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Tanya Webster

LOL!!!! so funny that you can tell Ross is totally NOT into it but still trying to make Cali happy...he's such a good guy! :)

Teresa B

hahahah thats funny.. Good job Cali.. too cute!


oh yeah, he's totally whipped. :)

Kelly Maher

Tell your son that this is just the beginning of all the embarrasing things men do for women to keep them happy. Part of the job, I tell them.

Beth P.

And then he let his mom post a photo of him on the internet in a skirt! Love it!


Haha that's funny. I think he kinda looks like Coley with that expression on his face. LOL :)


heehee.. he's not "whipped" be is being supportive. :D


I want to see Josh Downs in the background snickering! Ross, you're too good!!! (Love your bracelet..)

Jamie Southworth

Oh that's funny! Love it!

So cute...yep whipped it is! :-)


THAT is too too cute. So funny to watch your big boys get all whipped. Mine did the same thing. Brings back memories.


awww!! What a good boyfriend Ross is!! :-)

Brooke - in Oregon

Cracking me up!! I always thought those were the coolest guys, the ones who had enough Kahuna's to do the crazy goofy stuff and not be ruled by what 'the guys might think'! lol


As a Mother of a son the same age I am also highly amused!LOL
It must be love if she can get him to wear that! Just hilarious!


giggling over here. that's great you got to capture it and he didn't hide from you!

Kathy C.

Oh, this is just TOO great! THANK YOU for posting and thank Cali & Ross for the photo. Seriously, this made me smile today!

Leslie Parks

Too funny.

Heather Dietz

That's too funny! Looks like they're having a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing!

Rachael Giallongo

This is hysterical!


Oohhh, to be in High School again!!! Must be love!!Hehehehe! I can still get my DH to dress up for Halloween and we'er 50!!

Deneen Cook

Oh too cute! Tell Ross way to go and tell Cali congrats!

Shelley Bashaw

Karen, Please tell Ross he's a really good boyfriend . My 18 year old said he looked pretty good.He's down worse for a girl!!!!) Happiness and fun are in the heart and it's great to be crazy. We applaud him here in Norton, MA.

Mary Lou

They are both so cute!! Tell Ross this is not such a bad costume, he could have been Superman to her Wonder Woman, now that is an embarrassing costume. But then when you are "whipped"...


Ah, young love. It seems that I managed to talk my H.S. boyfriends into almost anything too. Go Cali!

Jo Baer

That's just funny!
Although, I don't remember Bam Bam in a white t-shirt. However, he gets points for showing some leg!!
thanks for sharing!

Shelly VanWormer

This is just too cute and funny. Is he holding his arm where she was twisting it?


They make such a cute couple.
Remind Ross that Bam Bam was a touch little cave man and was definitely NOT whipped.

It is a strong man who can do something silly to make his girlfriend happy instead of worrying about what they guys will think.

Goooooo Bam Bam..
I mean Ross.....

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