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Sarah Holland

What a good Mama you are! I bet she had a blast :) In that third photo she looks a little bit like your youngest to me. (Does it weird you out to get comments from strangers about your kids? I swear I'm not creepy, just a blog stalker :) )

Andrea Devisser

Hey Karen! Are these with the D700 or your Canon? I'm so excited that you are giving Nikon a go, (as a Nikon gal myself) it's nice to hear what you see the differences are, I actually recently contemplated switching to Canon, well - I should say it was more like I just wanted to make sure 100% that i was confident going Nikon all the way before i purchased the $1600 lens I wanted to buy, :) Lenses are a huge investment, and I just wanted to be sure I was buying into the right family. I miss your class SO much, so.... here's that question again, hehe, you sure you won't be running a Photographers' Workshop: The Sequel? Oh, and i'm just working on my "Photographers' Workshop feedback" lol, I'll get it to you very soon! Hugs, and I'm LOVING your photos as always. Take care!
Andrea :)


I love the picture in the bathroom--how it is still crisp with such low light. And I like the idea of having a shoot in the same location for all the kids, that way if you were to pick your faves and frame them, they would go together really well...and I'm sorry, but I just had to chuckle when you described the little fit your youngest threw in the rental store!


I love how you captured such a wonderful day.


I am so excited you are giving the Nikon a shot. At your day class I felt a little left out because I am a Nikon person. In fact I had just sold my Canon and switched to Nikon right before the day class. I am in the March 30 class and so looking forward to it. Now I am so curious how you are feeling about the Nikon! Love all your pictures!!

Kristal Jones

All of these shots ar amazing! I love seeing all 3 of the kids' shots taken at the same location. Ross's turn now! :) Would he do it?

I like the comment about you not being a professional photographer. Had to smile for that one!!

Jennifer Simon

Someone wrote about your colors not being as vibrant....I have to agree. But I don't know if it is b/c I read you switched or not.......I don't think so. They are still great pics, but I like the ones of Coley and Annie better- the vibrancy of the color is better :-) My opinion......hahahahahah

Julie Pilch

My Photographers Workshop binder made it all the way to Suffolk, UK!!!! I am beyond excited about being in your class. Seeing all your pictures on your blog has really inspired me to try and become a better photographer and capture my three little tikes as beautifully as you do! Roll on March 30th!!!!

Jennifer M.

What gorgeous shots and what a pretty girl. It sounds like you had a great time with her!

Erica L

Lovely Photos! And since you mentioned you shot those with the Nikon you just know I had to quickly scroll down to do the photo comparison. I like the Canon better, colors are more vivid, you can tell the difference between the shots of Courtney Lee and Coley. Not sure if it’s a matter of your post production work or the actual camera..either way I <3 my Canon!

Thanks for sharing! You truly inspire me everyday to shoot..cant wait to be in your class *eventually*


I love the purse you chose.


I am happy that you are using the Nikon. Let us know your opinion on the difference between Coley & Court. Thanks.


OMG, you are in such trouble when Courtney Lee gets to be of dating age...that girl is beautiful! But, it will be good practice for when Annie gets that age, unless she continues to call people knuckleheads (which still has me rolling on the floor in stitches!).

Becky (beckywedd)

Karen -- more breathtaking shots. The black and white one of Courtney Lee with the reflection may be my FAVORITE photo that you have ever taken (tying with the one of Annie on her first birthday on your bed). How long have I been reading your blog and before on Two Peas? Are you frightened that I'm a stalker yet? :) Beautiful work. . . thanks for sharing.

Oh yea. . .Happy Birthday Courtney Lee.

Becky (aka: beckywedd)


Do you know what I love? The difference in the tree. In Minnesota spring is just seriously you have to get down and look in the grass to see the new ones coming up. Your pictures remind me that it is spring someplace. I love seeing that the blooms on the tree are even bigger now. Did she turn 7? Is that right. My little guy just turned 7 a few weeks ago.


wow. i swear next year on my birthday i'm knock-knock-knocking on your door.
i need a birthday like that.
how fun are you ...
instead ... you just gave me the chance to realize that i NEED to do that for my girls on their birthdays too. because it is such a great way to show them how much they are loved.


Happy Birthday Courtney!!! Hope it's a fun day for you!!!


I absolutely am so inspired by your photos. I used to get so excited about taking pics of my kids then I got busy, they got older and less cooperative...

Now, I am excited again. I really hope I can get into your class. I'm on the waiting list. I took some spring pics yesterday and they are so awful compared to yours. I'm crossing my fingers that I make it into the next round of class registrations!


Adorable pictures...Man that Nikon ROCKS!!! ;-)
Happy Birthday Courtney...looks like a fun filled day (except for the hissy fit of course..been there/dragged that child out LOL)


Happy birthday, Courtney! Her pictures are so beautiful. Let us know how you like the Nikon. I have always used Canon SLRs and Nikon point and shoot. I am at a stage right now where I am thinking of getting an expensive lens for my Canon or switching to a Nikon D300. Since you have been using primarily Canon, I would like to see your review. Have a great weekend.


wow Courtney is so fact all of your kids are really photogenic...


