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Cindy Welch

Relax, take a deep breath. You are worth the wait!!!!!! have fun


Have a wonderful trip, Karen! All will be fine!


You will be fabulous. Have fun!


LOL-I used to have nightmares that I forgot my gym clothes for years after I was out of HS. I dreamed I failed out of HS because of that.
I loved your one day class and would have stayed til midnight if you wanted to keep talking. (You had laryngitis the day you taught my class though! :-(


Have a safe trip!

CarenCrops are too funny!

When are you coming to Michigan???


Have a great time in my old stomping grounds, OP. About the time you start your second class, I'll be getting on the ship in Tampa, to make my own embarassing photos. LOL! Have a safe flight and a great time! I wish I were in OP!

Sherri Rodgers

Karen, I think you are HYSTERICAL. Don't worry-- your classes will be on time (with or without the annoying radio) and you will be FABULOUS! I teach marine biology at community college and I am always sweating it before I try something new. P.S. I loved your tour of the old, new house!!!


The only thing missing is....Jenny from the Block. Most awesome picture.


ROTFL! good one Karen :) Safe travels!


ROFL!! I'm sitting here at work giggling like crazy in my office. I used to have a recurring dream that I didn't get my college diploma because I forgot to take a final or forgot to hand in an assignment... and didn't find out I wasn't graduating until graduation day when my family was already there to celebrate. So glad those nightmares are finally over... a mere 23 years after being out of college!

You do know that your entire class at both stores in Florida are now all going to show up with radios and have them on when you start class, right?! :) Have a great trip... wishing you only flights that are on time.


That was a hilarious post. Nice work.


Hilarious! I giggling so much while reading your dream sequence. Nightmares are so strange.


Watch out for the spiders....just teasing, Coley!

Robyn :)

I have dreams that I am taking college classes, but have forgotten to attend a few classes and will never catch up.


what are you eating before bed?? wink!! and even tho you may be tipsy in that pic... you still have a GREAT smile!! travel safe!!


I like the picture! You look like you are having a good time!
I am so excited about the class, and I think my family is already sick of hearing me say that I can't wait until June!

Debbie Poe

I am also a dental hygienist, my dream is that i'm late getting to work, and can't seem to get there, and keep getting further and further behind......

Carolyn Hall

Wow!!! Love all the pix of the new "old" house. It looks like it is in great shape...great floors....great trim everywhere. How exciting!!! Good luck and happy living. I am going to send you a testimonial about photo. class too. I just haven't gotten to it yet. It doesn't look like you really need any help convincing anyone of how great a class it is!!!

Patty Hetrick

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed your classes in Jacksonville! You were a wonderful teacher (even if you did make me cry on the first day:). For all those that missed the opportunity to be taught by Karen Russell, you just don't know what you missed! Thanks for taking time to come see Florida and I hope your Orlando experience is just as great!! Look forward to speaking with you again.


You have such a beautiful smile. I think you look like you are enjoying yourself. I wish I could have been on that crusie. You amaze me with all you are able to cram into your full life and still take the time to share so much with us through your blog. Have a fun, safe trip.


Have fun Karen! Save me some sun!! ;)


Great post. You are very funny. I love looking at pictures like this of my friends, they are the best. I was looking up Online Classes For College when I came across your post. I am glad I did because this post made me smile. Thanks for brightening up my day! I hope you have a great trip.

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