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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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okay...I am chewing my nails waiting for the next shots, who will it be? :-)


Your pictures are beautiful and it is so nice of you to take the time and effort to help the rest of us out :)

Tonya Goin

Your pictures are so sweet! I have to get on the waiting list for your class! :)


Beautiful pictures as always, and I love the light, but please make Annie stop growing up!


she is So cute and she's getting SO big!


She's a doll! Aeweome photos! Thanks for the info! I always forget my 50mm lens!


You've inspired me to take some shooting time! (I'm in the process of posting some results right now) . . . but I have a question also.... I have recently decided to shoot, edit, print, and post all in sRGB. It just makes the process a whole lot easier and when I realized that (that's where I LOVE to print, too!) printed everything in sRGB, I saw no reason to use AdobeRGB at all. I've seen you mention a switch to sRGB for posting (which I know is always best for online), but is this your process, too, to just stay in sRGB? Just wondering.... ALSO, on that note, do you use ICC Profile and then just tell them not to color correct anything? I've e-mailed Doug about this but haven't heard anything yet. Would love to know...thank you, love your blog so very much! Feel free to e-mail if you can:
mbdblue at comcast dot net
Thank you again! The kids are so precious!


I admit it, I giggled about the knucklehead shout out. You always keep it real and I just love that. :)


I LOL at the thought of that little angel face calling a stranger knucklehead!!! Too funny!


That first picture leaves me speechless! WOW!

Nancy Wyatt

I loved the knucklehead comment too! My hubby is playing guitar hero when I busted out laughing at that comment. Hence he thought I was laughing at him playing, hehe. I just love the photos you take! And your kids, all of them are such awesome subjects. I love that you can see what great kids they are through the personality they show in the pics! As always great job! hugs from Texas!


I love the pictures of her shoes backward!


Awesome pictures! I can never convince my little one having the right shoe on the right foot is beneficial. :)


She is just so yummy cute. And your commentary is usual.


Beautiful photos once more. I love how it's completely different than Coley's set. I'm excited to see what you come up with on the other kids.

Kimberly Archer

Absolutely precious photos. My daughter puts her shoes on backwards all the time. LOL

jamie v

I'm sooooooo jealous- you have green grass already!!! Miss the westcoast and all it's green-ness!

Gorgeous photos!


I can't wait to take your class so I can take some beautiful pictures like these ones. Now I just have to find a little cute person to pose for me.


She sure is growing up fast! I love the pictures! The exposure info means nothing to me until I take your photographers workshop! Someday, I will take it! Someday, it will be mine! You teaching anywhere local that I can attend? Your calendar there looks a little outdated! Have a great day!


Her skin is glowing in those pictures, Karen! Great lighting too. Thanks for sharing!


I'm usually just a lurker on your blog but I had to stop in and have a giggle over the knucklehead thing, she looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, so cute. Love your photography, very inspiring.


i'm working on filling my coffee can with my savings so I can take your class! Each time I see your photography here it just makes me want to take your class more and more! Thank you for your daily inspiration!


Your picture of the shoes on the wrong feet made me laugh. My son AlWAYS put his shoes on the wrong feet at that age. My husband used to comment that even a MONKEY would get it right 50% of the time.


Karen: Great photos!

Would you please recommend some actions to use for pictures containing people of color? I am African American, and I primarily take pictures of my students, who are primarily Hispanic and black. Therefore, the actions that you use do not compliment me/my audience.

I would greatly appreciate this! It would be wonderful if you dedicated a post about this topic/incorporate this information into your online workshop. It is very difficult to truly do a good job of photographing black skin. Your assistance with this would be wonderful. Please email me about it (when you have a moment)!


For anyone reading this post - all the info Karen just gave on these shots is nothing compares to what she gives you when you take her online photography class. The woman is amazing and amazingly talented. If you get the opportunity to take her class - you are very lucky!!!! And trust me when I say - if I can get good photos, anyone can master it with Karen's guidance and input.

Tammy Rasmussen

those are just wonderful photos.....your kids are growing so fast and I am so proud of you. I miss seeing you in the "burg" but maybe we can find a time to get together soon.


Martha - EP

I can't wait to take her class. Counting down the days to Monday! Yay!!!

I love these photos - totally takes my breath away. If I would have taken the first shot I would have said it was blown out for me, but looking at that shot, Annie looks like a little angel, okay she is - maybe that why that photo is beautiful!

Thanks Karen for sharing all you do.


Your baby girl is just adorable. I love how you've captured her little personality ( ha...or should I say big personality) in these shots Karen! That knuckle-head pic is priceless!

I can't wait to take your class....I think I'm at the bottom of the waiting list though! LOL!


that is some of the prettiest light i think i have seen you photograph in - beautiful

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