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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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I can't wait to hear your review on the Nikon. I'm going to be getting my first DSLR at some point in the near future (especially now that I'm on the waitlist for your class!) and I have a Nikon SLR, but have been leaning toward a Canon DSLR.

And that binder looks yummy!

Jennifer M.

I just got my binder and I love it! I don't want to take it apart because it's so pretty.

Leslie Parks

Oh Karen, please teach an advanced or part 2 class. I am learning so much and addicted to seeing and reading the comments you make. It just helps cement information in my brain. It would be great to have another workshop. If/When you write your book, I'm snagging that too. Yesterday I sat down and re-read the first three weeks. It was amazing how much stuff I missed the first few times I read it. This has been the best class I've taken. Thank you.


Yipee! I'll be holding out for an OR workshop! I don't really want to travel out of state since we live so close! hehe! Unless you need a travel buddy, then we can go together! Have a good day!

kim Bolyard

OMG that I want to take the class even more...I am saving my pennies for the next one.


Carrie Duwelius

I understand about not wanting to take the binder apart, LOL! I just peek through the top, and then flick my pen around a little, then come check for blog updates, then go flick the pen around a little more and maybe fiddle with the card, but I will NOT take that binder apart until there is smething to put in it, and that day can't come soon enough!!!!
BTW.....I vote for an editing class on a cruise. Not that we're voting.....but if we were, that's whatI'd vote for ;)


will you come back to CT (missed you last time you were at the Scrapbook Clubhouse)? Or, anywhere in Massachusetts (Absolutely Everything is a great store!)??



Oh, please don't switch to Canon, it's the one thing that keeps us connected! I printed off all your camera info and then took it to the store and bought my camera, not the kit, the 50mm lens and a larger lense, 70-200, I think. The camera lady was a scrapbooker and was impressed with my list of info.
I say this everytime I post! I'm so excited about getting in the classs and can't wait for June and my binder! I keep showing my hubby your blog pictures and telling him "see, in August, I'll be able to take pictures like that!"


I can't wait to take your class someday. I would totally vote for you to teach an editing class.


I'm putting in a vote for the cruise thing as well! Tell us again how to sign up for the classes. P.S. - Thanks for emailing that film strip a while back. It's on my blog now;)


I have been a follower of your blog from almost the beginning. I think I've only commented once. But I wanted to say BLESS YOU! LOL. I have saved my pennies and I am now ready to buy a nice camera. I have been totally perplexed! Nikon? Canon? Nikon ? Canon ? Oh my heck it's been drivin me crazy and the money is burning a hole in my pocket! And I've needed some good shots of stuff for my business but keep putting it off because I can't decide! I have had Canon owners tell me to get a Nikon, I have had Nikon owners tell me to get a Canon. LOL. And of course I've had Nikon's tell me nothing but Nikon and the same for Canon's. My husband wants me to get a Pentax, but I don't know anyone that has a pentax. So I will await anxiously for your review. And yes the RAIN is the pits! I thought it was going to wash us away yesterday! (I live close to Mt. Hood). ;o) ooxx`jodi


I will be in your class one day!! It is on my wish list of things to do. I am glad that you are renting a Nikon to try out. I bought my first SLR two weeks ago. I came to your site to read back posts I remembered on all the info you had posted over the last couple of years and your catagories were gone. I assumed that you took down those posts because there was so much info about pictures in it that it cut into your class info... I just read that you were looking into why it is missing)I debated and debated between the Canon and the Nikon. I chose the Nikon and so far.. so good. I still have lots of questions and much to learn.. I am looking forward to your input on the Nikon. And I am determined to get into one of your online classes as soon as I can :)
I visit your blog everyday. I really enjoy it so much!!

I wish a store owner near here would get you to do a one day class here :)

Roxanne in ATL


oh please come to PA!!!!!! or NJ I will make the drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just bought a Canon. I thought long and hard before I made the decision {I chose the canon because of the indoor quality they give}. Thanks for being willing to answer questions for those of us not taking your classes. Though one day I hope to.


