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super sweet, got my 50mm lens today, gonna try it out. Love the picture


Happy Birthday big girl! Hope she has a special day with her momma!


Happy birthday Annie!!!!!! And good for you big girl undies!!!!!

Kathy C

HAPPY 3rd Bee-Day to Annie!!! ;-)


well Happy 3 year old Birthday to Miss Annie!!

Jill P.

Good for you two! Love those birthday candles! Have a great day and Happy Birthday to Yannie!


Wishing sweet Miss Annie a Happy 3rd B-day from Chicago. Hope you both have a fabulous day together!!


Happy Birthday Sweetie!! Enjoy your mommy time, i know she will!! Smooch!!!


Happy Birthday, Miss Annie!

Melissa J

Happy Birthday Yannie!
Wow Karen, I can't believe I have been stalking you blog for over three years! Where does the time go? :)
Have a great day with Annie...


Happy Birthday Annie! I can't believe she is already 3. Which also means that my sweet little daughter will be 3 in just a couple of short months. Sigh. They grow up way too fast! I hope you have a wonderful day with your baby!

TerriB in Oregon

Happy birthday, Annie! I can't believe I have been reading your blog this long, over three years! I think I am addicted to your family!! Have a great day and enjoy "mama's little baby"!


Happy Birthday Yannie!


Have a great birthday celebration together! I didn't realize Annie's birthday was just a week ahead of my daughter who will also be turning 3 next week. I always enjoy your blog and continue to use what I learned in your class in the fall. It really changed how I take pictures - for the better :) I'm so glad you helped the lightbulb turn on!

Leslie Parks

Happy Birthday, Annie. How sweet of your Mom and Dad to fix birthday muffins and send your picture to the TV station. Aw sweet memories.

Brooke - in Oregon

Happy Birthday little Missy! Hope the day is great and hope the 'Big Girl' panties work well :)

Here is a layout I did of Kaylie in her Big Girl Panties or Big Gul as she says!

Stacey B

Happy Birthday Yannie!!

Danielle Nilsson

Happy 3rd Birthday to your little Sweetie :)

My little girl did the same thing when she turned 3...she took off her diaper and said "I'm 3 now, I'm a big girl and I don't like diapers anymore"...and ever since then, she's been diaper-free!!! YOUPPIE :)

I hope she has a great day!!!!


Happy Birthday Annie, see you at your party.
Love You


Happy Birthday Annie from the UK :). Good luck without diapers! Have a great day xxx


Happy Birthday Annie your 3, and a little girl now.
Grandpa Tom


Happy birthday to you and lil Annie... because you did the hard part on this day three years ago! ;) Jess and I are coming into town, so we will see you at the party!

Luv ya,



happy birthday, yannie. you rock!


Happy Birthday, Annie!!! :)


Happy birthday, Yannie!!! Nothing like celebrating with big girl panties! GO YOU!

Mrs. Wacky

Awwww! Happy birthday to Lil' Miss Yannie! (I have to say Yannie, because there's no telling how much longer she'll let us get away with it!)

I hope all your wishes come true today, baby doll!

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

Happy Birthday, Annie!!

My son's 3rd birthday was when he finally finished potty training...we kept telling him that 3-year-olds are big boys and don't wear diapers, and he really took it to heart! He pulled on his unders first thing that morning and declared himself a big boy, with no more diapers ;)

Lan Amphone

Happy 3rd Birthday Annie!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!


happy birthday sweet little girlie!! have a fun day with that mama of yours...she's pretty special ya know!!! :)

happy anniversary to you Karen Russell... I'm so glad you missed your flight *wink*


Happy, Happy Birthday Yannie! I hope you have the best day ever. Photos and anecdotes about you always make me happy. I have never seen a cuter big girl than you!

Lisa Hayes

Hope you have an awesome birthday Annie! Got to love those birthday candles lol.


Happy 3rd Birthday to Annie all the way from Australia.
Hopefully one day my little gorgeous 3 year old meets Annie in the same fun and romantic way her mom and dad met!!! Have a great day


Happy Birthday Miss Annie Banannie. I am so proud of you for being such a BIG girl and using the Big Girl Potty. Have a fun day with your Mommy!



Happy Birthday, Annie!!!

Put on your Big Girl Panties and P A R T Y!!!

p.s. those diapers are for stinky babies who say waaaaaaaaah! :O And we know you're a PRINCESS! :D

Alicia Sharp

Happy Birthday Yannie! Way to be a big girl wearing big girl undies!


Happy birthday, Annie!

Laura Plunk

Happy Birthday Yannie, saw your birthday greeting on the news... do that for my family too !!!!

Laura P In Southern Oregon


Happy Birthday Annie! - Three is sooo big :)

Kay Ward

Happy Birthday to Annie! Hope you guys have a wonderful day together.


Now that sounds like a wonderful birthday! Muffins, big girl panties and an entire day with Mom.

kelly s.

Happy birthay Annie, hope you had a great day, hugs from Germany!


Happy Birthday Annie!!


hope Annie had a GREAT birthday!!


Happy Birthday Annie!!!

Debe L

I can't think of a three year old that I would rather wish a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to other that Yannnnniiiieee! I so enjoy seeing her view of what we can life. Such a sweet face on a dear girl!! Hope there was cake after the muffin!!

Debe L

What we CALL life...sorry!!


I can not believe how fast the last three years have flown by! HAPPY BIRTHDAY little Yannie! And Karen I never get tired of hearing the story of how you and Josh met it's so romantic (I am such a sap I know). Congrats!


Late happy birthday Annie! I hope you had a fabulous day sweat heart!!!!!


Happy Birthday Annie! :O)


Well Happy birthday, big girl! Your post brings back memories or my boy when he turned three. I kept trying to push big boy undies but he didnt want them... AT ALL! He told me "when I am three" and sure enough, the day he turned three, he took off the pull ups and that was it! He did it when he was ready, not when I was ready! Mommy learned her lesson!

Ann Grounds

Happy Birtday Yannie!!! and Happy Anniversary Karen and Josh.


Well i am very impressed with your upolstery job; you did agreat job and the table is adorable. Hope Annie( and Courtney) have many happy tea parties on that table!

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