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Kim P

Fun surprises are in store this spring for you - so cool! I love the pic of CL with the camellia and what a sweet pic of the two girls with what I believe is grape hyacinth. They are so pretty in the green grass. You're lucky to have those scattered about! I'm envious of your garden but certainly look forward to more pictures of your fun surprises too.


The tree looks like Cherry ...
The good-smelling stuff looks like Lilac ...
And the stuff all over the backyard, I think is crocus ... they'll even pop up through snow! Which we've had plenty of here in the NW this year!
I'm just guessing, but I'm loving your new home and the new surprises you are encountering.


"the best smelling stuff in the whole-wide-world" is a Daphne and that is exactly how I would describe it too! Plant more of them - they don't bloom for long! Love the photos & the family - thanks for sharing! (Also love the Nikon as it is my camera of choice!)


Lovely pics Karen! Great to discover such wonderful trees and flowers in your garden. I recognised the 'blue grapes' in the last picture, at least that's what they are called in the Netherlands. According to Wikipedia the correct english name is common grape hyacinth (


Daphne, Daphne- such a fabulous lemon-sweet smell! MMMMMMMMMM. Nothing like it in the world, you lucky girl!

Annette Navarro

They are called Muscari - Grape Hyacinths. I'm in California and I've been waiting for them to bloom this year. Maybe I get 5-6 little bunches to grow. Your so Lucky.... I love to take close-up photos of them.

Val from Down Under

Hiya, I love Daphne - you are so lucky if you have it in your yard! It's so temperamental here. And the Grape Hyacinths have a faint smell too I think. So many possibilities. I love Camellias too but we're in drought here and they like water. Oh well...


Definitely the last photo includes grape hyacinths. They are a spring flower and one of my favorites!

Susan Lily

Oh you are so lucky. I love those little Grape Hyacinths. They are absolutely my favourite flower; they remind me of my childhood because they used to grow wild near where I lived.

PS Love the shot with Annie piddling. You can't take your eyes off them for a minute! LOL


Hi Karen,
Anne Piddling makes me feel like my family IS normal after all. Your first picture looks like an apple blossom to me....the bark doesn't look like cherry. Look them up now that you have a few names. I have been wrong many times in my life ;-) but we have several apple trees in our Pennsylvania yard. BUT no cherry LOL so you run with that girl!
Hey thanks for the hug....maybe one day I will get your way for the coffee or you'll be doing something fun in the Binghamton NY area!
Hugs Back!


OMG that first picture....beautiful!!!


Ok...definitely grape hyacinths in the last picture and I'm pretty sure that the 2nd to last is a lilac! I bought my house in October and I remember how fun my first spring was there discovering the flowers that the previous owner had put in...I was a LUCKY girl since she planted lots and lots of peonies.

Enjoy the discoveries!

Lisa Ceaser

Not sure if it's been identified yet, but the purple stuff is Grape Hyacinths.


I would say that the colors do not seem as vibrant with the Nikon. But beautiful pictures none the less. Who taught Annie to pee in the yard? LOL...


Hi Karen-

The tree looks like a plum tree we used to have in our backyard, the smell was just so sweet. I really miss it and am thinking of planting another one.

Have a great day!

Stacey B

I think the colors are bolder with the Nikon...what do you think?? And yeah!! It's not raining!!


I'm voting that the Daphne must be in the Lilac family, that's what I thought they were when I saw them, Lilacs.
The other's are grape hyacinths. I miss all those northern flowers.


You can take the flower or leaf into your county extension office and they can identify them for you. We did that with an apple tree once. We didn't know which type of apple it was. It takes them a little while, but was so nice to know the true answer.


Those are two things we can grow here in abundance. Lilacs and grape hyacinths. Wish we could grow warner climate plants here.