When my binder came it was like Christmas morning and Santa packages! I took the binder out of the box. I slipped the ribbon off to look at the dividers. I slipped the ribbon back on. I took pictures of it. All the while my son and my husband are really being supportive about my excitement, but trying to figure out why an empty binder is so exciting! Now, the binder is standing up on the dresser in my bedroom. Every time I glance at it, I get excited and impatient for the class to start!
Thank you!

Brooke Pedersen

I got my binder this weekend and just like Cathy said was like Christmas Morning! My husband and I both got packages delivered on the same day and he was quite jealous that my package was bigger than his!

Thank you thank you thank you!


Thank you for planning to offer the photography online workshop until everyone has a chance to take it. It's just not the right time for me now, but I hope to be able to devote the time in the new year. My pictures that I take with my SLR seem to get worse the more I try.


Hi Karen,
Do you want testimonials from the one day photographers workshop as well? Cause you know I'm always up to give you full credit for helping me start my own photography business!! If you do, just let me know. And yes, I think you should definitely teach a part 2 / editing class. And if you should come back this way to NY area, I will come to your class if for no other reason than just to say hi!


I got my binder yesterday and took a picture of it...loved the personal touch w/ the ribbon, note and card. When I tied the ribbon back on it didn't even look as good as when you did it so now not only do I want to take pictures like you, I want to tie ribbons like you! :)


why not try testing out the advanced/editing stuff in a one day workshop part 2? I bet you have tons of people who have taken it every time it's been offered and need to move up to the next step...manual/raw. then how to process once you've shot in RAW. I'd be there. With bells on ;)


I loved what you did with the binders too. I also took a picture of mine! :)

Thanks so much!


I got my binder Saturday and I am surely going to find a scrapping use for the pretty green fabric that was tied on mine. I can't wait to get started...just 13 more days!!


I hope you will be able to offer a One Day Workshop in the Portland area or anywhere in Oregon this year. The last time you had one at The Scrapbook Attack I was not able to attend. I can't begin to tell you how I regret not being able to take that class!

Sue E

Karen - I so admire your work, you are so very talented and would love to someday take your online photographers class. In the meantime, would love to know your recomendations for a lens. I currently have the Canon Rebel XSI and the lens that came with it is pretty crappy - just wondered what your recomendation might be. Thanks!


My Binder arrived on Saturday to make an otherwise dreary day bright! CAN.NOT.WAIT until the 30th...


Woo Hoo Nikon...once you try it you will never go back Karen!! know I took your class with MY nikon and it has worked out brilliant (all these teasing was flung to a thick skinned that's OK!)...
Hope you can get some great pictures even with the rain...


You will love shooting with Nikon, I do!! This past weekend at the American Girl Fashion Show fund raising event for Seattle Children's Hosp. uncompensated care fund in Bellevue, WA; some of the Mommma's had Nikon and some Canon. I've seen the shots from both; the Nikon users had a much easier time, getting great shots in adverse conditions (i.e. dark theatre type setting.) Which Nikon are you renting and what lens(es)?


Here is a pinch for Coley! Early happy birthday to Courtney! Really gross Ross! And I just want to say that I can't wait to take your online class in June. The one day Photographer's Workshop that I took from you at Scrapbook Oasis has really changed my life. I no longer shoot in automatic! Yay! I have really seen improvements in the pictures I have taken and I owe it all to you!

Tonia Borrosch

Can I just say, "You are awesome, Karen."

Kathi (Irish Catholic Good Lass from the Midwest who loves Donna Downey too!)

Karen - I got my binder and it did look is my favorite must have known :-)
I have been a Canon girl my whole life and I bought a Nikon D60 last year...and I cannot tell you how much I love it. I take it everywhere which really annoys my friends and family but pleases me to no end. I have a good idea but I truly hope that your class will for once and all make me better at the basics and at judging how best to shoot in different situations. So looking forward to your class...I print out your pictures for my creative and Heidi Swapp (and Janet Hopkins and Rhonna and Donna Downey....oh and Ali and Cathy Z)are my creative muses!