Lovely photos Karen! But I have to agree with the other commenter. The Coley shots are more vivid and alive with color, but that might be a difference in post processing??? How can you NOT take pictures of that girl, she truly is a beautiful girl.
I'm so close to getting stores nailed to get you to Minnesota for some one day workshops. A couple of us have been putting our heads together and working it! Hopefully, all the stars will align and you'll be here in 2009! Wow, I made a little rhyme!


I'm so glad that you've been giving NIKON a chance - I'm a nikon girl. I LOVE, LOVE that black and white picture of Courtney with her reflection!!! Gives me more ideas of how i should be taking pictures.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY COURTNEY LEE!! You are a beautiful little young lady!!

enjoy your day!!


Happy birthday to Courtney Lee!
The photos are great, even if they are shot with a Nikon!




Happy Birthday Courtney, see you at your party.

Love You


Happy birthday, Courtney Lee! Beautiful do find the prettiest places to shoot.

Lan Amphone

Happy birthday Courtney Lee! I love that you took different shots in the same location yet the photos are all different.


Happy Birthday to that beautiful girlie!! I hope her birthday weekend is awesome!!!!!

ps: and I know you know this already but i STILL want to see Ross in this same exact spot OCD cannot handle it if you dont!!!! (his hair looks fine....really it does!!!!!)


Happy Birthday Courtney!! Have a fun day full of surprises!!


Beautiful photos!!! Courtney is such a cutie! Happy birthday to Courtney and you are such a wonderful person to make sure that she had a nice day.

Jessica K.

sweet, sweet pictures of courtney lee! Would have loved to have seen a shot of the hissy fit. Whipping out my camera when that is happening is the only thing that keeps me sane right now...


Hi Karen, the lone black and white photo is the one I like best. I'd be interested in knowing if you took this photo in B&W or did you shoot in RAW and convert it into B&W in Photoshop?



these are awesome make me want to get better myself! one of these days, i'll get into your class! :) when you can, can you talk a little about your post-processing. for instance, in the first shot posted. do you always do the same things to your shots, do you use actions? i recently went RAW (!) and now i need to start messing around with my pics! thanks.


OMG!!! I always love the shots you get, but that b/w of Courtney Lee at the window took my breath away! Such a beautiful girl and such a beautiful shot!


wow - every single photo here is phenomenal. I can't even choose a favorite! I'm so excited to see these pictures with the Nikon... I have that lens and now know that SOMEHOW there's hope I can take photos that may remotely come out that great. Oh but then again, it's me and maybe not. lol.

And a big ol' happy birthday to Courtney Lee.


So a professional photographer would take all four of your childern to one place and take individual photos of each of them. You are doing the same but avoiding the mayhem that might
I love the b&w with the window. And as you know, I love the Nikon!


I came over from Nona's blog site, you're listed as one of her favorites and I visit her site often. I can see why she loves your blog! Wow, what inspiring photography! I read your comment that "i'm not a professional photographer . . . off the hook" but I have to tell you, you should be!!!

I plan to visit again, thanks!


I think it doesnt matter the kind of camera when one is a great, fabulous wonderful photographer!

Happy belated birthday Courtney Lee! Great purse!
carolynn from michigan.

Ann Grounds

Absolutely LOVING that last outdoor shot of Courtney Lee! Beautiful! It captures her sweetness and the little bit of "zing" I get from reading your descriptions of her on your blog.

I love that spot too and would use it over and over again-but then again, I'm not a professional either. What a great scrapbook page (or album-favorite place to shoot) that will make with all the kids photos in it---just drag Ross down there or have Cali "set him up" to be there at a time when you happen to be there.

Anyhow----Happy Birthday Courtney Lee!!! Love your poodle in the purse.


Great shots as always-I'm personally grateful you're not a professional, you probably wouldn't share all this with us if you were. As for the Nikon, these shots look incredible as do your others (with your Canon)-I think perhaps amazing pictures have more to do with the photographer than her camera. You are an inspiration!

Oh, and I'm always telling my husband that about golf equipment too:)

Paola Norman

Happy Birthday Courtney Lee have a beautiful day.
Your growing up so fast and that is one cool new bike you have there.


I wish you were my Mom or even that I had been so cool with my boys. The photos of Courtney Lee are awesome as always. You are my very favorite photographer (professional or not). Your description of Annie's unhappiness at the change in plans reminds me of many times with my youngest son, Steven. I resorted to never telling him anything in advance if I could help it because if something thwarted our plans he would just lose it. How do you find the time for such a full life? You inspire me. Have a great weekend.

Ali Edwards

the one with the reflection is awesome

Lisa Gleason

I love the B&W photo of Courtney and her reflection in the window/door.

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