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Karen, that is so awesome that you sold out of two of your kits. I am kicking myself for not ordering sooner.

Libbi M.

if those are snowflakes on the grass i see in the background, i can't believe cole is not freezing in his shorts and t-shirt. brrrrrr.. i just love this shot though.

Nancy L in Vancouver

Hello Karen! I understand how busy it can get. :) Oh how I loved those pretty zippered bags though. ;) However, I am more that ecstatic that I got all the kits I wanted. I can't wait to dig in!!!

Lisa Hall

Hey no worries just glad you care.
we all love to hear about you life. take a breath and relax in the hottest tub you can find,
love ella's goodies too
love the tender love that goes in the boxes to us,
see ya
peace out
Lisa Hall

Be Wild, Dream BIG!

love this! :)

you could visit my site for more article about politics, love, life and everything under the sun... feel free to leave a comment and express your views... :)


I LOVE Coley's Sneakers and must have them for my little guy! Do you know where you got them? Are they converse? Oh my stinkin cute!

Lan Amphone

I hope I got my order in on time before you sold out. Been wanting one for sometime and just finally decide to treat myself.


Karen, I have such respect for you as a woman and as an artist! You are amazing. I am trying to get my own artwork 'out there' and it is a constant struggle. I would really covet any advice you might have for someone like me. I continue to send artwork to scrapbooking companies along with selling art prints, embroidery patterns (etc) on my own etsy shop ( I am in the process of setting up classes at my local scrapbooking store where I will feature my artwork as scrapbooking embellishments. I keep hoping for my break to happen! What avenues did you go through?
Thank you so much


Hi Mrs. R - Waving Madly! (Can you see me?) Just stopped by to say hi and you'd be proud, I'm taking lots and LOTS of photos!


I ordered one of your kits and just got it today. I was in no way bummed out that I didn't get a personalized "Dear Lori" at the beginning of your notes nor the fact that your zip lock bag was "plain". It was a treat just to get a box full of goodies that I know will end up in one amazing book. Great customer service is ordering the kit over the weekend and getting it on Wednesday. :-)


Super cute picture!
And isn't Elle just wonderful? I have ordered from her quite a bit and she is super to do business with!

Mary Lou

I received my "Year in the Making" kit today and I love it! Though I would have loved to add another of your bags to my collection, I am okay with the ziplock bag. And as for your note, it would have been icing on the cake. FYI, I so loved the cake...

beth s.

I bet you feel sooo much better getting those taken care of -- congrats! Love the picture of Coley too!


Any package from you (love notes or not) are AWESOME! Your C.S. is superb.

Shelly VanWormer

When you mentioned that you had no more "logo" bags, I thought no biggie. Then you mention the no "love notes". I again thought no biggie, makes sense, she's really busy (new, old house, 4 kids, old, new house, business, etc). I'm just looking forward to getting my very awesome goodies from the very awesomely creative Karen Russell.
I received my very awesome goodies and was actually a little disappointed in not getting my "love note", but NOT because I think you have bad customer service,(you have awesome customer service, who else adds CHOCOLATE!!) but because I realized it was the last kit from you for a while. So, I guess that it was not disappointment but really sadness. Sadness that I don't get to experience another very awesome kit by the very awesomely creative Karen Russell for some time. And (insert whiney voice) I don't want to wait..... But I will.
Hope this break gives you what you need, and brings back to us an even more awesomely creative person.
Make a great day!!


My kits arrived yesterday!!! I didn't even make it home before I tore open the box to peek at all the goodies! I must say, it's even more beautiful in real life!! And I ate all my MM's before I hit the driveway!!
Thanks Karen!! Love your stuff & love you too!!

Lisa Seifart

Hi Karen,
I didn't get a chance to order your kits before they sold out. Would you consider selling the instructions to make the kits without the supplies??
Thanks! Lisa


Elles Studio rocks! I love her stuff!

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