Dawn R

Got my binder this past weekend. You did a really nice job on these, Karen -- a lot of time and care put into it. Thank you! Counting down the minutes until class starts! I can't wait!


Karen! My binder arrived yesterday and I was so excited. The extra touch of the fabric wrapping, notecard and pen was AWESOME! I am so excited to start your class in a few short weeks.


Please, Please, Please schedule a One Day Workshop in Salem???!!!! I have my camera and I need some guidance...Thanks..BTW I know at least 5 more girls that are ready for the class too...

Rachel Tucker

Oh Thanks !!! now I really really really want to do your class. :) The binder is so very pretty !! Got the camera Canon Eos 50D, now just need to do your class.


PLEASE teach the one day photographers workshop in the Portland/Vancouver/Longview area. I will be so all over that.


I got my binder yesterday! I think I took 10 minutes to open it. I relished every moment. I am so excited. I can't wait. I loved the extra detail you put into wrapping it. My favorite part....seeing my name hand written on the card. So wonderful!!!! Here is to counting the hours until class starts! Karen you need to get on Facebook!


Karen as a former student I totally will back up your feelings on not offereing the binder adn info without the class itself. The class itself totally helps more then words can describe. It is the cement that holds the blocks together. I vote for a more advanced editing class!


Thank you Karen for committing to teaching until we all have had a chance. I, too, am waiting for a better a better time in my life to take it (next summer?) so I can committ to the class.

I took your One Day Workshop last June here in Massachusetts. It was great but I really want to take your online class because I am sure your critiquing of students' photos really helps them and contributes to so much learning.

Thanks for giving the Nikon a test run. I bought my Nikon D40 last March and now wish I bought the Canon! Do we always think the grass is greener on the other side? LOL!
But my favorite photographers (you, Tara Whitney) shoot with Canon so I can't help but be swayed! Cathy Zielske just jumped from a Nikon and bought a Canon 40D! Ritz Camera is selling the Canon 30D for $700 now (atleast last week they were). Anxiously awaiting your post on cameras and thanks for sharing with us!


where are you renting the nikon from? which model? uh-oh! i think you've just opened a can of worms for me!


I can't wait until June when I get to get my personalized binder! I'm so happy I got into the have NO idea...everybody that found out I got in congratulated me LOL...they knew I'd been trying to get in for a while :)

Cindy Welch

I am taking Karens class right now and It is worth a million bucks!!! I love love love her input and love you teaching methods. Love Ya Karen!


Karen, thank you for taking the time to make the binder arrival all the more special. The added touches were awesome. My husband was so excited to deliver the package to me yesterday when it arrived; he knew I'd been watching the mail for it.

Is it the 30th yet???!!


Karen...I agree with you, you would NEVER get the full hands on experience just by purchasing the binder/lessons separately. Your class is well worth the money and time waiting to get in. Also, I am very jealous that I didn't get a bow or a picture!! J/K... I guess I do have almost 440 pages filled with pictures of your family. I'm so sad it's coming to an end!


Karen, after seeing the binders you are sending out for the class, I am soooo jealous that I haven't been able to get in yet. I LOVE how you personalized them. Love that personal touch! Can't wait to get in some day.


You can always poke fun of Olympus and Sony. They're the ones that deserve it anyway. (says the very happy Nikon D300 user)

LOVE the blog, visit everyday. Have truly enjoyed watching your kids grow up and watching the Karen Russell/Josh Downs love story unfold. Keep it coming, you give me strength and inspiration.


Karen - I received my binder yesterday and really loved the special touch you added with the ribbon and personal card and note. I am so looking forward to your class and realizing all the great things I have heard about it for myself.


Karen, I hope you do a book!! When you do...I want one!! You really have a gift for teaching!! In class you do an amazing job of explaining all the technical aspects in easy & simple terms which can be easily understood! If you're contemplating additional classes, perhaps doing a test group of local gals would be worth a try! Love the pretty fabric tied around the binders!!


So I'm one of the "Few" Men that will be taking your course in June... Does my binder have to be so Foo Foo?.. Ha ha. Can my binder bow at least be of Fishing Poles, or Football :) ha ha. Looking forward to it.


