" shots are 10x better than my best shots. Knock it off! ;)


I take lots of lousy pictures too (your lousey ones are better than my good ones) Easter and Christmas are my worst photos.
Thanks for this comment
"I am just a mom. A mom who's main objective is more about documenting the best quality memories in our life than my best quality photos"
It really helps me put things in perspective.

jamie v

Love Annie's little boots on the wrong feet :O)

Was Ross off cruisin' in his hot new car??


The pictures are still great, Karen!


Some day my good shots will be as good as your bad shots :) sigh..... I love your photos and the fun they document!!!! Thanks for sharing your struggles though. :) It helps to keep perspective.
Any chance you might share what lens you are shooting with these days with your new camera?????? The color on these look great!!!!!


So glad you posted these! It's nice to see we are all human. By the way, your shots are magical compared to mine :)


Thank you, thank you! I just posted yesterday that I wasn't happy with my photography of recent, because of quick moving children, surprise situations that should be documented in a photo... (my camera is always close, but seriously, walking around with it on my neck every moment would be weird!!!) For reminding us that we are Mom's; and sometimes being in the moment means that the photography skills learned go out the window! Looks like a lovely Easter, it seriously poured down rain all day up here in Seattle.


I have to agree with the rest of the comments. I think these are great. You definitely caught the life that was going on around you. Looks like you all had a great day, even sans Ross.


Wow--you are way too hard on yourself! The pictures are great. Better than mine. I went to my mom's and FORGOT my camera and had to use a DISPOSABLE camera. What could be worse than that?


Your pictures are wonderful Karen! They are full of your family and love and sweetness. I love how you take pictures and finding your blog has helped me love all our perfectly un-posed moments! My pictures did not live up to what I thought they should look like either but what I ended up with is still pretty lovely, our life!
Thanks for sharing.


umm seriously, I was excited to read the intro because that was exactly how I was feeling when looking at my Easter shots then I scroll down and see your amazing work! Please they are all great. I think you REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY need to do an editing class. Then I would feel better!


I just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU for all that you share so freely; thoughts, expertise, family, etc.

tara pollard pakosta

ha. my easter was too crazy with 20 kids running around, i didn't even take a shot!!!
i did get some of my own girls dyeing easter eggs though! i still haven't loaded them yet! need to get working on that!
yours are CUTE!


i didn't see a bad shot and they certainly tell the story. I don't think you know how to take a bad photo! glad you had a happy easter!


Oh Karen, THANK YOU!!!! I'm one of your students with the horrible easter photos! I love that line, I am a mom...documenting my kids lives...its so true! Still awesome shots though! Better than mine :) Im still editing them into good shots if i can........ ;) Looks like a great time! ANd I am going to steal your ised there of the 3! Going to try and get my kids to play liek that with my youngest in the middle :)

Nancy Wyatt

Those are awesome pictures! Guess I'm glad I don't have that great eye you have otherwise all my photos would be trashed. hehe. I'm so glad you shared! hugs from Conroe, TX!


Oh, how I wish my lousy photos looked like yours!! And ..Oh, how I wish any of my photos looked like your lousy ones!!! :)The more I read, I see how popular your classes are. On the waiting list and will choose to be patient. Am longing for that day ,though!! You are such an inspiration.. even though you are " Just a Mom...documenting your childrens lives." Ha!! What better inspiration than those beautiful children of yours.


So yeah... your "bad" photos are great! Well, I think so anyway! We had such terrible light (gloomy rainy day) on Easter that I really don't think I got a single really salvageable shot! But oh well! :)


gorgeous. Mine were not! Lousy morning lighting in my backyard not to mention I was so cold I couldn't think. These are beautiful...Love the shot of annie in her sleeper and boots...priceless.


I think we all need to get together and write to the PAAS easter egg coloring people and tell them to STOP making their dyes look like candy. Or maybe we should create a Website devoted to photos of children with colored lips! My son didn't dye his lips, but I swear it is only because I put those tabs under lockdown. He was convinced that I was holding out on giving him "candy!"


Okay, so unless you are retouching your photos like mad, the Nikon is really putting out some gorgeous color pics!

I love your "imperfect" Easter photos--the cute kids make them perfect.


I adore them and am cracking up that annie was egg hunting in her pj's and wellies. she's going to start a fashion trend, that one ;)


Thank you Karen! First your pictures are not terrible! I was thinking the other day how frustrating taking pictures is sometimes. I have in my mind what I want them to look like and they never seem to come out how I wanted. (Even though I am trying really hard with everything you have taught me!) I was thinking that I wanted to see you post pictures that were less than your expectations. It makes me feel like we all have our days! And you once told me that we are our own worst critic-so don't get down on yourself. These are the "snapshots of your good life" :-)

laura j

Your Easter photos look great to me! Love the shot of Annie with her little boots on the wrong cute!


