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Anna A.

Awww... sweet. I need more of those moments around here.


Awww... that is just the sweetest little thing. I'm glad you were given the gift of doing the dishes at just the right moment to catch it. :)


This is sooooooooo sweet! Thank you for sharing - now I am once again so sure I definitly do want to have kids! :-)


This moment is one of the best moment for a mom. Thank you to share it with us. Your kids are really really sweets.
A french mom,
Best regards from Paris


Sooo sweet of him. It must felt awsome for you to see that. Thanks for sharing :)
Regards from Helena in Sweden


Awww that is sweet. Great job mom!

Beth P.

That is so, so sweet!

Denise in MN

That is a sweet moment, glad that you caught it.


A perfect moment ... full of blessings!


IF that's not an emotionally perfect photo, I don't know what is. Nice going on having your camera there!

Becky (aka: beckywedd)


You have very sweet kids Karen! Its a reflection on what a wonderful parent you are. Do you wear you camera even while doing dishes?! I'm impressed! ;)


that is very sweet
it doesn't always appear that siblings love each other but they do


J Lu

These are the moments when you feel like you are doing something right!


melted my heart this morning. thanks for sharing!


melt my heart! it's not everyday you see something like that. :)

Tanya Webster

it is the best when "sometimes" happens....i LOVE that!! :)


very sweet :)


This is just too cute. They are getting so big! I miss class almost daily, and am still practicing as much as I can. Finally started a blog, too! Hope you are well, looks like you are. :)

Teresa B

Awh.. sooo sweet.


Love this! Just priceless...


Oh my gosh... PRICELESS! brings tears to my eyes! Makes me really think about having one more baby so my little boy can have someone to love like that! Thanks for sharing!!!


what a sweet moment!!

tara pollard pakosta

glad you caught it!
how beautifuL!



Laura Glover

love that.

laura j

Oh, how precious!


Wonderful !


Great pic to come back to! Coley is precious!!!


that just made my day:)


that is the sweetest thing ever..

Carrie T

That is so darn sweet!


That is so stinkin' precious! LOVE IT!


That is so sweet! How fortunate that you got a photo of this moment.


You must be raising him right...great shot!

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