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The kids looked like they were having a great time. Any fish caught? Thanks for sharing your pictures.


Fun pictures! Hey, I'm a big fan of camo too! Especially during certain times of the year!


Oh.....Love the pics and the kids for that matter!

tara pollard pakosta

how fuN!
show us the slide photos from the last post that you said you would try to remember to share! reminding yOU!

Nancy Wyatt

How neat! I just love how your photos perk up my day! My hubby left today for 7 day shift away from home then he'll be back for 7 days then he starts his away for 14days and home for 14. In April I will only see him 10 days, makes me sad. Then I saw these photos and it perked me up! thanks for sharing! hugs from nancy in conroe, tx!

p.s. are you coming back to the Houston area anytime soon for your photography class? I totally missed when you came to webster late last year!


Great photos as always! It's warming up here so I'm able to get a few more outdoors photos, but it's not as warm as where you are, short sleeves and shorts! I wish!


Little Miss Tate is straight from heaven. . .so sweet those eyes and that smile. Yannie cracks me up. What a cutie pie. I love her face in the picture where she is behind Tate. . .too cute.


My hubby will be nice and take the children out for the day so I can get work done too... Then as soon as they've all left (we have 4 (ages 8,10 and twins 13) it's too quiet and I want them all home again!! Good for you, to get out on a nice day and enjoy your family!


That picture with all of the kids on the table is just too stinkin' cute!


Karen, you have so many great shots...I don't know which one I like the best! Good for you for taking a break...I'm sure our class has left you with a ton of work. (me being one of them) Miss you already!! Still can't believe it's over :( !!!!


Santa brought Bethie that same little camera!


I love these pictures, and all the colors that the kids are wearing makes for such cheery photos!!


LOL! Love that headlock photo!


i have about 6 of those camo shirts in my house too. my husband and son are big fans of camo too.

teresa b

Great photos Karen.. My how they have grown!!

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