I just love that you posted this today. I started the "horrible Easter pictures" post and felt so defeated that I KNEW they were going to be awful but there wasn't anything I could do about it.

Even though your shots are leaps better than my best ones, I love you for saying they weren't your best, cuz' the message behind it ... "Life matters in every lighting situation" is perfectly exposed.


Ashley S.

Your photos are beautiful. These are no exception. Your kids will be glad that they have them, regardless of if they are technically perfect or not. I love the cute Easter baskets.

Beth D

Well I could only hope that I could take such 'lousy' pictures! I think they are all wonderful! what a fun day you all had. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Kelly R

They are awesome pics Karen!!!

Also, I have a tag/award for you on my blog too ;o)

beth s.

I'll have to email you the ONE that I was able to take. My daughter HATES me taking pictures and her face shows it. She can't even just fake it for one picture. I told her I was going to document the day and she can look back and see what she put me through. One day it will make me laugh, but right now it just infuriates me!

lynda paredes

wow if that is lousy, i wanna see your stellar pics. deja vu, my 8 yr old daughter thought the dye pills were sweet tarts! and my 12 yr old son wore that same shirt, children's place?

love your shots.....

Account Deleted

see now, i love these photos! they capture the real moments of a family, and those are always my favorite types of photos to look at!


I am so with you there.... i felt exactly the same when i looked at my photos so thank you for posting these Karen cause i was beginning to wonder how i had so mant terrible ones and yours were always fantastic. FWIW i think these are great i took mine inside cause outside would've melted the chocolate.

Ashley Schrage

LOVE the bunny ears! too cute

allison Gottlieb

If that's lousy, I don't even want to know what mine are....

Sara M

Karen don't be so hard on yourself. You pictures look great. You documented the Easter celebration of your family and that is what is important.
I too take a lot of pictures. Every year I get pictures of the girls coloring Easter eggs. Every year I get pictures of them hunting for their Easter baskets. Last year I took 160 pictures on Easter.
This year was different. I took ONE picture, yep that's right ONE!!! It's a picture of Lindsey coloring her eggs and it isn't even that good.

Easter Sunday I got a migraine in church so I had to stay home from the Easter celebration.
I just have to picture what 3 little girls, in their pretty dresses, hunting for their Easter stuff, would look like.
No else took any pictures that day.
I will get over it but it will take awhile. :)


Having JUST finished your class, everything is still fresh in my mind. I even took a few lessons in the car to read on our way to our Easter destination. And I tried... had my camera in everyone's face... a few comments "Aunt Ash always has her camera..." and I am afraid to look at them. I took from other angles, low down, high up, adjusted settings. I can only hope! I do feel that I accomplished one thing - I was able to take pictures inside wihtout a flash, may be slightly noisy, but I feel good about that part!

Keep on shooting.

Tammy Mellish

Keeping it real Karen, keeping it real ;). You're so good at that. I love the pics.. better than mine (I didn't take any!) LOL


Karen, I think you did an amazing job on your Easter photos. I'm going to assume that all the pictures were taken at the "new, old house"?
Not an orange school bus to be seen! so kudos to you for that!
I took a ton of photos over the weekend and didn't end up with too many great ones. But I still love them all.


I'm not sure if I see any "lousy" Easter photos but they look awesome!

Martha - EP

I second Nicole....please consider an editing class!! I would take it in a heartbeat.

Love you "lousy" pictures they are wonderful!

Kelly Koesters

I love your photos. My best photos aren't as good as your lousy ones!!


teresa b

Love the photos Karen..I wish mine were still little...teenagers don't want anything to do with the Easter bunny anymore.. well at least mine don't!

Kristal Jones

Gorgeous photos! I still haven't finished editing all of my Easter shots yet. But I will get them done, eventually. :) I love the way you share what happened throughout the day. That's how I like to take pictures. I like to have the pictures tell the story instead of taking posed shots.

I love your yard. Picket fence, school-buses, beautiful blue flowers,flowering trees, picnic table. You are making my photographer-self swoon. :)


I think these photo are great.


Your pictures are priceless. I love the pj's and boots. Soooo cute!
I love stopping by to check out your fabulous photography. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Gleason

Great family moments and wonderful photos! I loved that Annie's boots were on backwards. Oh, my neighbor's son ate one of the Paas tabs too thinking it was candy! :)

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