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cindy b.

What a wonderful house! So many great possibilities!! Can't wait to see all of the improvements. So many things too love about the house!!

Louise Murr

What a georgous charming house. I know you can hardly wait to move in permanently. How exciting and fun. Can't wait to see pics when you get settled in. Esp your scrapbook room....


It's great! There's a lot to love about this house. Congratulations!


OMG!!! Karen!!!I LOVE it!!! Talk about a dream house!!! I can't wait to see the progress of all your changes and everything as they go along!!

Kristal Jones

This house is fabulous! The built-ins...just awesome! Good luck with all of the "do it yourself" projects. :)


What a awesome house Karen! Such character that you just don't find anymore! We are moving as well in just a few days but nothing with this kind of character, I'm jealous!!! ;) Happy remodeling! ;)


Love your New, old house. It is gorgeous and has so much of that old fashion charm.


What a charming home Karen, I love old homes too!


I LOVE your New old house!!


I'm soooooooo happy for you.
The house looks GORGEOUS and you will have your very own ROOM.
I can just hear Annies little feet running all through the house.
What a joy this must be for you and your family.

Wishing you many happy memories........



Oh Karen, it is absolutely beautiful!!!! The floors are gorgeous and I love the carpet. I have to agree with your favorites in the house too. Very cool and you will be so happy in your new old house.


I L-O-V-E IT! Thank you so much for sharing. It is truely georgous! What a wonderful new/old house to raise your family. Can't wait to see your after pictures. Take your time making your new/old house a HOME! Enjoy the process. We live in house remodel #5 and I always say never again - but I would've bought your house in a MINUTE! what a lucky-ducky! Bet your new/old piano will look amazing in there!

Shannon Hatfield

Absolutely gorgeous!


Your house looks absolutely gorgeous! I love older houses because of the character that comes with them. If houses like that weren't so expensive down here I would own one in a heartbeat. . .but a girl can dream right?


Awesome house! Does it actually have two staircases to go upstairs? I hope you'll show photos after you decorate!

Nancy L

Oh my. I can see why he was afraid to show you. I can see it being your house. Love it. Maybe one day I will own a home. I love that you got the scrapbooking goodies moved in.


Wow! Gorgeous house! I particularly like the clawfoot tub. Swoon!


um karen?
i might just have to hate you now.
yes. im pretty sure.
i hate you.


congrats girl-im so happy for you. but jeez, i need to move to oregon.

Alicia Griffith

That is a beautiful house. So what does it look now with all your decorating experties?

Belvin Guffey

Such a beautiful house. Congratulations for possessing this. I am 100% envy to this.

tony@self storage bath

This house seems like a new home .It has been well cared.This is a well furnished old home.

Beland Huntington

Thank you for the tour. I really enjoyed watching the design of the house. I like it. We are planning to build a house and I would like to make your house as a model. I hope you wouldn't mind. :)

Alcott Rodarte

Awesome! you're so bliss to have that. I'm happy for you.

Ziemer Walz

There's no other place like home! Wow, excellent I love this stunning picture of your house. Very unique design. Craving to have a home like this.

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