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franny b.

That is a beautiful new, old house! :) You guys really found a gem! I'm loving the built-ins and the pocket doors. ooh and that clawfoot tub in the bathroom!


That house is beautiful!


It's gorgeous, Karen!!! I mean an OLD house which looks so good even when there are things to be done, wow!!
Two things: don't change everything into WHITE white, it's too harsh. I know: I used to have everything white. I changed some into light yellow and vanilla (love vanilla, it's so warm compared to white) and my bedroom is almost an apricot color which makes it look BIGGER than it did when it was white!
The second one: I find it not so practical to have the toilet paper roll on the floor in the laundry room and not beside the toilet bowl, LOL!



What an amazing house!! I can't wait to see what you do with it. :)


Karen-your new old house is beautiful. I love all the character it has and you haven't even moved in yet!

Rachel Howells

What a beautiful house! Hope you a life full of happiness there!

Lisa B.

I love it! It's in much better shape than my old house. You are very smart NOT to move in until it's ready...we've been here 20 years and it's still not finished! I know you'll all be very happy there.


Wonderful details!


It looks great! I LOVE old houses. My first home was a small 1920's & it was yummy. There are ALOT of things to love about that house but the scrap room is the best! I know that you all will be happy there. Congrats! Can't wait to see you Friday.


Wonderful house. The floors are great!

cindy mandernach

HOLY CRAP that carpeting....i love it. is it new? i also love the old fixtures especially the one in the dining room. the wood floors are gorgeous as well. it looks like the previous owners treasured the house and took very good care of it. luckeee (said in my best napoleon dynamite voice) :)



What a lovely home. It definitely has personality and I can see why you fell in love! Best wishes for a happy family home!!!

Tonia Borrosch

Karen...I can soooo see why you fell in LOVE! There are so many cool things about this house. I love the doors on the upstairs closets, the hardwood floors are gorgeous(love the color)-love the built in cabinet between the kitchen/dining room. So cool that Josh will have his own space too-our basement is the man cave. Kids and hubby's space-lol. I like the color you painted the dining room and I am actually liking the yellow walls with those floors. What fun! Oh....and yes, the pocket doors and french doors to your bedroom get an A+ too! What a beautiful home. So happy for you! Thanks for sharing the photos-which also help me to realize how handy a wide angle lens would be! I have been thinking I need one!


It is beautiful. I think that is one of the best new, old houses I have ever seen! And, it is awesome that you have so many parts that you love already. Of course, I don't blame you. I would love them too.

Kelly Jo

It's so beautiful. Love the hardwood floors. I'm so happy for You.


i'm sitting in a computer lab typing this and literally TALKING TO MYSELF OUTLOUD. oh my HECK! your house is amazing :)

i'm still in medical school & my hubby is in the i live in an apartment in one state & he lives on the army post in another...needless to say we often talk about our dreams of owning a house....

i'm pretty sure your house is the one we are talking about. did they make any twins?


beautiful house!


It's beautiful! I love the character and charm of it-- something that is lacking in many new houses. Can't wait to see what you do with it.


Oh my! I'm in love with your house! It's gorgeous! Love, love, love all the old built-ins, the woodwork, the layout and the general fabulous feel! Congratulations!


karen, i don't know what to say. this house is perfect. i am so happy for you. from the pocket doors, to the glass in the closet doors, to the amazing tub... wow. i want to move in. what a great house to raise your kiddos in. so charming and chic. :)

LOVE IT!!! congratulations.


wow, it is beautiful. i love old houses. the doors and woodwork and cabinets are all gorgeous. no wonder he hesitated on showing you. i would have picked it too. perfect!!

Brooke - in Oregon

I am so tickled for you guys and that is one 'really love-able' house, with lots and lots of uniqueness (is that a word) and fun, funky, fabulous style! :)

Alicia Sharp

I so love that house! Love the doors and everything!! You are so lucky and I would have snatched that house too! Congrats to you all and I cannot wait to see it when you are done.


