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I can't wait to hear all the details of your review!!! Good luck with the taxes. Yuck!


I love the 4th photo. So darling. Good luck with taxes. Mine didn't turn out very well, as in I owe $3000.


The photos look great!I do agree with you on the I'm the Momma, my brain is mush now techno-less moments! That's one thing I love about my Nikon, the "auto, no flash" setting gets me through many of those moments, I don't have to worry about the camera, I can just concentrate on the child!


Every year I say I'm going to start organizing my taxes better and every year April rolls around and I haven't done squat!
Annie looks so grown up when she's running towards you!


I think these are great! I love candid shots like this and think they are perfect.

Rachelle Sims-Keranen

cute photos~ and even the bottom of Josh's Shoes are Beaver fans : )


awesome photos. Love everyone's reactions in the background.

Lan Amphone

I don't know how you make time to update your blog but I love it, it's my daily inspiration to go and take more pictures of everyday life.

Oh, good luck with your taxes, I used to work in a cpa firm for 6yrs so now every living relative expects me to file their's for free.

Paola Norman

Annie is the cutest thing...what a sweet child. I can see the both of you in her. I'm looking forward to your Canon/Nikon comparison.
I don't think anyone in their right mind finds taxes entertaining..but then again I could be wrong. lol.
Have a beautiful day.


The thought of taxes makes me sick to my stomach...eww!

Love the pics...even with a Nikon...(just teasing, Nikon girls!)


Hang in there girl! Love, love, love your photos! You are a great MOM and I love taking a "break" from my "MOM world" to check in on yours. Thanks for the inspiration.


where did you find that cute sweater on Annie??

Yvonne Michelle

That's why you hire a tax consultant, lol. :)

Kristal Jones

I can't believe how long your daughter's hair is getting! Great shots. Did you use your usual processing?


love the photos! ugh! I HATE tax time! looking forward to class starting though ;o)

Tammy Mellish

I think Annie looks so much like you, but a LOT like Courtney in the 4th photo down!


Out of all the blogs I read, yours is by far the best Karen! Your stories and your pictures are all fantastic!

Mandy Friend (G.P.)

Where did you get that lovely table cloth from Courtney's party? You really need to call me when you go antiqueing :)(SP?) love it- your yard is going to be beautiful!


Love the photos- as usual!
Dying to hear your comparisons, I am hoping to get a DSLR this year and can't wait to hear the verdict!

imme hansemann

Greatings from a big fan from Germany....

I love your photos so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

imme :)


I love the photos, but Annie looks so grown up. Her hair is so long and she's just adorable. Taxes are a bad word in our household. When the boys were growing up, we always went away on the weekend my husband worked on the taxes. Your Mom looks great, she must have been a young Mom because she doesn't look old enough to have a grandson as old as Ross.

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