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That is great!!!! Totally made my day :-)


Makes me laugh. Kids are so cute.

tara pollard pakosta

well you sure have a bunch of sweet kiddos there and you should be mighty proud of them all!~


Our local middle school did the same thing!

Nancy Wyatt

How awesome! What a great true story to read! It too made my day! hugs from Nancy of Conroe TX!


What a good story!


Great story. What wonderful kids you are raising.

Nicky from Canada

Nothing like being in debt for life!!!
As all our kids should be - hee hee


Hi Karen, I love to hear your stories. I also have an 8 year old, who is a miser and his personality reminds me so much of Coley.

Question-What do you do with all of your pictures that you take? Do you scrapbook them all? I'm at a place that I don't get to scrapbook as much but still have TONS of pictures. I did get Danelle's blog from your blog several months back about the photo books. I made one which turned out great but I feel like I'm cheating for some reason. Would love to hear how your organize your pictures. Thanks, Lora


What a great idea to match him!


Such a sweet story!


I have to say that your post brought a tear to my eye. I will be having my 8 year old read this tonight. You have a great kiddo there!

Kristen Olson

Karen, this story totally made me cry! (I'm not kidding, I had to wipe tears!). What a sweet family you have, and I'm so moved!! Thanks for sharing~ you guys are soooo funny :)

Kathleen Loughran

I am dying to know - did you put his name in the raffle?

Tonia Borrosch



Good for him! Kids are so funny- my daughter is 8 and she too likes to donate her money!
I also have borrowed cash from her (we never carry cash) and she reminds me weekly...or when we stop by a store.


Good for you Coley!!! My son is the same as Coley and has been all of his life. He actually paid for most of his car ( with some help from his grandparents who did this for all their grandchildren) no payments for him, baby! He has a huge glass jar in his room ( looks like a canning jar about 14 inches high) filled with coins. Isn't it funny how some kids are just like that??! I remember his 3rd birthday, he opened a card with money in it and held up the ten bucks or whatever it was and said..."Ohhh...Monies!!!!" And so it goes...

Carrie Duwelius

Am I the only one that wants to buy Coley a gigantic pile of raffle tickets? LOL! What a sweetheart!


Smart kid. I think we need him on the Finance Committee for the government. I think he'll create a large surplus. :)


I'm in that middle place reading this... eyes filling with tears and giggles come from my mouth. What a great kid!


what an incredible kid, karen. i know you must be so proud :)


What a honey! Way to go Coley!

It sounds like you are raising remarkable kids..

I am in your March 30th photography class, and my husband was just diagnosed with stage 4 osteosarcoma (bone cancer). Every cancer story makes me cry - and yours is no exception, except today it's tears of "What a great kid."



Thank you for sharing a great uplifting story. Your children being so unselfish is a testament to what a great job you and Josh are doing in parenting them. That is so awesome that Coley donated all of his savings and I know you must be so proud of him. You have great kids and I love coming to your blog. It's actually my very favorite of all.


It is fun when you know your kids get what matters. After my last teachers conference(full of "smart praise") I took my little guy to Walmart. On the way out he made a huge effort to hold the door open for an elderly couple that was quite aways behind us. They stopped and told me what a great young man I was raising. Do you know that was more important than the teachers conference:-) That is just one more reason he should marry Courtney Lee:-)


**High Five** to Coley...what a great kiddo!


peaople are wondering why I am laughing at my monitor ;o)


Coley has a big heart...awww! He's a cutie and a sweetie. That really is generous!!!

We're always "sneaking" a buck or twenty out of our kid's piggy banks too. My mother is constantly putting money in them, so I never know what's gonna be in there.

However, our 7 yr old is VERY aware of his stash and calls us out when something's missing. I'm with Josh. They owe us! (just teasing, but that's hysterical!) ;D

Cindy Welch

I can attest to the fact that it costs that much to raise a child. And another 80K for college if they go away to college. So I am with Josh! Just got my oldest graduated from college and he finally in this tuff economy got a job. But he still hits our house to do his "grocery shopping" and never fails he is at the table come sunday night for dinner. I guess you never get off the hook!

Brooke - in Oregon

Way to go COLE!! I am so impressed and you totally rock :)


What a great kid you have raised. Thanks for sharing!

Ashley S.

You have such great kids. You must be doing something right.

belinda Howlett

that is a gorgeous story

adoring your blog and photos

Dionne C

Oh what a sweet boy!

jamie v

Your Coley sounds identical to my Coley.... what is it about little boys named Cole?


Wow, that gave me chills. Your kids are awesome! Must be because they have such an awesome momm! :)


You children are definitely a precious gift, and the fact that they are so generous is a testimony to how you are raising them.

Well done!

=) Nona

Paola Norman

That Coley what a great kid.


That is just such a sweet story. Amazing children you have.

Annette Navarro

Thank you for that WONDERFUL story. I'm still wiping tears away from laughter. Out of the mouths of Babes!.


He is such a good kid. Thanks for sharing this story :-)

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