Love, Love, Love the house. BUTTTTT, we will miss you at the old NEW house. Can we help pick our new neighbors? We will miss, miss, miss you but sure am happy for you!


What a beautiful house -- it already feels loved and you're not in it yet. I dream about one day owning a house like that...


what a beautiful house, karen!! each room has its own personality already! love it! :) and what gorgeous light!


It's gorgeous!!! We are a family of five in a 1250 sq foot house so I can imagine how great it will be for your family to have more room. I love all the little details and the floors are beautiful.

By the way, good move on hiring the plumbing husband tried to do some plumbing in the bathroom and while he did it, it was a very long day of frustration and cussing!


oh my goodness Karen!! What a fabulous house!!! No wonder you guys are so excited. Love love love it! What amazing character!


that would have been a completely dangerous house to take me into too. i, too, have a fascination with old houses. there are nooks and crannies that are dying to be explored. new houses are just boxes to an extent.
lucky lady you are.


Oh, I love it! It seems to YOU! Love all the beautiful hardwoods & the white, too. Yay for more space!


Just beautiful! Please keep us updated on the progress - it's so fun to watch people transform these great old houses. Love, love the wonderful wooden doors & trim - gorgeous!

Lan Amphone

That is such a beautiful house! Love all the shelving and woodwork.


where's MY room?? wink!! its a great house!! congratulations to you guys!! thanks for sharing!!

Kelly Boettcher

WOW! It is really beautiful! I love all of the built-ins and the pocket doors. I wonder if I could talk my DH into a house like that...

Heather Bares

The house looks beautiful!!!


What a great place! Josh has a good eye (for finding it in the first place) so I guess you've got to cut a little slack for the Man Cave - but not too much. You know what's best about new houses? How clean they are. They will never be that clean again as long as you live there...

Eleonor F.

I absolutely love your new house! Even without any of your belongings in there yet, I can totally see that this is YOUR style! Enjoy!!

Jen Davis

I absolutely love it! All the quaint little touches really make it special...thanks for sharing the pictures, can't wait to see the progression of things!

Amy Emery

Beautiful + character--looks like a perfect fit for you and your family. Thank you for sharing and can't wait to see what else you do. Where's the piano? (and how come it's always sunny in your part of Oregon, unlike Sherwood?) ;-)


Beautiful house! It has so much charm and character- I love it! Congratulations!


it really is beautiful and so very "you"....i cant wait to see your stuff in it because it is going to be sooooo AMAZING!!! I'm coming to visit this summer....totally serious!! :)

meg duerksen

i get excited just looking at those pictures! i love old houses and moving in with big dreams. it is going to be so great karen. thanks for a whole tour...that is so cool.
those built in's are to die for!


It is so beautiful! So many charming details that new NEW houses lack.

Kathy C.

YAHOO! It was meant to happy for all of you!!! ;-)

Shelly VanWormer

How Beautiful!! I love how the previous owner(s) kept the integrity of the style in the home. No major changes that were bad for its personality. That is what I look for in a house of this nature. So easy to see why you love it so. It is absolutely stunning. Josh knows you so well (a good thing, too) that he can even find a house to match you. Good job Josh! You'll make lots of great memories here.


OMG!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! everything built in is my favorite--i love built in cabinets--an't wait to see the kitchen after it's redone and I love the living room


It looks absolutely beautiful! please share your rooms once you paint them :)

Leslie Parks

Karen, this is beautiful. Love the house. It would be so hard to wait. You must keep posting pictures of what your doing.


Karen, I love it! It has such charm!


Great find! Love all the spaces and it's so awesome those pictures make the house seem much bigger than it is! I'm going to have to get some tips on that, when we want to put this house up for rent once we buy our other house! Pictures like these will definitely bring in more interested renters our my place :)
Have fun decorating!


