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Sarah Edelman

OMG...she is so cute! I think it's awesome that you write all these little things down about Annie. You'll definately cherish all of these memories someday!




She's really really looking more & more like you all the time! I remembered her birthday is coming up in February.... wow... 3 already!! I'm sure the time has flown by. I used to love hearing that little pitter patter of feet throughout the house. It takes on a different sound over the years and I occassionally crave the ones of years ago. Even in the middle of the night. It's a sweet sound.

oh... and I would MOST definitely like to start calling some people stinker-pots if I thought I could get away with it.

Nancy Wyatt

WOW Karen! Those are incredible and just when I thought I was ok with not having kids.... When I come to your blog (each time a new posts comes up as I'm a blog stalker) I know I'm going to either see or read something great! You never let me down! I so wish I was your neighbor cause you are such good people I would love to be one of your friends! Thanks for blessing us with these beautiful words! Hug her for me would you!

Ann Grounds

So stinkin' cute and she is beginning to lose that 'baby/toddler' look. I wish I would have done something like this as mine were little. What a wonderful way to record her personality.

oh, BTW, she's the "stinker pot".

Heather Prins

wow she is just like my Chloe. Gotta love little strong willed girls!


she is simply adorable, karen. :)


Please pack her up and bring her to Florida:) I love Annie! I can't wait until my husband gets home from work to show him her picture. She is wonderful!

TerriB in Oregon

She is just adorable, and I thank you for sharing all the things she does. It puts a smile on my face that lasts all day!

Jeannine B.

My daughter had a strawberry hemangioma on her tummy when she was born. I was also sad when it started to disappear! She is now almost 9-years old and, if you look really closely, you can still a very faint mark. Your Annie is so cute - love all the things she says! Hope you are writing it all down!


SO CUTE! and Emma told me the same thing about going in the toilet when she turned three and guess what? she DID! well, a few weeks later, but she did it in her own time, I never forced her to sit on the toilet, ever...and she only had 2 accidents, ever. It was the best thing I ever did, I call it non-potty training. And I plan on doing it with Alex also. I am too lazy to clean up accidents.

And I love how she hollers at the babies. Emma did that also. It is adorable!

Tanya Webster

she smiles just like coley...and she is the PERFECT combination of you and Josh...I see you both so clearly.......such a cutie pie :)


she is so stinkin cute! my son will be 3 in May and has the same sense of humor. yesterday he was mad because i wouldn't "hold him to bed" and yelled "i'm just gonna love you tomorrow! i'm so sad"

Wendy Goodman

My son is six months younger than your little one. I know I can always read on your blog what I have to look forward to. And I can't wait. :)

tara pakosta

she is looking 3 too! man, she's fuNNY!


Too cute. What a precious doll.


Karen, I know you must know how lucky you are. She is adorable in every way.


She's so cute, Karen. As a mother of a three year old strong-willed daughter I can relate very well to much of your post. My little girl is a stinker too, and boy do I ever love her!!!

Louise Murr

OMG...she is just the most adorable little gal, attitude and all. I'm sure there is never a dull moment in your house. She looks so full of life and energy...her along with Coley...Bless your heart.



Wow! She is growing up so fast! I discovered your blog about the time she was born & I can't believe she is almost three. She's're doing a great job!


She is just so cute! Goodluck with potty training.


She is so cute!


I hate to say this, but she looks so grown up. The baby fat is starting to disappear! OMG! I looked at pictures of my 4-year-old dd the other day, and I was comparing them to pictures last year. Gone are the days of the chubbies and in it's place, is this little girl. Not a toddler. But a little girl, who wants to wear make-up and buy pretty clothes. Um, I think I'm in trouble! And, I suspect, you are too :D

Teresa B

Hahaha Karen what a hoot.. she's so stinkin' cute.. how can you not love that lil' stinker-pot!

Debi Boring

Ohhhhh.... She just melts my heart!


I cannot believe how fast she is growing - She looks so much more mature now!

Steph C

Absolutely adorable! And no piggy tails! She really IS growing up!! ;o)

Colleen Barron

What a doll! And she is getting to be a big baby face any longer.

Mary Ann

I can't believe she will be 3. Seems like she was just born yesterday!!
She is beautiful!


OHMYDOG!! i think this could be my favorite post EVER. to stinkin cute she is. i sure do too!! your whole family actually!! wink!!


Oh it makes me want those years back again.
Cherish them...I know you do! These are the the good ole days!!!!

Nancy L

She is absolutely the cutest little thing ever. She is also growing up so fast and she is amazing how much she looks like the two of you, depending on which picture I see of her. Thanks for sharing these moments with us.


What a stinker-pot!! she is beautiful. and what a fabulous photo!

Kim -today's creative blog

she sounds adorable!
I guess kid zone is her currency.

Heather (in Scotland)

Such a cute photo and little anecdotes. :)


So my little man isn't the only one repeating things over and over and over again. Even when you answer him he still says it again. He'll be 3 in March. My the time flies. I bet our kiddos would have a blast together.


She is so incredibly stinking cute I can't stand it! She is a little ham and she is just, well, so darn cute!


Oh, she looks like such a little girl now! That shot just looks like it totally captures her personality!


She has got such PERSONALITY!!!


she is the sweetest little soul i've ever seen.



So precious and our children grow so incredibly fast. Hold fast to these wonderful things that make your heart swell. You are blessed.


She's a Cutie-Patootie-Stinker-Pot!


i think posts like these are my very favorite :)


This girl is just precious!

dragonflydreamer (Susi)

She melts my heart too. You really do have a voice that makes us feel that you share such honestly in your writing that it feels cozy and comfortable. Just the fact that Annie has to be the most precious little girl ever is a delightful perk of stopping by, but the way you share an anecdote with a photo of her being inpossible impish and smarter that anyone really knows, covers my face in smiles. Thanks, I sure did need them. I've been dealing with one crisis after another and I just couldn't shake my problems off until I stopped by and got an update on what she's been up to as she becomes a big little girl. Thanks for sharing Annie instead of keeping all of that sweetness to yourself ;)


I want one just like her!!! I had two but they grew up!!lol YOu are BleSSed!!!

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