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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Your photography is beautiful and I'm sure even the "professionals" at your workshop could see that. I would hire you for my wedding because you have an eye for beautiful moments. That's something you can't train people on.


I just love your work. I am really looking forward to your class and am hoping to learn so much!


those are absolutely fantabulous. love them. so you ... yet kinda different and new. awesome.
it's amazing how a CE provides you with so much inspiration ...
(i know ... i just finished one today too!)


I cried too!
Your work is great. Professional photographer or not. That's what really matters :)

Annie L.

I all of a sudden had tears welling up in my eyes when he said it brought me back to that time with my dad. I have a wedding picture of my dad giving me away at my wedding and I think that is the only picture ever taken of my dad crying... sniff sniff.. LOVE PICTURES!! The greatest gift god ever gave us, to capture time. Love your work.. Your are great.


Holy moly! That is steep for a week workshop! But you will love Lightroom. I can only use a small fraction of the program and couldn't live without it.

Stephanie Ackerman

amazing video, beautiful store and looks to be an amzing photographer...BUT do you relaize that through your photos, the ones you post on your blog, they ooze those same type of moments, personality and those of us who don't even know you...

I used your blog and style as example in a class that I took from the people an Canon (um..just a week before you "switched") but it is not the camera for us non-pro' is the image and feeling you capture...and in my eyes, I can not imagine you changing a thing....the things you capture are the things GOD created you to share with us...Thank you!


yep, that video made me teary eyed too!


dang it!! now you've got ME cryin!!!

Cindy (Junque Art)

Wonderful photos and what a great heart touching video! I hope I can learn just half of what you do in your upcoming class!!!!


YOU SAT NEXT TO DANE SANDERS! You've got to be kidding me! WOW. I would love to go to a workshop some day, but the price scares me a little too much :)


if i ever get married, i want you to be my wedding photographer ;) GORGEOUS photos! i'm so glad you took the class! i'm all about stepping outside my box this year...and am loving it when others are doing it too!

great work karen! :)

Lan Amphone

Your photos are stunningly beautiful Karen! Thanks for all the inspiration, glad to hear you had a great workshop!

Krista Lund

good for you karen! i just bought Kevin's book referred by jasmine star. i can't wait to dive into it!


Keep taking workshops so you can be my wedding photographer someday. (when i find a groom;-) I will fly you down to cali and feed you delicious mexican food!

Laura Carter

be still my heart!!!! you amaze me! :)

teresa b

That was beautiful.. I was totally glued to the video.. very touching!! Wow.. and love your photos Karen.. always have!!


just had the most pleasant inital email interaction with Dane... truly seems liek a wonderful guy (and I've only ever heard people rave of him!)

glad you had a nice encounter.

this images are awesome, don't under-estimate yourself EVER!


I knew it was Dane! I knew it!!!!
I love him! He hugged me & autographed a copy of his book for me when I saw him speak in L.A.!!!
You are one lucky photographer. And a pretty amazing one at that!
I love your style Karen! And your personality, I feel like we're friends (no, I'm not a stalker! lol)


Yea for so many ways. Beautiful!
Would love to talk to you more about LR is kicking my butt too...but I love it.
Now..going back to gaze at your wonderful photos again!


Awww...that video had me in tears too!

Thanks for the link to his site...his work is fantastic. But hey...I gotta say I'm are awesome Karen! Those shots are great! Your work really inspires me to want to learn more about photography...can't wait to get in your workshop.

Wendy Tienken

I was right! On both counts! You WERE sitting next to Dane Sanders and you WERE at Kevin Kubota's workshop! Don't be scared, though, I'm not a stalker!! Just wishing I could have been in your shoes.

Jen Goodwin

The hour on the Ultimate Cruise was just not enough! I need more! Pick me :)

Sandra Hazen  ( Florida)

Weird, isn't it that we all have something?? I would have never in a million years thought of you as socially awkward (SA). It is almost funny, except that it is real to you.

You have so darn much to offer and do so on a daily basis to so many......don't get me going...

The picture of the bride and groom with her bare feet is one of the best girl, are amazing.

I aspire to be just as SA as you someday!!!!!


I KNEW it was Dane! Isn't he the best?! Not that I've ever actually met him but everything I know of him from reading his books and watching him on-line (he even left a comment on my blog once) told me it was Dane. If I could only meet one Orange County, CA rock star photographer ever in my life, I think I'd pick Dane.


sounds like an awesome class. ok after spending an hour on your site I must leave and get some sleep.

Hena Tayeb

great pictures


it is fun to see the differences!!! I found a landscape photographer via flickr who does HDR photos- have you experimented with this?? love it! I am reading all I can about it toget the shots so coolk loke this..
how was lightroom? I just am learning about it. love using ACR but LR2 has great potential!!!

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