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last year you posted a huge list of Q's and A's and one of the questions was something about storing photos online and where you print your photos....ring a bell? well, if this sounds at all familiar or if not... i'd love to know if/where you store and print your photos.

thanks a million. love your style and inspiration :)



Awwww...sweet. What movies? I'm on a Vince Vaughn kick right now - he makes me laugh, cures my blues.


No rain in Bend! :)
I hope you have a great weekend. Sorry about the blahs.


Van Halen on the Light Bright -- I love it! A boy after my own heart... I totally get what you're saying about the crazy-blues, I get them too. I'm hoping a good night's sleep will work wonders but if not then I'm all for the fudge swirl and a movie.


Thanks! Hope your weekend is great as well :)

Leslie Parks

Karen, what do you mean not productive? I'm in your class and you critiqued a ton of photos and then went out and practiced shooting yesterday. Your photos are so inpiring and wonderful. I just love the one of Cole against the brick wall. I want to do my son's soccer team this way and you gave me a wonderful idea. I'd say you were very productive. Thanks for your hard work. I think I'm finally understanding things.


Have a great weekend with the kiddos, Karen!

Julie Pilch

Hi Karen, I think it is just the March blues. I was only saying to my DH yesterday that I felt that I had just "survived" this past week with the kiddos as opposed to have done anything productive. Rain in the UK too today! Roll on Monday and a fresh week!! Have a great weekend xx


Well, I'd planned on driving up to Oregon this weekend maybe to Coos Bay, lol, but thanks for the rainy day heads up!

Lisa B.

Same kind of weekend here. I've been unable to get away to go camping for 3 weeks now and it's driving me crazy. Rain all weekend. Thought of spending a night at one of the casino hotels in the city but they were all booked too. Just rented a couple of movies to pass the time. Hopefully we can go fishing next weekend.


I'm jealous reading about all the things you could possibly DO up there!!! What a way to live.

We have the same problem with a traveling husband in this house too--gets old, huh?

I'm just PMSing this week, so it's been an eat-everything-in-sight sort of week to help squelch the grumpies.

Hope it's a good weekend for you anyway!


Sounds pretty darn good to me. Enjoy! Just think how green everything will be when the rain stops, lucky you! We are dry dry dry here. Send some our way.
Hope the movie was a good one!

Leigh Ann Russell

You can come up and stay with mom and I...Though mom is on another "I'm not eating any junk food" kick! I ate Peanut M&M's in my popcorn anyways last night! Cheer up little buck-a-roo! You could always be in my shoes.


Crazy-blues be gone!! Sounds like you've got a great plan "D". Sometimes, it's those simple stay-at-home-and-lay-low weekends turn out better than plan "A", "B" or "C". Have a fun one!


next time you better drive to Portland even if it is rainy......the blues would be gone like that I promise :)

Jennifer Simon

K~ You need to try Jack's fresh salsa- Kroger/Fry's now carries it. It is fresh and all natural. It is awesome- look for it next time you are in the mood for nachos.


Um....Tillamook Vanilla Bean is the best vanilla ice cream on the planet. Seriously. I used to live on the East Coast and the midwest and nothing they have out there compares AT ALL!


That sounds like a perfect saturday night to me!!! ENJOY time with the kiddos. And you made my WEEKEND, I got my BINDER!! Whoo Hoo!! Thanks, Karen! Have a great weekend!

Anna-Marie Still

I was having the same kind of day - feeling like there's soooo much to do here at home & in my studio while we were out running errands, but DH got "27 dresses" for us to watch tonight (still won't help me get stuff done, but it makes me happy to look forward to snugglin' up on the couch to watch it with him tonight) and when I got home a certain box was here with a certain binder in it wrapped up all purdy like! Yippee! Can't wait to start class online with you miss!

Christy O

I recently bought the Target version Blue Corn Tortilla Chips with Flaxseed - I'm not even a chip eater but they are awesome!! We're having cold and rain, too; I'm more than happy to stay in my PJs :)


Oh, I can totally relate! Turns out living in Austin, Texas really helps with not feeling blue (for me anyway!). Hope the rest of your weekend is fabulous!!

Tonia Borrosch

Sounds like a good cure to me!


I'm one of your students for the March class and I got my binder today. It is so nice. Thank you! I'm really excited for the class.

libbi m.

Hi karen... I work @ costco and saw tator tot taylor with her folks. She's even more beautiful in person. And misty,if you get a chance to read this post, it was so nice to meet you and your beautiful daughter. I'm a cashier on the front end and I'd love for you to come thru my line anytime. Karen, I hope you enjoyed your chocolate cake and movies. Have a great weekend and maybe I'll see you at costco.


A rainy weekend....really yucky weather wise but, my binder for the March class arrived! A litle bit of sunshine in a box. Can't wait to begin class!


Well your laid-back weekend still sound fun to me! What movies did you see?

tammy t

I have to say that your coping skills sound a lot like mine! And at least you included some organic fruit with your snacks and movies!

Hope your blues go away. I am sure your sweet brood helped a lot with that!


Liz Miller

Definitely a GREAT cure for the blues!!!! Try some Haagan Daas Yogurt swirled with honey & granola it is heaven. Another blues buster Virgil's rootbeer!! Delicious!


That sounded like the perfect cure for the blues. I tried Chocolate Marshmallow ice cream yesterday to chase away my dark clouds but I wasn't as successful and now I know why - NO CAKE!!!

HUGS and here's hoping all your days are cheery yellow for the next week.


I had the pleasure of taking your photography class in Webster, TX at the Scrapbook Junkie and as I look at your photographs I"m reminded that I need to review my notes again! The one thing that I was immediately reminded of after looking at the photos of Annie and Cole is the rule of thirds...I need to be better at that...because it makes pictures magical! Keep posting...I love them!

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