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OMG... The stars aligned for me today! I GOT IN!!! Not into the first class, but into the second which timing wise works better. Seriously, there's nothing to take pictures of in B.C. in March or April, but June and July, whoooo hooooo!!!!
THank you for all your handy tips on registering.
I can't believe that at 2 min. after 9, the first class was sold out!
That must be an awesome feeling for you to know that so many people want to take your classes!


As a past class taker, I am so happy that people on the waitlist will get a chance to preregister. My words are for them. DON'T GIVE UP HOPE. The class is totally worth the wait (and frustration). Your time will come. Honestly, my thoughts are with you. I KNOW how disappointing it was not to get in the class for a bit. HANG IN THERE.


I am so excited I got in to the first class! I have been practicing my super fast typing skills all weekend :).

Julie Pilch

I can't tell if I got in or not! My DH is pulling his hair out as it was supposed to be a surprise. His payment went through but then we also got a mail saying we are on the wait list. Is this a yes (hooray) or a no :(

Julie Pilch

I can't tell if I got in or not! My DH is pulling his hair out as it was supposed to be a surprise. His payment has been accepted but then we got another email saying I was on the wait list. What does this mean? Is this a yes (hooray) or a no :(


I'm so happy that I got in too. June and July are the perfect time to take pictures in BC. I've tried to get into the sessions offered at other times of year without success, but that was probably a good thing, because I wouldn't want to have to take all my photos indoors. Thanks Karen for creating a registration form that doesn't reset itself when you have to select a country other than the US -- I held my breath at that part!


I'm so happy to have gotten in also! I wanted to get into the 1st one because my daughter is graduating in June and I was hoping to take awesome pictures at graduation but the 2nd class is fine as well. I am going on a cruise in August so I want to be able to take great pictures then as well.

Julie Pilch

I got in! I am so happy!

Jenn N

I guess being on the wait list might, just might give me a chance to get in this class. I have tried each time and it sells out so quickly. I will try get on the wait list tonight....


I am thrilled to be part of the June class!... however if my class confirmation bounces back, its because I left a digit out of my email address. Its been fixed (I already updated my profile). I'm looking forward to summer more than ever now.


I had actually been hoping to get on the wait list (not getting the camera until later this year), but I can't even get to that. I'll be ready on July 13th and typing like a crazy fool to get in! :)

Jennifer Crosby

Leading up to 12:00, I practiced the information over and over. I had payment info in front of me. My palms were sweating. 12:00 hit and I typed like a banshee! I never typed so fast! My stomach churned from nervousness, my legs were all jello-y. And, holy cow, I got in. I didn't know if I would throw up or jump up. Being that my legs were all jello-y, I just sat in my chair and smiled. I am so looking forward to this experience! Thank you for sharing your talents!

Jan M.

I am sooo looking forward to this! Can't wait 'til March 30, learning lots, taking lots of photos and getting to share with you all.


I am so excited! I got in! I cannot wait for the class to start. I hope March flies by for me. Thanks again Karen!


wow! still totally shocked I'm in! Can't wait!!!!! thankyou Karen :o)

Jessica C.

HORRAY for the first class takers! I'm also in March 30th! woot woot! my co-workers thought I was crazy this morning!

Yvonne Michelle

I'm a tax accountant, so there was no way I could sign up for the first class. I made it into the summer class, which was the one I wanted! I was mentoring a college student today at work (she was job shadowing me), so one of my colleagues signed me up. I was happy it all went smoothly! I can't wait to tap into the creative side of my brain!

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