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What fun pictures! Have a good weekend! We're headed to the Coast!


You two look too young to have kids, let alone teenagers!

And please tell Courtney Lee that she gets many more germs from those slides and swings than from one lick from her sister. ;)


Barefeet! We still have snow!
Love Annie's outfit!


Love the pictures! Have a great weekend!

ana roat

That last picture of Annie cracks me up...a girl after my own heart!

Happy sunnshine to you all!

California Annie

Ali Edwards

Love that one of you too :)

Tammy Rasmussen

So Karen what are you doing with these photos now? Are you scrapbooking them? I haven't seen a layout in months and I am starting to feel withdrawals........miss your work!!!



Ok, two things:
I just love that Annie is almost always in a dress; so cute, the way she is dressed. Second, has anyone else noticed that that Josh Downs looks like a kid in many of your pictures??? So cool.


what a nice day @ the park. love that last pic....
love the swing shots too


that first picture is HILARIOUS!!! I love Annie's expression, so "innocent" and proper and Courtney's is to DIE FOR! That's one I would print and frame. Thanks for allowing us a peek into your fun little world. What a hoot!

Kim P

That first picture is just priceless! I'm cracking up just thinking about it. And then the last one with the guilty tongue hanging out for all to see....funny. Ha! Love them all, as usual.


what a fun way to spend the evening:)
what an adorable outfit your daughter annie has!
tfs, happy weekend!


I love the picture with the Orange Juice bottle. Annie is trying to look all innocent.

Thanks for sharing.

jamie v

I love going to the park... you're never too old to swing I always say....


Karen, my son is almost 3yo, he is sitting on my lap..."mommy that pretty girl sticks her tongue out like me!"


I just have to tell you that I cracked up all over again when I scrolled down a bit after reading today's post (31st). The look on Courtney's face is priceless and you captured the moment so perfectly.
Thanks so much for being so open about sharing your life with your readers. Speaking as someone without kids, it's a great little glimpse into what life could be like. :)

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