Wow Karen...what a beautiful house. I love ALL the built-ins. Especially the one in the dinning rm/ kitchen or maybe the bathroom, I think they're tied. We built our home 12 years ago and it can really be a headache. We acted as the general contractor and subed everything out ourselves...saved a lot of $$ but I had to be here everyday to check on things. I must say though, there is nothing like the character of an old home. Are your floors hard wood or a pergo type floor? Love the color...looking for something like that for my kitchen. I think I have the 12 year itch...I've repainted, redoing the kids bathtoom and I just have a husband is just loving it! NOT!Have fun and please show lots of pictures....thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see your finished office/scrapbook exciting!!!!!!!!


oh Karen I am so happy for you. That house is just beautiful!

Ashley S.

Wow, I really love it. What a great house.


Thank you SO much for sharing these with us!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at houses; it's fun to see where you'll be and especially fun to see the "before" photos. Next time you give us an update on the new old house, could you let us know what your favorite thing is about it? I'd love to know. Tee hee.

You already have a happy life and happy family.... you need no wishes for happiness in this new home; you already have that built in. So, I'll wish you endless closet space, no leaky faucets, a yard with green grass & no weeds, neighbors you love, and a worn-out welcome mat. :)

Beth P.

Such a great house. All the woodwork is in fantastic condition. Love the pocket doors, the built-in between the dining room & kitchen, and those closet doors upstairs! Can't wait to see the finished results after you get moved in.


What a beautiful house, Karen. I have a new, old house too and I love it. Still working on it 4 years later, but I have made it mine. And we had to do a total rehaul.

Looks like a place to have a great life!


Oh Karen! It's glorious! So many similarities to ours (but ours is a ton simpler!!)

Nancy Wyatt

Just beautiful! I look forward to many photos of you all in this wonderful new/old home!


What a lovely house and I love all the built-in cabinets, etc., which really is what gives older houses such charm. Enjoy!

Melissa Villalobos

What a beautiful home! I love older homes and there are so many great things about this. I'm really loving the closet doors in the upstairs bedrooms, the pocket doors, the pantry, & all the woodwork and built-ins. Can't wait to see how you decorate it!


Awesome! It looks like a house that has really good bones. It has such wonderful character. Congratulations!!!


wow, can i move in too. that would be my dream house!! love every detail, esp. the carpet upstairs. i am so excited for you and the family, congratulations on a dream come true!!


Wow! Look at all the huge rooms! Ha, just kidding. Seriously though, amazing place. Your family is going to make great memories there.

~sally davidson


FABULOUS! thanks for the tour!

nancy in ks

Thanks for the tour. I was hoping we'd get to see the inside. Love those floors, and of course the built-ins, and the old time charm. The perfect family bought this house.


Wow! Love your new old house. I do love old houses with the built-ins, old doors, tile, etc. but the lack of insulation and well, old wires and plumnbing are a bummer. It sounds like you are moving right along on renovations. And, I TOO AM A WHITE WALL KINDA GIRL. I love white walls. Always have. Congratulations on such a find! Happy House! CindyML


Your house is beautiful! There is so much character. I live in an old stone house from the 1860's. There is always work to be done, but it is so worth it. Have fun. I know it is already filled with love :) Congrats!!


I love the floors! Old house are so cozy. Enjoy all the redecorating and decorating!


CONGRATULATIONS! I view your blog through Sharon M. and I just love older houses, they have so much character. Enjoy making a New to You house a home. Janet

tara pollard pakosta

OH i LOVE houses with character! this totally has it!
My old house which was very small had pocket doors between the kitchen and family room and between the kitchen and hallway and i LOVED THEM! enjoy!!!!!


What a great house! (The rooms do look huge with that lens!)


Looks like a great house,that has been well cared for. The sky is so blue in Oregon, it's supposed to be the bluest here in Seattle (ha ha)! Last year on a big road trip, (6500 miles big) we took a break in the Blue Mountains, the "town" was callled Meacham, what we saw was the deepest bluest sky I'd ever seen and the cool thing was that it did photograph that blue.


WOW! Your house is amazing. I am so jealous. I love all the charm.

Nina's just fabulous!! I know ya'll must be so excited....I love it!

TerriB in Oregon

Holy scrapola! Fantastic house! I love your favorite thing(s) too! Lots of wonderful features, and just so nice. Lots of work, but at least you won't have to redo all the walls, floors, etc. I bet you will all love living there! It is all so charming!

