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Kathy C

Congrats Annie on the big girl if Charlie would make that promise to me...she's got just a little over 2 months until she turns 3!

Love the photo!!! ;-)


*sigh* i needed to see a picture of yours in the midst of all that business today :) made my day....and FYI....those cute little pigeon toes are the LAST bit of proof that she is yours because the FIRST bit of proof is that smile of hers which is EXACTLY like her mama's :)


Once we are on the wait list, do we stay on the wait list? Or do we need to re-sign up on that?


Heads up. I register after the last registration and when early registration opened for these 2 sessions I made it in. So don't loose hope and register and wait patiently till June when early registration notification goes out. Yippee I can't wait till the end of March.


Those can't be Annie's feet....she has grown up! That can not have happened so fast. What a cutie-patootie!


Yes i highly reccommend the waitlist after i made it in at number 40 to the december - jan class Iwas amazed i got in but i did and it was awesome.


I missed the class again. SHUCKS! I will be patient. If that is all possible. LOL

Congrats on the big girl's official...the baby days are gone.


to all the girls (and guys) on the waitlist don't lose hope, you will get in because Karen promises you will(and she is a people pleaser!) and even if it isn't until next year IT IS SO WORTH THE WAIT! TRUST ME! the stuff you will learn and the way Karen teaches is just AWESOME!!!!


Look at those cute feet! Love the shoes.

And I'm on the waitlist! So excited that there's a chance I can take your class this fall. :)

Carrie T

When I was Annie's age my one foot curved in. My mom's doctor told her to put my shoes on the wrong feet and it would cure it. Sure enough it did.


Yaaaay Annie! Is that how it is with girls? I didn't think my sons would be potty trained in time for graduation from highschool(lol)! I'm pigeon toed too. If I were as cute as Annie, it wouldn't matter.

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