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Tanya Webster

the little stuff is my favorite (and MOST IMPORTANT) kind of stuff.

april foster

this is one of my favorite posts in a long time. Love this, especially Annie in time out :)


I need to take more pictures of our daily stuff... thank you for reminding me! Love the picture of Annie in time out ... reminds me of a similar picture I have of my oldest when she was much younger (she's 15 now) and she was crying about being in time out until i popped out the camera and somehow, amazingly, the tears left and the smile came for the picture!! I wanted to draw some cute little horns on top of her sweet little head... :-0


i SO love this post. i think i will do the same and capture some of the little stuff tomorrow. :)

Karen Travels

Love this!!


I loved Judy Blume as a kid. Annie's hair is getting so long.


If Annie is in time-out, she's the happiest kid I know who's ever been there! I've followed your blog for a while and love the view that your lens gives you on life. Thanks for sharing.

marit from germany

Hi Karen,
i'm so glad that you're back! All the pictures are so lovely but What have courtney lee on her schoulder? is it an "W" ?
thnak you for beeing you!
Greetings from Germay Marit


I'm so happy you're back! I missed reading your blog and seeing your adorable family. Thanks for being you! And by the way, Congratulations on the New Old House!

Kristal Jones

You are really something! You come back from a cruise, I'm sure you have tons of unpacking, laundry, etc. to do...and you take pics tonight, edit them all and upload them for us. Thank you!

The everyday shots and stories are always my favorites. :)


What a happy little time-out face! Thank you for sharing all these wonderful moments! I missed you!


I LOVED Double Fudge and I can't believe how big Annie is getting!

Deneen Cook

Love the little stuff it's what life is all about!


And the little stuff is what makes the big stuff.
Wonderful the lighting!


love when you post the everyday stuff!!!
annie's looking mighty happy for time out, haha


Love the photo of Annie in time out-SMILING!!


it's truly what matters most!

p.s. Annie's such a ham, i just ♥ that sweet face.


They're all precious.....even Josh Downs....ha.

Love hearing about the small stuff. I think we all learn from each other by hearing and seeing how everyone handles daily life (good or bad!).

I like how you encourage us to think of routine as being a big part of our story-telling.


p.s. squeeze Annie's "feets" for me!!!! :)


That little one does not look like she is in time out! I love her smilin' little face. How could you put that in time out?

Wendy Tienken

When are we going to see shots of YOU?!? Turn that camera on yourself every so often :)


Oh, my God! Annie is the cutest thing I have ever seen. All the kids are gorgeous but Annie, those eyes, that attitude! I want more from the cruise when you have time, the classes and the free time! Gayle


Glad to have you back. Too funny - I've been reading the Fudge books to Sammie - and we are on Double Fudge right now too.

=) Nona


Daily life pictures are the best!!!! And ohhhhhhhhh, the time out chair!!! Are you sure she just doesn't love sitting there!?? Or maybe it was 'test mom' day??

Lan Amphone

Aww, Annie looks so honery. Love the updates of the daily simple things.

Mary Ann

Love the pic of Annie. She looks so grown up there! I remember when she was just a "wittle baby" :)
Glad you had fun on the cruise!

Kristen Butler

Hi Karen, I'm sure you get this a lot, but the pictures are just breathtaking (even the "little stuff"). I'm trying every day to get better with my picture-taking. My 16 year old son had walked in while I was perusing your blog, and he said, "dang, those are nice. What kind of camera does she use?" I had to giggle. I said, "son, she's a professional". He said, "well, you need to learn to do that". Gotta love 'em, right? And by "that" he means the cool effect where the subject can be on the far right or left of the photo and everything in the background is blurry. How DO you do that?


It's so nice to have you back...can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

Penny Smith

OK, Annie looks SO grown up there! All little girl and not so much toddler!
Great stuff for CHA!!
Can't wait to see it in person!
Love the die cut ledger with the heading!

Are you going??

Brandi in OH

Great photos, gotta get the everyday shots, that is what life is all about.
My girls have the same p.j.'s as Annie, they were their Christmas p.j.'s. They love how soft they are.

Rebecca W.

Annie looks WAY too Happy to be in Time Out!

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