Michelle OKeefe

Karen, It is really great. I love all the character in each room. The hard wood floors are fabulous, too. Good luck with it & much happiness! What fun to decorate the house. It is really great.
Would love to hear more about the plants your Mom puts outside also.
It is a really great house. I'm sure you'll be very happy living there. Very exciting.

Kim S,

LOVE the wainscotting and all the beautiful woodwork....and the floors are gorgeous. Lucky you! What a wonderful new old house!


Wonderful house, no wonder you've fallen in love! It looks like it has lots of storage and such awesome built ins and great details. Just like everyone else, I can't wait to see what you do with it! Congratulations to all of you and good luck with all your projects--hope you finish ahead of schedule : )


Oh I can already hear the sounds of happy feet and squealing laughter in that feels wonderful right through the computer screen.
I know you will enjoy every inch of it...SO happy for you all!

Julie McD

Love it! Can't wait to see it all finished and cozied up when you guys move in! Good luck with everything!

Lorraine M.

Wow! You will show us after you finish the reno's, right? Congrats, it truly is lovely.


in total awe of your new home......makes me want to look for an old house


OMG I'm in love - if you ever want to sell - let me know. OK I may live in England but I'll find a way around it!!! That house is something I dream about - it's beautiful.


It's so you, Karen-Nelly-Olsen-Russell-Downs!

Wish we lived closer, I'd employ the help of my husband, Lonnie Stilwell, at no charge. (He's a Mr.Fix-It which means we never hire anyone to do anything in our house, which takes things forever to get done...but they do get done....:) And it's WAY less expensive.

Love everything about your new spread--it's charming in so many ways. Hope y'all make lots of new memories and traditions in that sweet, new, old house!


OMG - what a fab house!!! You must be dying. I really think you need to change your title to SNAPSHOTS OF A GREAT LIFE. C'mon, Karen - you have a GREAT LIFE! :) Container Store has Elfa systems and if you send them closet measurements they will configure the closet to maximum storage and then tell you what to buy. We bought an old house in our last city and redid it all. Fun, but never ending. We gutted bathroom and redid the total kitchen so I so know where you're living right now. :) We had fabulous built-ins, too - which were the selling feature for me - along with the mail drop IN the door. :) OH - and I have our bedroom and bath now a pale blue - it's very soothing and can also be romantic and I love it. :) Have fun and keep sharing shots - so gorgeous. :)


Holy crap! I love that house! It looks like it was looked after!

michelle t.

I love it!!! TFS with all of us!

Lisa Bracale


Your house has so much character-I love it. The doors are fab and the built in's. Have fun decorating can't wait to see the finished scrap room.

Lisa in DE


The house has such a personality, that's why we love old houses, right? Love the same stuff you love about the house, the pocket doors, the 2-way glass cabinets, the tub, oh the tub...


I love, love, love the new old house and can't wait to see photo's of your office/scraproom once completed! Congrats again.

Carrie P

So much character. I think I'm jealous. Love the carpet too.

Cindy Welch

Wow, my husband says kudos to josh for changing that pain in the @*&^%%$$ wiring. Love the new old house.

Jessica K.

oooohhh, i have such new old house envy....


OOOOH. I LOVE it! You lucky girl, you!


Awesome! I love the house - wish it were mine :) I love the carpet!!!

jamie v

No denying why you fell in love.... lucky, lucky girl- it's beautiful... so NOT a cookie-cutter house which is what I live in now. 11 years ago, when I was expecting our first baby, we renovated a 75 year old house- it didn't even come close to touching the character your house has- gorgeous!!

Can't wait to see some of the progress...


Wow, it's beautiful Karen!! Enjoy it! :)


beautiful, karen! very charming and it seems to fit you!


What a beautiful house which I can "hear" from your post has already become "home". Good luck with all your renovations.

Laura Plunk

How Charming, love "old" houses....
Have a safe trip
Laura P
Southern OR

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