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hope you had a great trip karen! i can only imagine how hard it is to catch back up after something like that! and i'm laughing about the disposable camera. my aunt brought one to christmas ... and we made sooooo much fun of her for having it. lol!


Glad you're back. Hope you and your sister had a wonderful time.

As You Wish

I found this link to flickr with pictures from your cruise, including at least one with you in it.


I would kind of like to see photos from the last night of the cruise!

Lisa Hall


I Hear ya sister, I know your disappointment.We go to La Paz every year and the first trip My hubby said with all the traveling it MIGHT be a good idea to leave behind my Nikon N 65 that was 13 years ago.
NEVER AGAIN I bitched about it every step of the way.
I said that i felt as if someone had left my right arm at home>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
we both learned a valued lesson that year.
But you saw some great things and time with your sister that was worth more in gold..
glad that you are home.
miss seeing you.

Lisa Hall
On the Oregon coast.
peace out


bring on the pix from the last night!!! come on now, chant with me, "we wanna see!! we wanna see!! we wanna see!!" i mean, after all LOTS of us got didn't get to go, so we want to live vicariously!


I am SOOO glad you are back!!! But I hope you had a great time!!


I would love to have been part of that Karoke party - I bet you are a hoot!


Whoa-you went way over your drink limit :-) must have been a great time


Glad to see you're back!


Oh Please, someone have pics from the last night! ;)

Heike P.

SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK!! Did miss your posts!!!


Cindy Welch

There goes that two martini rule once a year!! So glad you had fun!

Lisa B.

Don'tcha just love Key West? That's one of my favorite vacation spots. Someday I'm gonna visit all the bars there and post pics!!


What did y'all sing? ha. Wanna see the pics!

Glad you're back blogging too.


Glad you're back! That looks like the rooster who started crowing before daybreak the last time I was in Key West. Woke us all up after a wonderful wedding reception. None of us wanted to get up THAT early!
Hope you had fun on the trip.


Really missed you!! Was hoping all was well. Love the shot of the fowl!!


hahaha.. I want to here more about your last night there!!!! hahaha


I'm glad you're back to blogging and it's nice to know you had a good time on the cruise! By the way, could you tell me where you got the film strip at the top of your blog? I love the way it looks, and even tried to duplicate what you did on my own blog,( ). I would love to know where I can get one like it:) Thanks!


Feel free to delete the above comment...I was just informed that posting a link to your own blog is not proper blog etiquette;( Sorry!

Sherri Rodgers

I missed your stories and your take on the world around you. I missed your family's faces. Even when my life gets crazy around the edges, I enjoy clicking on your blog and seeing what you are up to.


Welcome back! That is one picture I'd pay to see. ;)

Kristal Jones

I am so glad you're back. Yours is the first blog I go to every day. Hope you had a good time!


Hi Karen, I am also glad you´re back, miss your posts a lot. They crack me up so often and that is so refreshing.
So it is with this post! My husband and I went to Key West for our honeymoon last summer and he had so much fun observing these chicken and roosters and making noises they make! We laughed so much! When I showed him this one single picture you posted it just cracked us up!
Thank you for that! Made me so happy!


welcome back!

Not that you're planning on crusing again anytime soon - but if you are ever in a situation where you need an undewater camera - olympus makes a 7.1 mp digital camera that is waterproof up to 10 ft. it also happens to be shockproof - so it's been a great camera for me to use when i'm in a setting where I don't want to risk damaging my SLR. (i can toss it in my back pocket or take it on a rugged backpacking trip, let my toddler play with it, etc.

I've used an older version of this: for about 2&1/2 years and have had a very great experience with it. I took a lot of underwater photos snorkeling in Hawaii and ended up getting a great close up shot of a sea turtle. The image quality was good enough that I was able to blow up my picture to poster size!

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