Brooke - in Oregon

Hi there
Not sure what the tree is cause there are quite a few popping with color right now.

the WONDERFUL smelling bush yes is a Daphne (not a lilac), my in-laws and a HUGE one under the stairs but alas it totally burned up in the house fire :( hmmmm..... wonder where I can get another one! lol

The little purple flowers in the grass are grape hyacinths. I am sure you will enjoy each new bloom and each new adventure in the new-old house.


that is a Daphne plant for sure, we have multiple bushes planted because it is teh greatest smell in the world. Enjoy it while you can, it only blooms for a little bit.


I love the way you write. What a great vision of a suprise party waiting for you. I can hardly wait to see more pictures as your yard fills out. I love the first picture! It seems to me that it is not so much the camera as it is knowing how to use it.

Dianne Nelson

I have a daphne that looks I can't weigh in on that one...

The last is grape hyacinth for sure. Those are bulbs, and they do spread easily. They can be dug up and spread around in the fall, I think. I'd ask your mother!


Dianne Nelson

found this link:

Looks the same as yours, no?



Love the last photo those girls are too cute! Also those flowers are some of my favorite wild flowers that I have seen on trips and wish I had in my yard here. Too funny with Annie piddling in the yard gotta love it!

Tammy Mellish

OmG.. that picture of Courtney with your piddling girl in the background is HYSTERICAL.. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing! So funny! Chloe has done many things like that! She's the last of 5 children, and I am so over it. No longer do I, or can I, stress about these things! I wonder if Daphne would do well here in the Northeast.. I love lilacs and these are reminiscent of those. I started a bunch of seeds inside yesterday to *hopefully* transplant outside when the weather is right (we are no where near our last frost here in VT). Wish me luck!

Linda M.

yep, the yummy smelling shrub is daphne and the little flowers are grape hyacinths (and yes they do have a faint delicate scent, if you cut a bunch and put in a small glass on your nightstand they will delight you). In my yard they grow like weeds, I have to keep digging the tiny bulbs out. :) Enjoy!!

Ashley S.

I loved those little purple beaded things (in the last picture) as a kid. It looks like you have a beautiful yard over at the new old house.


You should do a side-by-side shoot with the Canon and Nikon, to see if there are differences. I am a Nikon lover, and the above shots look really great. The colors are vibrant and the images are really clear! Love that spring is showing up somewhere, we are still waiting up here in Seattle!!


i'm sure you've gotten your answers...
but i'm too lazy this morning to read the comments (sorry!)

the best smelling stuff = daphne.
it's a required shrub/bush/plant in our family - and it's always planted right by the front door :)

and those purple flowers? grape hyacinth. aren't they LOVELY? i use to use them as in ingredient in my famous 'yard stew' when i was courtneys age :)

and because my comment isn't quite long enough ;) i want to add that i ADORE that first photo of courtney and the camellia!


haven't read what others posted, but the good smelling stuff is daphne and the blue flowers all over the yard are muscari. Looks like you need a Sunset Western Garden Book as a house warming present.....
And most of the trees that are blooming now are plum


I love to plant a daphne right by my front door! It's so nice to smell first thing when you walk outside.


I am so jealous! I can't even see our ground yet...still too much snow! Now I am really getting spring fever! Love the one of Annie piddling....just perfect! And it gave me a good chuckle this morning! Thanks! :-)


I'm so jealous that you have spring, even though tomorrow is officially the first day we are a long way from seeing anything bloom. It's been a weird winter for us. Grape hyacinths are one of my favs!


I believe it is crab apple from the tree.


That first picture of Miss Courtney is just stunning!! I LOVE IT!!



Spring is so exciting, especially when you have no idea what will be appearing! I remember when we had this spring unveiling after we bought our house...we had a ginormous flower bed that I eagerly watch fill with blooms that all turned out to be weeds! Every. Single. Plant. LOL.