Karen, I totally support your decision to not sell binders with printouts from your online class alone. Having taken the class, I know how much I learned not only from your critiques of my photos but the ones of my fellow students. Also having you available to answer questions was invaluable. I would be right there ready to sign up for an advanced class as well as a photo-editing class. Am in the process of converting from PSE to CS4 and shooting in RAW and would love it if you were to teach a class that would help make sense of it all. Will be waiting to hear what you think about the Nikon. I've been kind of a Canon "snob" as well, and after buying your 5D I don't want to find out that you prefer the Nikon! I have been having some focusing issues, though, so I'll be interested to see what you report about your Nikon trial. Hope the rain lets up so you can get some shooting in with it.


I love my Nikon so much. When I bought it I compared the Canon and Nikon. For me the Canon was much larger in my hands and heavier. I knew that would make me uncomfortable. I had also talked to several Nikon owners I know personally and they all loved their Nikon. So I chose the Nikon & I'm really happy with it and amazed at the quality of the photos. It is 10 megapixels. I had always been an Olympus girl, but Nikon is now my favorite.


I will also give a testimonial about your one day workshop!! The difference in my photography in before and after pictures are proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks. :) You know I love you, right?


Hey there Karen. I am all for an advanced class and/or editing class. I learned so much in your class and as you said on the blog today, we have this book forever to keep and use as a reference. (Good for old minds like mine) I cant wait for you to make the decision. YEA!
cblair in Michigan


well, since the weather's yucky up there, i think you should come down to San Francisco for the week and shoot from here. i've got room. come on down!! okay, come after Courtney Lee's b-day party. bring the family!! smooch!!


I'm really looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the Nikon camera as well. My husband and I have his'n'hers Canon 30D's and we have a few lenses and so have committed ourselves to Canon (at least for now), but he keeps reading about Nikons and is very impressed by them. I have to admit, I have seen some pros do some amazing things with Nikons.

When I read your comments in #8 of today's post about not offering the binder separately from the class, I wanted to cheer for you. I am a high school French teacher, and we are currently seeing a strong trend towards online education. I feel really strongly that you can't replace the value of the classroom environment and the one-on-one interaction for learning a second language, and I completely agree with your point that participating in the class is the best quality experience you can offer. I feel privileged to be in the class you are offering beginning in June, and I'm looking forward to getting my binder and getting started!

Julie McD


I like this one:
"I am still putting a lot of thought into an advanced class and/or an editing class but am not quite ready to commit to it."

I would love to see the one-day course over here in Maryland, but sadly we have no more local scrap stores!

Have fun with the Nikon - looking forward to your review since I'm a Canon girl, too!


Which Nikon did you rent? Crossing my fingers you rented the D700. (For selfish reasons of course. It's what I've got and I'm signed up for your class.)

Taunya C.

Karen- Would love, love, love for you to teach a one day workshop class in Utah. There are a lot of great scrapbook stores here to choose from and I know a lot of us would attend. Think about it!


Oh, I'm SO looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the different cameras/what you use. I'm looking to buy my first digital SLR and I want to start with something that I will have for a long time, so I'm TRYING to be patient and informed before I buy it! So hard. I'd love to know how you got started in photography..maybe you've posted about it, I'll have to search the archives. Thanks for all the inspiration, I can't wait to take your class someday!


No!! Don't move over to the dark side (Nikon)?! It's so much nicer in the light. hehe :0)


I'm jealous that you girls in the upcoming classes got a little extra with your binder!!!! But I still love mine...

I'm going to say... if you can take the online class, DO IT. :)


I rec'd my binder. It was bright and beautiful. I can't wait til class! I was outside trying to get some birds on the feeder to look at me and you also have tips for that?!:&!?


As a student in your class right now, I totally support your decision not to sell just the binder. The class is so much more than that, and you simply can't put a price on all the input you get. You know we're hoping for an advanced class- this class is LOVED and worth every cent, if not more, for so many reasons.

