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Mary Austin Cox

Looks like a really fun day!!!

We have the same saying in Texas about our weather....

Steph Connor

Love the pics as usual, Karen! I need info. about the girls clothes! Where did you get Annie's sweater and Courtney Lee's dress? I love the aqua color for spring:)

Melanie C.

Oh she looks like she had a good party and fun too. Looks like you had fun playing too, he he. I love Courtney Lee's turquoise dress. That color is my latest addiction, I can't seem to get enough.

Our weather in North Carolina has been crazy too. One min. its in the low 50's and less then 24 hours we are back up in the 70's its nuts!


Too Funny! My son that just turned seven on March 4th got a new bike, and helmet too! Maybe we could be related some day, far far away;-) I know who would photograph the wedding. Love it. I can't get over the colors in the pics they are so amazing. Is this with the Nikon or Canon? Do you get the colors from editing or is that true to the photo? 7 days till class!!!


Beautiful photos.

Beautiful family.

Beautiful life.



Karen, I'm dying to know what you're thoughts are so far on the whole canon vs nikon thing. What is your post processing on the nikon shots? Can't wait to hear!!! By the way, FABULOUS photos. Thanks for sharing!


Hi Karen,

I just wanted to let you know that I have been reading you blog for a long time now and I find your photos so inspiring. I just love the normalness of the photos but with beautiful composition, colour saturation and clarity. I want to be like you when I grow up! I have just purchased a Canon 50D, a big step up from my 300D. I am so excited to explore and learn more.



Hey! Why isn't that girl wearing her helmet? ;)

Wonderful captures! I agree love/hate the buses. But then, I don't have to live next door to them.

That tree is wonderful!

Cindy Mandernach

a common saying amongst Oregonians is; "If you don't like the weather,
wait five minutes, it'll change."ower

that's funny, i thought that saying just applied to MICHIGAN. however, we would never be able to wear sweaters and flip flops consistently at this time of the year around here....great pics.



Happy Birthday Courtney Lee!


oh! what a fun little party! happy birthday courtney! i love her birthday dress! all of these pictures are amazing - the color just POPS.

did i mention how jealous i am that you have green grass right now?

Ashley S.

How fun! That plum tree looks great in the background. I love Courtney Lee's dress.


All so gorgeous, my ds is now 7 1/2 - where has my baby gone?
I adore your photographs, wish I had an artistic eye!


Happy Birthday! Great pics.

I believe those are dandelions. ;)


Love the tree. Courtney beautiful... love her hair and her dress.


Love the tree. Courtney is beautiful... love her dress and her hair.


man oh man the ideas i have of your family with that tree in the background....SOOOO beautiful!!! courtney looks absolutely beautiful in her birthday dress and i LOVE annie's little leg warmers :)


Thanks for mentioning the weather, because EVERY time I see your photos, I think it must always be warm there. I live in Iowa and I am always jealous of your weather.


Love the photos! Would you mind letting me know what lens you have on for these shots?


I'm glad Courtney had such a nice day!! Love her dress! She looks like a princess. The shot of Annie blowing bubbles with the flowering tree behind her...did you take that with a wide angle lens? Also, I love the pictures of you and Ross!!! Good job Mom!


I love the photo of Courtney Lee with her cake looking at you! They are all great! And I agree with the other person, those are dandelions.


great shots as always! i'll have to check your syllabus for your class. i'm curious if you cover post-processing. i have made the switch to RAW but have not done nearly enough playing around with my photos as of yet!


she looks so grown up. I love the opening presents photo with Annie looking like she hit the jackpot! so great!


Wondering what you shot with? Did you use the Nikon? I love Annie's face in the photo of Courtney opening the book. So cute.

Elizabeth Bunney

Hey Karen
you can tell that you used the Nikon in these pics...they just have a different feel than your usual photos.

Not better or worse necessarily, but different.
I like them.
but I love Canons :)

Robyn :)

We have the same saying about the weather here in Kansas!! In fact, we had the same weather as you(minus the snow) yesterday so you must have sent it this way!!

I love how excited Annie looks while Courtney is opening presents!!


Sorry ..even if you give them a pretty name like buttercups...those are still Dandelions! LOL!!!

Love all the photos..thanks for sharing your life and family with us!

and that weather thing..MN too.:) But please still come and teach here!

Kristal Jones

Love,love,love the birthday shots. All of them are fabulous! What a gorgeous tree. And I kinda like the school bus. I think my fave shot is the one where Annie is blowing bubbles and the tree is in the background. And what a fun shot of you and Ross. I just love all of these. :)

Krista Artis

Karen...your pix are great, as always. You mentioned that you rented a lens. Can you tell me where you rented those from. Sounds like a great idea for people like me who are really just getting started in this wonderful world of digital photography. Thanks!!

Julie McD

I just have to say that I LOVE the shot of Courtney with the dandelions between her toes. Priceless memory.

Thanks for sharing.


I have to giggle...I have the same helmet:

Happy belated birthday to Courtney!

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