I must say that I always enjoy your posts and sneaking a peek into your fun life! Sorry I have nothing to add about what plants those are, but I did do a little post about you on my blog today;) Hope you're having a great one!

rebecca k

I believe the good smelling ones are a type of Lilac and I am soooo envious! My parents had a lilac bush in our backyard where I grew up and when it bloomed my Mom would cut it all back (so that it would bloom again the following year) and fill the house with vases and vases of Lilac. You're right--there is nothing like that scent in the entire world... aaaah!


i SO wish my yard looked as green as yours. all i see is snow and mud. beautiful shots - but as a canon girl, i have to say most of that is because you're the operator. :)


Oooh, lilacs! My favorite! I think the blue clusters are grape hyacinth...I think :-) Beautiful captures, all!


I knew it! I knew you'd rent the D700! Did you rent it just so you could tell me what all the buttons are for? (I don't know why I continue to make all my comments to you all about me. Me, me, me.) Counting down the days til the class. :)


Was going to offer names for the flowers however it would appear you have plenty of help. LOVE the pic of Annie piddling; precious! When you gotta go, you gotta go! Love my Nikon! You can pick on me, I can defend myself! LOL!


Oh you lucky girl....That wonderful smelling shrub is Daphne!! I love how sweet it makes the air!! I cut off branches and stick em in a mason jar or vase and bring them into the house....they fill the room with such a divine fragrance!! Yep, I agree the bottom photo is Grape Hyacinths! What a wonderful time you will have this Spring as everything begins to bloom!!


Looking at that first photo of Courtney almost makes me see what she'll look like as an adult. Awesome phot.

The pink blooms look like it's a thundercloud plum. I have one in my yard. Looks like you are in for a lot of surprises in the yard. And oh man do I ever love grape hyacinths!! Wish I had them.

Ann Grounds

Annie's not shy is she??? It's all those hikes in the woods perhaps? Too funny. I am envious of your spring colors already! It is still damp and dreary up here in Washington. I can't wait. I love the fragrant flowers and the bright colored ones too! I knew the grape hyacinth for sure. And your tree could just be a "flowering" and not fruit bearing. If the leaves appear reddish or purple it could be a plum tree. How fun and enjoy your surprise party with "all of it's surprises-Annie piddling".

kim ~ today's creative blog


My MIL cut down a beautiful camilia bush because she thinks their messy.....she also had the apple tree cut down for the same reason.....the apples were too messy.....I hate having her over to my house.


Isn't it wonderful those first few days when the tender spring flowers emerge? Yes, that looks like Daphne odora to me, also called Winter Daphne. Drink it in. It's intoxicating. The grape hyacinths are so cute, just popping their heads up in the lawn. My camelias are not doing so well this year. It's a first after 18 years. I'm not sure if our hard pre-Christmas winter blast here in the Northwest gave them a shock. I think they are more hardy than that. I don't know what's up, but I'm glad to see that your shrubs are right on schedule. Have fun discovering all the other little surprises that are sure to come up this spring and summer.


You are so right, Daphne is the best smelling stuff in the whole-wide-world! I also really like the leaves.

Like the Nikon!


I LOVE that you post bad pictures and admit it! That's just so awesome and so l-i-f-e. =) That might be a plum tree, looks like it to me. =) SO curious about the Nikon adventure you are on but don't see myself changing from Canon.


Your shots are easy with such a cute subject!! I bet you got the inspiration for the shot of Courtney with her reflection in the window from "one" of your students didn't you??...LOL! It is beautiful!! Yep, agreed, the little purple flowers are grape hyacinths...I love them. Love the picture of Annie in the background...too funny! Have a great weekend and Happy Birthday Courtney!!

Kim Ket.

That fruit tree looks kind of like the plum tree in our front yard. Here's a link to a photo of mine taken just yesterday.


I'm thinking lilacs (#1) and grape hyacinths (#2)...but then you probably already know that by now, since I'm comment #50-something.

Lashell Darby's a daphne...doesn't bloom for long. Look at Coutney's school next time your there, it's all over the front walkway :)

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