Kristi B

I took your class last session & was so impressed with the attention to detail! I had a Nikon & at Christmas sold EVERYTHING & got a Canon. Now Canon is good, but I don't think the focus is near as good as my Nikon. I put it out there on Craig's list to see if I can recoup some of the $$. I think my husband will have a coronary when I tell him I made a mistake :)


Hi Karen - I got my binder. I'm soooo excited for the class...but slightly (ok, more than slightly!) intimidated by the enormity of the binder! LOL. I guess if I fill that thing up I will definitely learn something, right? Just got my very first D-SLR (a Canon + 50 mm lens as you suggested) and have no idea what to do with it! Reading the manual every night... Can't wait to get started!

Phyllis R.

Can't wait to hear your review on the Nikon. I have a Canon 30D but have always felt the photos turn out a bit soft even with a few upgraded lenses that you have recommended here. Wondering if the SPENDY L series lenses would help? Someday my schedule will allow me to take your online class:)


got my binder yesterday...very excited!
Linda Sobolewski (fellow dental hygienist/scrapbooker/wannabephotographer

Terri Guerrieri

I got into your June class and can't wait! I love your work and your blog!


I just want to add that you should not sweat the rain with your Nikon test. Some of the best pictures I have ever seen have been the ones right after a rain storm when the ground is still wet and the sun is shinning. I am waiting for that perfect day to shoot. Maybe you will get a few. How fun would that be!

Sarah Goodyear

Hey! I know that Cindy girl who's binder that is!! Well, lucky for her, I'm also in the upcoming workshop, and I just can't wait to start working on my photography and dance on the table!! Karen, you're the best!!
-Sarah Goodyear Spring, TX

Alena H

My binder came in the mail the day after my birthday. When my husband brought the box in, I was thinking..."Who would have sent me a birthday present?" I was SO EXCITED to see what it was!! The 30th can't get here fast enough!!! :)

meredith malloch

Hi Karen,

I am desparate (along with everyone else who reads your blog I am sure) to take your on-line photography course. How do I get on the waiting list.



rachael robinett

oh please please please come to iowa to teach a class!!


I love you blog. I love you. I love your perfect family, and your beautiful,beautiful new old house! =)
This is the firs blog I check in my reader, every time I log on.
I get happy when you post. And I love that you do it so often.
You write so honest, you share your thoughts and make me relate
to you, even if I don't own my own house, and don't have a single kid.
But I have the same hobby as you, or it's more like your profession
both scrapbooking and photography.
I really love all the things you have created for scrapbooking,
I really don't understand how it's possible for one human to come up with so many beautiful things!
Your photography is amazing, you have a way of shooting that makes the pictures so you. Even if I've never seen the person on the photo before, in really many of your shots I can see that it is your photo. It's weird- or cool!

As I've written above, I'm a great blogstalker of yours, and I'm sorry that
I don't comment, or does so rarely. I didn't pay too much attention during my
english lessons at school over the years. That's why I rarely comment, and it
has just developed to a constant bad habit.

I just sent my fiancé that the one thing I really, really want to do before I get kids
is to participate at your class. The money is no problem, I think it's a fair price.
But I work offshore, and is gone for 1/3 of the year, and when I'm at work I don't
have my camera, and very little sparetime to do hobby-realated stuff. It's more like
a work-eat-sleep-life :)
So, if I'm ever getting pregnant , it would be the perfect opportunity to take your class,
since we only can be offshore for the first trimester. The next two I can use to photographing!
I just hope the class is still there!

Well, I just wanted you to know that I'm in here, and hopefully I'm going to fill a little less like a stalker now..

PS: I love it when you share info on your shots, and think it's really generous. After all it's your living & gift!

Rhonda M

Hello Karen! I just got caught up on lessons and your blog! I was so excited to see that you are going to do some more 1 day classes. I just e-mailed Tara @ the Paper Garden & I am crossing my fingers that she'll get you to come back to Texas! Thanks for everything!


If you ever travel to Arizona (Phoenix or Tucson area) please let me know, I would LOVE to attend one of your classes, your blog is incredible.

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