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Love, love, love this photograph!!
You need to enlarge it and print onto a canvas.


What a COOL picture!!! Thanks for sharing!


This is such a great picture!

Beth P.

That is a BEAUTIFUL photo!


This picture actually made me a bit misty!

tara pollard pakosta

oh my, try having an intense daughter.
it's even worse i am savannah
is so intense she has brought me to tears on several
occasions. but you are right, they love with passion and a fierce
intensity. we noticed she was intense on the day she was born.
keep enjoying his love!

Tammy Mellish

I could have written the exact same thing about my own son, Sam. Every bit of it! I never thought to describe him as intense, but it is a perfect description of him.


you know i could say the same thing about my karlee girl....intensely difficult but INTENSELY LOVING....and now I understand her just that much more because of this post missy :)

ps: LOVE the picture...(of course) *wink*


Love this!! words and photo!!


I have one of those, too, and it's the intense love and affection that allow him to live...otherwise we might not make it! :)


Love the photo! My daughter has been labled as gifted since kindergarten, she's in gr. 7 now. It is considered a 'special need' in our school district. And she is special, but holy cow, it's hard to outsmart that kid!


Wow..lovely..words and picture...


This photo is gorgeous! I also have an intense son, everything is done at 110% and everything means a great deal, which is great most of the time, but when things start to fall apart, they really fall apart!


awwwwwwwwww!!! That just melts my heart. For this very reason, every parent should have an intense child. (And it's very, very apparent from your posts that all of you kids love you intensely.)


That is exactly how I describe my 7 year old boy. That is how we have explained him to others since he was in preschool. He feels everything deeply. He gets deeply into books and it is impossible to pull him out. He is also so very intensely loving.

Elizabeth Bunney

I like to say "spirited" instead of
but Yes..I understand.
I have one too.
The good thing is that they do love intensely too.


what a great photo!!! you are an awesome photographer!! lokking forward to reading your camera review between canon and nikon. hope you are having a fun day!


Very nice picture, I am sure he feels the love you have for him. He's adorable

Tonia Borrosch

I have one of those too-LOL. :) Beautiful photo Karen.

Denne Boring

This is SUCH a beautiful picture. Love the tree, love the point of view and his expression! I really think that what you wrote at the bottom of the photo was endearing. You both are lucky to have each other!

kim Bolyard

this photo is amazing...a ray of sunshine...


That is so sweet.

Barbara Zea Jones

Great photo!


This intense cutie told me of the April fools joke he was going to play on you when I was getting the mail today. Wonder if he pulled it off? :-)


GREAT shot! is your 24-70mm an L series lens? Do you recommend L series for Canon?


Awesome view! Cool pic


Very cool picture!


Karen...this is an awesome photo (I love it)! I guess this is one way to shoot your pictures so there aren't any yellow schoolbuses in it!


As one who has taken two of your photography courses...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Gorgeous photo! Precious.

Paola Norman

Love it!

tammy t

Gorgeous shot. And I can relate. We have an intense about to be 12 year old. I'm looking for a momma's little helper now...and the upside is the fierce love they give!


your mother

Is that the tree you wanted me to cut down because it was so ugly?

beth feigner

my eli to a 'T'! i love the way you described coley, and i can totally relate to being loved "intensely". beautiful always:)

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